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Do you love cats, but have a roommate, landlord, dog or condo board that just won't let you have one? Perhaps you're ready to have a furry friend in your life, but are looking for just the right fit. Or maybe you’re just looking to spend half an hour with some cuddly feline friends! No matter what your reason, you can enjoy a cat with your coffee right here in Calgary in our “Kitty Kingdom!” We’re located in the heart of Kensington at 303 10 Street NW. We house six to twelve adoptable cats in our Kitty Kingdom, a separate room from our café. This space is for you to relax, cuddle and play with our resident kitties. These adoptable cats live here at Regal (a new group arrives every two to three weeks), and are ready to delight while you enjoy a tasty coffee or treat.

Open late (10pm+)
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