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Edmontonians are known for their friendly and warm welcoming nature, making it a great place to visit or call home. It's also the city's festivals! Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, draw crowds from around the world. Finding the best Java spot in town is always on my to-do list when going somewhere new. Whether you are going to see Canada’s largest living history museum, visiting a relative, or on a business trip, a great cup of joe will always be the highlight of your trip.

Most Edmonton coffee shops roast their coffee, use innovative processing methods and pay attention to specialty coffee. Don’t be surprised when you order your cuppa and the barista tells you a fun fact about the coffee you just ordered. Whatever your preferred brew, this comprehensive guide will help you discover the best coffee shops in Edmonton, where you can enjoy your cuppa while studying, working remotely, on a date, or enjoying specialty coffee. 

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Best Coffee Shops for Working or Studying

If you are working remotely or looking for a cozy coffee shop in Edmonton for studying, you will consider a coffee shop with plenty of seating area, low noise, outdoor, good lighting, great ambiance, and, of course, great coffee. Our top picks for great coffee shops for working or studying are:

Transcend Coffee

Transcend Coffee is a famous coffee shop located in Ritchie Market in Edmonton that offers a cozy atmosphere and a range of coffee, tea drinks, and pastries. They also have strong free Wi-Fi and ample seating, making it an excellent spot for studying or working. 

Transcend Coffee has been serving delicious and sustainable coffee for locals and visitors venturing into the Millcreek Ravine since 2006. Not only will you be able to read or work in peace, but you can also purchase top-of-the-range brewing equipment and coffee accessories.  

Google Map 9570 76 Ave NW
Business Hours 8 am - 5 pm
Website Transcend Coffee and Roastery

Iconoclast Coffee

Located on the first floor of the Oliver Exchange Building is Iconoclast Coffee Roasters. This small and cozy coffee shop in downtown Edmonton offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for studying or working. If house plants and great coffee aroma give your inner peace and help you concentrate while working, then make it a point to visit Iconopast Coffee Roasters in Edmonton. 

P.S. They serve delicious coffee and espresso drinks and offer a selection of pastries to go with your favorite cup of joe.

Google Map 12021 102 Ave NW #103
Business Hours Sunday - Wednesday: 8 am - 6 pm / Thursday - Saturday: 8 am - 8 pm
Website Iconoclast Coffee

Credo Coffee

Credo Coffee is located along Jasper Avenue and 124 Street in Edmonton to cater to as many coffee connoisseurs who love good espresso and get some work or assignments done. The ample indoor and outdoor seating area, a calm environment, and natural lighting make this coffee shop a good choice for studying or working.

Credo Coffee prides itself on sourcing the best coffee beans that arrive in season so that you can enjoy your cup of joe with tasty pastries. 

Google Map 10134 104 St
Business Hours Monday -Friday: 7-5 / Saturday: 8-5 / Sunday: 9-4
Website Credo Coffee

Best Coffee Shops for Dates

There are several coffee shops in Edmonton where you and your significant other can enjoy a great cup of joe. As coffee dates should be intimate, here are the best coffee shops for dates you should consider going to for those special moments.

Little Brick

Little Brick is a charming coffee shop with a unique and visually interesting backyard setting. Located in the historic Riverdale neighborhood, This cozy coffee shop in Edmonton has an intimate date atmosphere that will make coffee dates with your better half worth it. 

Given their popularity for serving excellent coffee, you may need to reserve a table for your date. Little Brick coffee shop also serves breakfast,  brunch, lunch, and fresh  baked goods.

Google Map 10004 90 St NW
Business Hours 8 am - 4 pm
Website Little Brick

Block 1912 Cafe

Another best coffee shop for a date in Edmonton is Block 1912 Cafe.  They have a big open space and great lighting. This space can also double up as a coffee shop for reading or working. Block 1912 Cafe also prides itself on having live music, great-tasting coffee, and skilled baristas to make your date special as it should be. The cozy and intimate indoor seating, great coffee, and mouth-watering pastries will have you returning for more coffee and dates!

Google Map 10361 82 Ave NW
Business Hours Monday - Thursday: 9 am-10 pm / Friday - Saturday: 9 am-12 am / Sunday: 10 am-10 pm
Website Block 1912 Cafe

Coffee Bureau

Looking for a snug and down-to-earth coffee shop with great espresso? Coffee Bureau is the place to be if you want to enjoy a cuppa with your date. Their coffee has a creamy smooth flavor, and the setting is very intimate and rustic. The cozy atmosphere with a small selection of tasty pastries makes Coffee Bureau the best coffee shop in Edmonton for a date. 

Google Map 10505 Jasper Ave
Business Hours Monday - Friday, 7 am-3 pm / Saturday 9 am-2 pm
Website Coffee Bureau

Best Coffee Shops for Specialty Coffee

Rogue Wave Coffee

If you enjoy specialty coffee, Rogue Wave Coffee will not disappoint. They offer a range of single-origin coffees, exclusive and rarities. To top up the experience, Rogue Wave Coffee shop roasts their coffee so you get to enjoy a deliciously creamy cup of joe. 

This specialty coffee shop in Edmonton has a large space with lots of room to study or work for a while. So if you would love to expand your coffee experience and try new pour-over, Rogue Wave Coffee Shop is the place to be. You can also purchase different coffee beans for you to create a perfect coffee experience at home. 

Google Map 11322 119 St NW
Business Hours Monday - Wednesday: 9 am - 4 pm / Sat, 9 am - 4 pm / Thursday and Friday: 9 am - 5 pm / Sunday: closed
Website Rogue Wave Coffee

ACE Coffee Roasters

ACE Coffee Roasters is a local coffee roaster in two locations in Edmonton that offers ethically sourced and carefully roasted coffee. The coffee shops have a sleek and modern coffee shop in downtown Edmonton that serves a range of specialty coffee drinks.

This specialty coffee shop is located in the residential area of Ritchie in a gorgeous space with lots of natural lighting that enhances the shop's ambiance. The other coffee shop is located in Downtown Edmonton, so you can have your coffee while running your errands. Whether it's your first time ordering specialty coffee or you frequent ACE Coffee Roasters, you will be served by extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. And you will enjoy their specialty coffee! 

Google Map 11053 86 Ave NW
Business Hours 8 am-4 pm
Website ACE Coffee Roasters

The Colombian

The Colombian is a charming little coffee shop that offers a taste of Colombian coffee culture right in the heart of Edmonton. The shop is owned by a Colombian family who take pride in serving authentic, high-quality coffee that is sourced directly from Colombia. In addition to their coffee, they also offer a variety of sweet and savory treats, including empanadas and arepas. The cozy and inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or catch up with friends.

They source their coffee beans directly from Colombian farmers, ensuring fair prices and supporting sustainable agriculture practices. They also prioritize using compostable and recyclable materials for their packaging and utensils, reducing their environmental impact. Additionally, the shop's interior design features reclaimed wood and other recycled materials, giving the space a unique and eco-friendly vibe. They have three locations - The Colombian GLENORA, The Colombian FRENCH QUARTER and The Colombian PARKALLEN.

Google Map 10340 134 St NW #1
Business Hours Monday - Friday, 7am - 5pm / Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 5pm
Website The Columbian

Best Coffee Shops for Vegeterians

Cafe Mosaics

This vegan cafe serves up delicious coffee and plant-based eats in a cozy atmosphere. Their menu features organic, locally sourced ingredients and a variety of gluten-free and nut-free options. Cafe Mosaics has the best chocolate cake I have ever had. Any choice here is a good one, their menu is as beautiful as delicious.

Google Map 10844 82 Avenue
Business Hours Monday, Wednesday-Thursday: 12am-9pm; Friday – Saturday 11am-9pm; Sunday 11am-4pm; Closed: Tuesdays
Website Café Mosaics

The Moth Cafe

Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, The Moth Cafe is a popular spot for coffee and light bites. Their menu features a range of coffee drinks, including pour-overs and lattes, as well as sandwiches and pastries.

Google Map 9449 Jasper Avenue
Business Hours Wednesday-Saturday 11am-9pm / Sunday 11am-4pm /Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Website The Moth Café

Remedy Cafe

With multiple locations throughout Edmonton, Remedy Cafe is a local favorite for coffee, chai, and Indian-inspired eats. They have been heavily involved with their community and Edmontonians truly love them back. Their menu features a range of coffee and tea drinks, as well as savory and sweet famous treats like samosas and gulab jamun.

Google Map 10479 82 Ave NW
Business Hours Wednesday-Saturday 11am-9pm; Sunday 11am-4pm; Closed Monday and Tuesday
Website Remedy Café


Canadians enjoy coffee, and as the third largest coffee consumers, you can be sure to find the best coffee shops along the way. As you explore this beautiful city, be sure to enjoy a diverse range of coffee offerings, including traditional espresso-based drinks, specialty drinks, and pour-over coffees.

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