10 Must Visit Coffee Shops in Fort Collins

Jul 03, 2024 • Leigh McDonald

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With a thriving coffee culture that dates back several decades, Fort Collins, Colorado, boasts an array of coffee shops that have a lot to offer besides just a regular cup of joe. Home to numerous local roasters and unique coffeehouses, the city has firmly established itself as a haven for coffee aficionados.

Whether you're seeking a cozy spot for a caffeine-fueled study session or a meeting point for catching up with friends over a delicious brew, there's a perfect coffee spot for everyone in Fort Collins. We've taken the task of seeking out the city's ten best coffee shops, and the selection process was no easy feat.

We found gems like the Butterfly Café, with its commitment to organic and vegetarian fare, and Cuppy's Coffee and Smoothies, a locally owned establishment renowned for its excellent Caffe' D'arte coffee and friendly staff. From the single-origin offerings of Harbinger Coffee to the innovative campaigns of Momo Lolo Coffee Shop, the diversity and richness of Fort Collins' coffee scene shone through. Join us as we take you on a caffeine-filled adventure through the 10 best coffee shops.

How We Select The Coffee Shops

  • Coffee Quality: Is the coffee excellent? Being a coffee blog, we want to ensure they serve a quality brew.
  • Customer Reviews: We read through what customers have to say about this location, how good the coffee is, are the staff friendly, etc.
  • Customer Rating: What is the overall rating online, and does it match what people say about this coffee shop?
  • Environment: How’s the space for work? Maybe you want to study or meet with friends and family.

A Deeper Look at Our Picks

Butterfly Cafe

Butterfly CafeButterfly Cafe

Butterfly Cafe, a cozy spot in Fort Collins, offers more than just your average cup of joe. Their coffees are a delightful treat, demonstrating a clear passion and knowledge of the beverage. Each cup's flavor is robust and full-bodied, a hallmark of using high-quality coffee beans and expert brewing techniques indicating their respect for the art of coffee making. The Cafe further complements their coffee offerings with an array of well-prepared breakfast dishes, sandwiches, salads, soups, and smoothies. Whether you're searching for a stimulating caffeine kick or a brief respite in a welcoming ambiance, Butterfly Cafe surely hits the spot.

Cuppy’s Coffee and Smoothies of Fort Collins

Cuppy’s Coffee and Smoothies of Fort CollinsCuppy’s Coffee and Smoothies of Fort Collins

Cuppy's Coffee in Fort Collins brings a locally owned and operated experience since its opening in March 2008. As soon as you enter, you're welcomed by the aroma of Caffe’ D’arte coffee; they use only the best green beans, and roast by traditional Italian methods, which gives the coffee its rich and unique flavor. The team at Cuppy's is all-in on delivering the finest taste for your preferred drink. They're passionate and evidently dedicated to quality. Along with their delectable coffee, they also bake homemade sweet and savory treats on site, adding an extra touch to their comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Once you've tried a coffee at Cuppy's, you're not just a customer - you're part of the family. Not only do they embrace the concept of good coffee and good food, but also good friends. This close-knit ambiance captures the soul of what Cuppy's Coffee is all about establishing a unique facet in Fort Collin's coffee scene.



When stepping into Harbinger Coffee in Fort Collins, you can immediately tell every aspect of their coffee crafting is an art form. Their website slogan, "Roasted to perfection, brewed to enjoy" couldn't be more accurate. Harbinger stands out for its commitment to offering an array of delicious coffees, whether your preference lies with the delicate floral notes of an Ethiopian blend or the deep, velvety richness of an expertly pulled espresso shot. Their offerings extend to specialty coffees tailored to the seasoned palate, featuring their Roaster's Choice subscription service that ensures their finest and rarest brews are sampled. Harbinger Coffee's commitment to coffee is unwavering, providing a superb experience for anyone looking for an incredible cup of joe.

Momo Lolo Coffee Shop

Momo Lolo Coffee ShopMomo Lolo Coffee Shop

Momo Lolo Coffee Shop, a family-run establishment in Fort Collins since 2010, is more than your average coffee shop. With the phrase "great coffee" featured prominently in their mission statement, it's clear that Momo Lolo prioritizes the quality of their brews. As a bright, welcoming community space, Momo Lolo manages to maintain an efficient service without compromising their friendly and laid-back atmosphere. They offer a rotating menu of original matcha drinks in addition to their specialty coffees, taking full advantage of the intelligence of both AI and human innovation for their drink names. But the hallmark of Momo Lolo continues to be their commitment to serving really good coffee and food in an inviting setting. Their commitment to local suppliers further enhances their offerings, sourcing products from places like Jackie’s Java, Happy Lucky’s Teahouse, and Puffin Pastries. Momo Lolo's coffee-to-go boxes, perfect for catering large events, provide 96oz of their fresh-brewed coffee, serving 10-12 people. So, whether you are grabbing a quick latte to go or settling in to work or study, Momo Lolo Coffee Shop ensures an immersive coffee experience each time.

Lima Coffee Roasters - Old Town Coffee Shop

Lima Coffee Roasters - Old Town Coffee ShopLima Coffee Roasters - Old Town Coffee Shop

Lima Coffee Roasters, a local small-batch roastery, offers a plethora of exquisite coffees. From single origin to blends, they have a delicious and diverse line-up. For a discerning coffee lover, the Ethiopian Guji or Guatemala Pacaya sourced from specific locations emanate rich, bold profiles. Exceptional taste is taken up a notch with their Microlots; each batch that boasts a unique flavor is selectively chosen by their roaster and only available in limited quantities. Their industrious team also keeps innovation in full swing with creative drink offerings, such as the upside-down latte.

Photogenic aesthetics and stellar service combined with the rich flavors of their passionately crafted beverages, positions Lima Coffee Roasters as more than just a coffee shop. Their love for people is just as strong as their dedication to coffee, making it a coffee haven that leaves a lasting impression.

Explorado Market - Gluten Free Bakery, Coffee, Café

Explorado Market - Gluten Free Bakery, Coffee, CaféExplorado Market - Gluten Free Bakery, Coffee, Café

Explorado Market, ideally situated in Fort Collins' Old Town Square, offers a delightful coffee experience. The abundant aroma of their fresh brews, sourced from the reputable Sweet Bloom, pervades the space, a sure indicator of fantastic coffee. The skilled baristas here take utmost care in crafting each cup, whether you're a cappuccino enthusiast or prefer a specialty latte. The selection extends to unique milk choices, and they offer these without additional cost. Explorado Market takes dietary restrictions into account with remarkable care — their menu is celiac-safe and carries options for those avoiding sugar. Quality ingredients are highlighted in their coffee as well, testament to their commitment to providing the best experience possible. The shop's ambiance, peppered with cozy seating areas and appealing decor, escalates the indulgence of your chosen beverage. Whether your drink of choice is a robust espresso or a frothy latte, you can expect it to be nothing short of exceptional at Explorado Market.

The Fox Den: No Waste Cafe & Roastery

Stars rating filled inStars rating background
4.9 out of 139 Reviews • 1680 Laporte Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521
The Fox Den: No Waste Cafe & RoasteryThe Fox Den: No Waste Cafe & Roastery

Consider your coffee experience elevated when you step into The Fox Den: No Waste Cafe & Roastery. The cafe offers an eco-friendly environment centered around producing no waste, while ensuring an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, quality is at the forefront of their operations, with freshly roasted coffee that emanates a simply irresistible aroma. Sustainability aspects don't end with the cafe's zero-waste policies; even the artisanal coffee beans are responsibly sourced. The Fox Den's dedication to sustainability seamlessly integrates into their food menu as well, with delectable dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Despite the other tempting items on the menu, the coffee remains the star of the show, offering an authentic experience for all java enthusiasts. At The Fox Den: No Waste Cafe & Roastery, you're not just getting a cup of coffee - you're joining a community dedicated to enjoying premium coffee within an eco-conscious space.

Wolverine Farm Publick House

Stars rating filled inStars rating background
4.8 out of 224 Reviews • 316 Willow St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Wolverine Farm Publick HouseWolverine Farm Publick House

Joe's Brew always delivers exceptional caffeinated creations, consistently exhibiting their knack for details which certainly reflects on their coffee. Each cup serves as a testament to their dedication in utilizing only the finest beans, ensuring a savory infusion of flavors from the first sip all the way to the last drop. The house blend, a customer favorite, is an aromatic, full-bodied brew with the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. Additionally, their tasty variety of gourmet coffee offerings, including latte, cappuccino, and espresso, are meticulously brewed and beautifully presented. With a winning combination of quality coffee and a cozy atmosphere, Joe's Brew truly excels in providing an unprecedented coffee experience.

Cafe Bluebird

Stars rating filled inStars rating background
4.6 out of 932 Reviews • 524 W Laurel St, Fort Collins, CO 80521
Cafe BluebirdCafe Bluebird

Cafe Bluebird, a Fort Collins staple since 1982, serves breakfast and lunch with a focus on homemade food and quality coffee. Their rich, full-bodied coffee is held in high regard, providing a perfect complement to their savory meals. From their noteworthy Cornbread and Gravy to the Croissant Sandwiches, Cafe Bluebird's diverse menu offers patrons a delightful culinary journey. Yet, it's the coffee that's a standout, with customers referring to it as "superb". Besides their superb coffee, the Cafe Bluebird also piques interest due to their selection of house-made hot sauces and jams available for sale. Not to be overlooked, the exquisite interior further enhances the experience, with its comfortable and appealing ambiance. Owned and operated by its former server, Inky Evenson, Cafe Bluebird is a testament to the commitment to creating an unforgettable dining adventure for its patrons.

Mugs Old Town

Mugs Old TownMugs Old Town

Mugs Fort Collins, locally owned and operated since 2002, is more than just a coffee shop. It's a gathering place for the community and prides itself on the top-notch customer service provided by its team of baristas, bartenders and food artisans. Their primary feature, and one that they take great pride in, is their coffee. Mugs Fort Collins uses fair trade and organic coffee roasted to perfection by Boulder's family-owned business, Silver Canyon Coffee. The partnership between the two businesses has been brewing since 2002, ensuring a consistent quality cup of joe on every visit. Their quality extends beyond their fabulous coffee, as Mougs also supports local artisans in and around Northern Colorado. With fair trade espresso, smoothies, and a hearty breakfast or lunch menu, the offerings at Mugs Fort Collins more than satisfy every craving. Rest assured, this cafe doesn't compromise on quality, and their coffee is a testament to this commitment. Whether you're looking for a robust espresso or an invigorating cup of matcha from Happy Lucky's Teahouse, Mugs Fort Collins is a must-visit destination for all coffee lovers.

A Rich History, Nestled Near The Rockies

Fort Collins is a charming city nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Known for its picturesque landscapes, thriving arts scene, and exceptional educational institutions, it's no wonder that coffee culture has become an integral part of life in this vibrant city. Here's a quick look into the heart of Fort Collins:

Downtown Fort Collins
Downtown Fort Collins
  • Popular Spots: With a host of cultural, educational, and recreational venues, the city has something for everyone. The Old Town Historic District, Colorado State University, Horsetooth Reservoir, and The Gardens on Spring Creek are among the city's most visited spots.
  • Coffee Culture Hotspots: The city's coffee scene is primarily concentrated in the downtown area, particularly in the Old Town District, where cozy coffee shops dot the charming streets. The Campus West area, just off the Colorado State University, also has a concentration of quirky coffee spots perfect for students.
  • Location and Population: Fort Collins is located in northern Colorado and is the fourth most populous city in the state, with a population of approximately 168,000 residents.
  • Historical Facts: Fort Collins was established in 1864 as a military outpost of the United States Army. The city's name originates from Lieutenant Colonel William Collins, the commander of the 11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. The city was incorporated in 1873 and has grown rapidly since, maintaining its charm while evolving into a modern, bustling city.


The coffee culture in Fort Collins is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From the chic, contemporary vibe of The Butterfly Café to the friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere of Cuppy's Coffee and Smoothies, each coffee shop offers a unique experience that reflects the city's eclectic spirit.

The coffee journey doesn't end at these ten shops, however. With new establishments continually popping up, the coffee scene in Fort Collins is continually evolving, promising new experiences with every visit. So, whether you're a resident or a visitor, we encourage you to embark on your own coffee journey and discover the rich coffee culture that this wonderful city has to offer.

Whether you prefer a robust espresso, a smooth latte, or a refreshing iced coffee, you're sure to find your new favorite in one of Fort Collins' top ten coffee shops. So, grab your favorite book, meet up with a friend, or just take some time for yourself and experience the warmth, flavor, and community spirit that the coffee scene in Fort Collins has to offer.


My coffee journey spans 15 years of diverse experiences. Starting from those first sips, my passion for the industry has grown steadily. I've enjoyed working at a local coffee shop, exploring cultures worldwide, meeting incredible farmers on plantation tours, and helping launch a family member's coffee roasting venture. Throughout this journey, discovering and buying coffee from local roasters to support community businesses has been a pleasure. Through Roast Love, I aim to create content that informs, raises awareness, and helps you, the reader, buy and brew that perfect cup of coffee.

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