13 Best Coffee Shops in Montreal: La Crème de la Crème of Cafés

Nov 26, 2023 • Amélie Bigras

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Montreal has a thriving coffee culture and excellent coffee shops throughout the city. For most coffee lovers in this city, going to a café is not just about grabbing a quick cup of coffee but also about immersing oneself in the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

Here are some of the best coffee shops in Montreal you can visit when you want a great cup of joe and to immerse yourself in its unique culture and atmosphere.

A Deeper Look at Our Picks

Caffè Italia

Caffè ItaliaCaffè Italia

Caffe Italia is a great coffee shop that opens early and closes late. It is a friendly coffee shop for people-watching, and they serve exceptional coffee. Caffe Italia is an old-school Italian cafe that opened in the 1950s and is still open thanks to its exceptional coffee drinks. If you happen to stop by, why not try their Cappuccino or cold latte? You will be back for more!

Caffe San Simeon

Stars rating filled inStars rating background
out of Reviews • 39 Rue Dante, Montréal
Caffe San SimeonCaffe San Simeon

If you are looking for another authentic Italian coffee shop in Montreal, we suggest you try Caffe San Simeon. If you happen to visit Jean-Talon market and want a delicious cup of joe, this is the coffee shop to visit. 

You should note that Cafe San Simeon only accepts cash, so it's advisable to have some cash before visiting. However, don’t let this deter you from experiencing the exceptional coffee and inviting atmosphere that await you at this wonderful coffee shop in Montreal.

This coffee shop in Little Italy, Montreal, boasts of friendly staff and knowledgeable baristas who’ll brew your perfect cuppa.

Café Névé

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out of Reviews • 151 Rue Rachel Est, Montréal
Café NévéCafé Névé

Café Névé is a cute coffee shop in Montreal, Quebec, where you can grab your cup of joe, study, work or hold a small meeting. Their baked goods and sandwiches always smell and taste great. Plus, their coffee is exceptional. The staff are friendly, and the coffee shop has a great ambience. If you travel with your furry friend, the coffee shop has a bowl of water outside where they can quench their thirst as you get your caffeine fix. 

Cafe Aunja

Cafe AunjaCafe Aunja

Are you looking for a coffee shop open late in Montreal? Cafe Aunja is the coffee shop you should visit for delicious coffee if you are near Art Museum. The Decor is rustic and homey, while the food is generously served and delicious. So if you happen to be on your way to/from the Montréal Musée de Beaux Arts, Cafe Aunja is a coffee shop you don’t want to miss.

Café Odessa

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out of Reviews • 65 Rue Beaubien Est, Montréal
Café OdessaCafé Odessa

Cafe Odessa is located on Beaubien, just beside Le Vieux Velo, which makes it a great spot to grab a cuppa while waiting for your table at Le Vieux Velo. Although small, Cafe Odessa has some seating space in the front where you can wait for your coffee. Did we mention they also have non-dairy options and make a great pumpkin spice latte?

Noble Café

Noble CaféNoble Café

The Noble Cafe is the perfect coffee shop for your morning fix if you happen to be near the Laurier metro station. There is also Noble Cafe near Little Italy at the Rue Alexandra and Avenue Alexandra junction.

So, if you need a pick-me-up, this cozy coffee shop near the Laurier metro station is a perfect spot to grab your favorite coffee and start your day on a high note. Although the coffee shop is small, with its welcoming atmosphere and the expertise of its baristas, you will enjoy a top-notch takeaway coffee experience.

Shaughnessy Café

Shaughnessy CaféShaughnessy Café

Shaughnessy Cafe effortlessly combines comfort, quality, and charm, making it an ideal destination for working remotely,  studying, and having intimate coffee dates. It's a place where coffee meets the art of living, leaving visitors with memories long after the last drop has been savored. You can also enjoy baked goods and breakfast in this cozy shop for work or study.

Cafe Myriade

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out of Reviews • 1432 Rue Mackay, Montréal
Cafe MyriadeCafe Myriade

Cafe Myriade is one of the downtown Montreal cafes that roast their coffee and bake delicious pastries. This coffee shop in downtown Montreal was opened in 2008 by acclaimed coffee expert Scott Rao. You will enjoy specialty coffee in a homey setting, and you get to choose whether you want a mild or dark roast coffee. With three locations in Montreal, you are bound to find Cafe Myriade near you.

Micro Espresso Café

Micro Espresso CaféMicro Espresso Café

Micro Espresso Cafe is a specialty espresso bar with an enchanting Italian twist. Although it seems hidden in the corner of Old Pot, coffee reputation markets it far and wide. Visit this coffee shop when exploring Vieux-Montréal for tasty brews and freshly baked pastries. Micro Espresso Cafe is a cute little coffee shop mostly for takeout, but they do have a tiny seating area where you can sit to enjoy your cuppa or wait while they make your order.

Cafe Larue & Fils

Cafe Larue & FilsCafe Larue & Fils

For a local coffee shop serving third-wave coffee, [Cafe Larue & Fils](https://www.instagram.com/cafelarueetfils/?hl=en) has outstandingly proven to be the best. If your laptop has a good battery life, Cafe Larue & Fils is a cozy coffee shop in Montreal for working and studying, thanks to its fast wifi connection. 

Its success has seen this coffee shop open two other locations ( _919 Rue Saint-Zotique East, Montréal, 405 Rue Jarry E, Montréal, and 244 Rue de Castelnau East, Montréal_). In addition, all the Cafe Larue & Fils coffee shop locations in Montreal open early so you can get your caffeine fix on your way to work.

Café de Mercanti Old Montreal

Café de Mercanti Old MontrealCafé de Mercanti Old Montreal

Café de Mercanti Old Montreal is a beloved coffee shop nestled in the enchanting neighborhood of Old Montreal. Step inside and be transported to a haven of aromatic delights and warm ambiance. The café exudes an inviting charm with its rustic yet elegant decor, combining exposed brick walls, wooden accents, and cozy seating areas.

At Café de Mercanti, the focus is on delivering an exceptional coffee experience. Talented baristas skillfully craft a variety of coffee beverages, from perfectly brewed espressos to velvety cappuccinos and aromatic pour-overs. The rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans fills the air, enticing visitors to indulge in a flavorful cup of joe.

In addition to their exquisite coffee offerings, Café de Mercanti also tempts the taste buds with a delectable selection of pastries and treats. From buttery croissants to indulgent cakes and cookies, each bite is a moment of pure pleasure.



L'Orbite is a unique and thrilling dining experience located in Montreal. Situated at the top of a tall tower, this revolving restaurant offers panoramic views of the cityscape, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

As you step into L'Orbite, you'll be captivated by the breathtaking vistas that unfold before your eyes. The restaurant slowly rotates, allowing guests to enjoy a 360-degree view of Montreal while indulging in a delightful meal.

La Finca café & marché local

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out of Reviews • 1067 Rue de Bleury, Montréal
La Finca café & marché localLa Finca café & marché local

La Finca Café & Marché Local is a hidden gem nestled in Montreal, offering a delightful combination of a café and a local market. This charming establishment provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where visitors can enjoy freshly brewed coffee while exploring a selection of locally sourced products.

As you step into La Finca Café & Marché Local, you'll be greeted by the comforting aroma of freshly ground coffee and the sight of a bustling market filled with an array of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and unique finds. The café exudes a rustic and cozy ambiance, with wooden accents, cozy seating areas, and natural light pouring in through large windows.

La Finca is renowned for its commitment to showcasing local producers and artisans. From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to homemade jams, sauces, and baked goods, the market section offers a curated selection of high-quality products from the surrounding area.

The café area of La Finca is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a cup of their expertly brewed coffee. Whether you prefer a classic espresso, a velvety cappuccino, or a refreshing iced latte, their skilled baristas ensure each cup is a taste sensation.

Montreal's Coffee Scene

Montreal's coffee scene is thriving and diverse, offering a range of specialty coffee shops, cafes, and roasters that cater to different tastes and preferences. The city has seen a significant growth in third-wave coffee culture, emphasizing high-quality beans, expert brewing techniques, and a focus on the origin and flavor profiles of coffee.

In Montreal, you can find numerous independent coffee shops scattered throughout different neighborhoods, each with its own unique atmosphere and style. Mile End, Plateau-Mont-Royal, and Griffintown are particularly known for their vibrant coffee scenes. These establishments often prioritize artisanal methods, including pour-over, espresso-based drinks, and alternative brewing methods like AeroPress or Chemex.

Local roasters play a crucial role in Montreal's coffee culture, sourcing beans from various regions worldwide and often showcasing single-origin coffees. Many roasters have their own coffee shops where you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and purchase beans to take home.

Furthermore, Montreal hosts several coffee-related events and competitions, such as barista championships and latte art throwdowns, which contribute to the city's coffee community and foster a sense of camaraderie among coffee enthusiasts.

What sets Montreal's coffee scene apart is its blend of European and North American influences, reflecting the city's multicultural character. You can find traditional European-style cafes alongside trendy, modern coffee shops, catering to different preferences and creating a diverse coffee landscape.

What to do in Montreal?

Montreal offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here are some popular things to do in Montreal:

  • Explore Old Montreal: Visit the historic heart of the city, characterized by cobblestone streets, charming architecture, and iconic landmarks like Notre-Dame Basilica. Stroll along the waterfront, browse boutique shops, dine at local restaurants, and soak in the European ambiance.
  • Visit Mount Royal: Climb to the top of Mount Royal, a scenic hill located in the heart of the city. Enjoy the beautiful views of Montreal's skyline, walk through the park, and relax in nature. In the summer, the park hosts events and outdoor activities.
  • Discover the Museum Quarter: Montreal is home to numerous museums and cultural institutions. Explore the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the McCord Museum, the Pointe-à-Callière Archaeology Museum, or the Biosphere, among others. Each museum offers a unique perspective on art, history, and science.
  • Experience the Underground City: Montreal's Underground City is a vast network of tunnels connecting shopping centers, office buildings, and metro stations. It offers a refuge during winter months and provides access to an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  • Enjoy the Festivals: Montreal is famous for its festivals. The city hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, International Fireworks Competition, and Montreal International Film Festival. These events showcase music, comedy, art, and entertainment from around the world.
  • Indulge in Culinary Delights: Montreal is known for its vibrant food scene. Try iconic dishes like poutine (French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy), bagels from St-Viateur or Fairmount Bagel, smoked meat sandwiches from Schwartz's, and diverse international cuisine from the city's many restaurants.
  • Visit the Botanical Garden and Biodome: Explore the Montreal Botanical Garden, featuring beautiful gardens, greenhouses, and thematic exhibits. Next to it is the Biodome, where you can observe various ecosystems and wildlife in a recreated natural environment.
  • Attend a Sporting Event: If you're a sports enthusiast, catch a Montreal Canadiens hockey game at the Bell Centre or cheer on the Montreal Impact (now Club de Foot Montréal) soccer team at Stade Saputo.
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What is Montreal's history?

Montreal's history is rich and diverse, shaped by centuries of human activity and cultural influences. The area that is now Montreal was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples, including the Iroquois and Algonquin tribes, long before European settlers arrived.

In 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in the region and claimed it for France. However, it wasn't until 1642 that a permanent settlement was established by French settlers led by Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, who named it Ville-Marie. The settlement grew slowly at first but gradually developed into a vibrant trading post and religious center.

Throughout the 18th century, Montreal saw steady growth as a fur trading hub and an important strategic location for both the French and British colonial powers. In 1760, Montreal was captured by the British during the Seven Years' War, and the city's demographics shifted with the arrival of British and Scottish immigrants.

During the 19th century, Montreal experienced rapid industrialization and became a major economic center in North America. It was a hub for the timber trade, manufacturing, and shipping, particularly along the St. Lawrence River. The construction of the Lachine Canal and the arrival of the railway further boosted the city's growth and prosperity.

Montreal's cultural diversity also flourished during this time, with significant immigration from Europe, particularly from Ireland and Eastern Europe. The city became known for its vibrant arts scene, intellectual circles, and literary movements.

In the 20th century, Montreal continued to evolve and expand. It hosted the World's Fair, Expo 67, which showcased modern architecture and innovation. In 1976, the city hosted the Summer Olympics, which led to the construction of iconic landmarks such as the Olympic Stadium.

Montreal's history has not been without challenges. Tensions between French and English-speaking communities have shaped its social and political landscape. In the late 20th century, the city faced a period of political and social unrest, including the Quebec sovereignty movement seeking independence for the province.

Today, Montreal is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, known for its cultural diversity, world-class universities, thriving arts and music scenes, and international festivals. It continues to be a major economic and cultural hub in Canada, attracting tourists and immigrants from around the world. Montreal's history is a tapestry of indigenous heritage, European colonization, and cultural fusion, making it a fascinating city with a unique identity.

Montreal's Olympic Stadium
Montréal's Stade Olympique


From cozy cafes tucked away in historic neighborhoods to modern, minimalist spaces buzzing with creativity, Montreal offers a diverse and thriving coffee scene that never fails to captivate the senses. So, as you navigate the bustling streets of this vibrant city, be sure to check out the coffee shops we have highlighted above. Let us know which coffee shop you loved best in the comment section below. Enjoy!


Amélie has a dual Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Literature. She wrote a Master's Thesis on the importance of blending scientific knowledge with the arts to create a healthier culture. She also has a Bachelor of Education and has been teaching Biology and Language Arts since 2016. She is happily addicted to coffee and constantly learning.

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