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Romsey is a charming market town in Hampshire, England, with a rich history and cultural heritage. A notable example is its love of coffee, which dates back centuries. The coffee culture in Romsey has only grown and diversified over the years. The town has everything from historic coffee houses to modern artisan coffee shops. There's No.5 Bell Street Café, with its excellent coffee and homemade cakes, and The Kitchen Café, with its distinct flavor profiles and hearty English breakfast.

We used several criteria to choose the best coffee shops in Romsey. These factors include the quality of their coffee, online customer reviews and ratings, and the space's ambiance, such as whether it's suitable for work or socializing.

This list includes the best coffee shop for work, the best for meetings, the one with the best patio, and the coffee shop with the best coffee.

A Deeper Look at Our Picks

No.5 Bell Street

No.5 Bell StreetNo.5 Bell Street

Nestled in the charming town of Romsey, No.5 Bell Street Café is a true delight for coffee lovers. Their speciality coffee has been praised highly, setting you just right for the day. Renowned for catering to Romsey's love for splendid homemade cakes and top-grade coffee, this café is a pocket-sized heaven teeming with delicacies.

Their menu is excitingly dynamic with offerings changing daily. Besides their remarkable coffee, No.5 also offers a lovely spectrum of hot beverages like hot chocolate, chai latté or tea. But the central highlight remains their coffee which is refreshingly invigorating and rich on the palate.

Complementing their coffee, is a mouthwatering selection of home-baked cakes. From the Totally Amazing Carrot Cake to the Billionaire Shortbread, these little wonders of sweetness effortlessly steal the show. Not to forget the iconic Pastel De Natas, baked fresh everyday which are an absolute customer-favourite.

Not limiting themselves to just the warm, inviting café environment, No.5 also provides several of their homemade delight through their 'Take 5' page that lets you relish their offerings in the comfort of your own home. Their cosy setting makes for an indulgent afternoon tea experience as well.

All in all, No.5 Bell Street Café is all about the love for lip-smacking homemade cakes, a cozy ambiance, and most importantly, the exceptional coffee.

The Kitchen Cafe

The Kitchen CafeThe Kitchen Cafe

Kitchen Cafe offers an excellent coffee experience. It's clear they value quality, serving up a brew that is consistently delicious, and it pairs perfectly with their thoughtful food selection. Creating house blends with distinct flavor profiles supports the eatery's uniqueness and entices coffee lovers. Additionally, compared with other coffee-based beverages and morning staples, such as their well-appreciated full English breakfast, it's evidence of the care they put into each menu item. The excellent service at Kitchen Cafe further enhances the overall experience, proving that a good cup of coffee is made even better with a welcoming atmosphere.

The Park Café

The Park CaféThe Park Café

Situated in Memorial Park, The Park Café Romsey is known for serving quality food and beverages at an affordable price. Their helpful staff consistently contributes to an inviting atmosphere that complements their delicious offerings. While they're recognised for having an assortment of meals like toasties and cheeseburgers, it's their coffee that stands out. They pay attention to the details - from sourcing to brewing, thus ensuring that each cup served is a balance of aroma, acidity, and flavor. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just need a caffeine boost, The Park Café Romsey is a spot worth checking. Their outdoor seating is an addition that lets you savor your coffee while enjoying the surrounds of the park.



Josie's is a thriving, family-run collection of independent coffee shops scattered across Hampshire, England. Their range spans from the rustic charm of Bishop's Waltham to the bustling hub of Winchester, the quaint setting of Petersfield, and right into the heart of Romsey. Each store, while unique, is committed to a singular vision of quality and passion.

The coffee at Josie's, a focal point of their offering, is nothing short of exceptional. Speciality coffees are their forte, showcasing nuanced flavors and a rich, indulgent profile that is a hit with both casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Their smoothies are a delightful alternative, full of vibrant, natural flavors. They pride themselves in sourcing their produce locally, lending an authentic, homegrown touch to their beverages.

Josie's also extends its passion to its range of food. Their all-day breakfast and brunch menu deserve special attention, featuring decadently naughty pancakes and, reportedly, an unforgettable chili fried chicken burger. But the breadth of their offering goes far beyond breakfast, with a diverse menu that includes lunch, cakes and hearty, homemade dishes bursting with homespun goodness.

Beyond the dining experience, Josie's espouses a warm, welcoming atmosphere, as uniquely special as the culinary delights on offer. The heart and soul of Josie's lie as much in its charming ambience as it does in its coffee, making it an absolute must-visit for anyone in Hampshire.

Costa Coffee (Romsey)

Costa Coffee (Romsey)Costa Coffee (Romsey)

Scoffs Group's Costa Coffee in Romsey is their largest franchise in the UK and their integration with Costa aims to make it the world's favorite coffee brand. Their team is friendly, creating an atmosphere for a hearty laugh while enjoying your brew. Scoffs Group considers the location spotless, and while it can get a bit noisy and dark, this does not detract from the overall satisfying coffee experience. However, queues can get long. Their coffee break remains sufficient, often accompanied by very nice tea and additional food offerings. Their focus on customer satisfaction is evident in the quality of their beverages. Yet, it might not top your list for the best coffee shop in town, but it remains a decent place for a quick caffeine fix.

Paws For Thought Cat Cafe

Paws For Thought Cat CafePaws For Thought Cat Cafe

Paws for Thought Cat Cafe, located in Romsey, UK, provides a thoughtfully curated experience that not only offers delightful culinary options but also allows visitors to interact with wonderful furry friends. Their Mocha and Smoothie stand out, bringing warmth and calmness to their space. The delicious Biscoff Cake is a delightful treat, offering a sweetness that complements their beverages beautifully. However, Paws for Thought is more than a coffee shop; they actively participate in cat rescue operations, offering a haven for many cats in need and immersing their guests in their passionate mission. In addition, Paws for Thought goes the extra mile with their unique afternoon tea service that adds a layer of British charm to the entire experience. A visit to this café not only promises a memorable culinary journey but also contributes to the welfare of cats in the community.

Adore CafeAdore Cafe

Situated in the quiet area of Romsey, Adore Cafe provides a warm, friendly atmosphere. Known for their helpful and polite service staff, the cafe beats the ordinary with non-basic food that is both well-cooked and pleasing to the eye. Adore Cafe's offerings come at a reasonable price, making it a worthwhile dining spot rather than just another coffee stop. On top of their commendable food and service, Adore Cafe creates an ambient environment with their choice of soft music and cosy booths, ensuring a relaxed vibe for their patrons. However, the crown gem of this cafe lies in its delectable coffee, the rich, flavor-packed brews undoubtedly live up to the establishment's name—befitting for anyone who adores a good cup of coffee.

Caffè Nero

Caffè NeroCaffè Nero

Entering into Caffè Nero in Romsey, you're first greeted by a warm and friendly staff. Despite the somewhat tired and dusty interior, the atmosphere maintains a certain charm. However, it's the coffee that truly stands out here. Crafted with such precision, every sip seems to hit the mark, making it a delightful stop for coffee enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the food appears less appealing, with pastries seeming rather stale. Also, the distinctively narrow layout could do with some sprucing up to bolster seating capacity and overall ambiance. On the overall, the standout coffee at Caffè Nero compensates for its minor shortcomings and sets a benchmark for how good coffee should truly taste. Still, a significant revamp could elevate this coffee shop to match its stellar service and top-tier brew.

Chambers Cafe

Chambers CafeChambers Cafe

Chambers delivers great service with great-tasting food and drink is palpable, creating an inviting environment for anyone seeking a relaxing break. Whether you're a local or just passing through, visiting Chambers for a coffee or more is a must-do.

Dish Deli and Kitchen

Dish Deli and KitchenDish Deli and Kitchen

Dish. Deli & Kitchen is not just your average café; their passion for high-quality food and drinks is evident. Founders Mike and Rach Hedges, along with their dedicated team, aim to provide a fun, community-based environment where visitors can enjoy freshly cooked, delectable dishes. Naturally, a discussion about Dish wouldn't be complete without mentioning their coffee. The café partners with the Coffee Bean Company, who is located merely 5 miles away in Ower. They serve an ethically sourced espresso blend comprising South American and African Arabicas and Indian Robusta. This blend produces a rich, smooth coffee with a distinct flavor of liquorice sweetness. Amid the buzzing atmosphere, take your time to savor this wonderful beverage before carrying on with your day.



TeaCups, a family-run café nestled in the heart of Romsey, impressively brings together homemade food and high-quality coffee. Their coffee, noted as the best in Romsey, is meticulously prepared with top-notch equipment that contributes to the aroma and taste. Moreover, they seemingly put a lot of effort into their latte art, adding a visual delight to the coffee experience.

As part of their varied menu, TeaCups proudly supports local businesses by sourcing ingredients from Drummond's butchers and Claytons' eggs. They accommodate different dietary preferences by offering gluten-free and vegan options alongside their regular fare. Their rich and delightful array of treats, include cakes, sandwiches and hot meals which are regularly praised by visitors.

The charm of TeaCups goes beyond food and coffee; the ambiance embraces you with its cozy, homely feel. They host an intimate downstairs seating area and additional tables upstairs for those who desire a more private, relaxed setting. An outdoor courtyard, perfect in the sun and useable during winter with a gazebo cover and heater, provide a quaint setting for coffee and conversations.

Adding a surprising twist to their offerings, TeaCups also provides a takeaway service, allowing patrons to enjoy their delicious, home-cooked food and tantalizing cakes in the comfort of their own homes. They also offer gift vouchers for treats or afternoon teas, making it a perfect treat for loved ones. All in all, TeaCups Cafe successfully orchestrates a symphony of flavor and charm in every corner of their establishment. Whether you're there for the acclaimed coffee, the delectable food, or the inviting atmosphere, TeaCups serves up a delightful experience that is undeniably worth a visit.

Cafe Fresh

Cafe FreshCafe Fresh

Café Fresh is indeed a refreshing escape in the bustling town center. Famous for their warm welcome and skillful sandwich creations, this café notably allows customers to customise their own sandwiches, wraps, or baguettes from a wide selection of fresh ingredients. But above all, it's their coffee that steals the show. Highly praised by repeat patrons, Café Fresh's brew is a delight to the senses. Whether you prefer a cup strong enough to “dissolve the spoon,” or perhaps a smoother, more subtle rendition, Café Fresh ensures that each cup caters to your distinct taste. For a unique treat, be sure to sample their mocha – a rich blend with a velvety, chocolatey twist. It’s this commitment to quality, combined with their dedication to fulfil each customer’s preference, that makes Café Fresh stand out among the crowd.

Digging into Romsey's Rich History

Located in the southern English county of Hampshire, Romsey is a historic market town with a population of approximately 15,000. This charming town has its roots steeped in history, with numerous historical sites such as the Romsey Abbey, King John's House, and the Broadlands estate. Known for its lush parks and riverside walks, Romsey also holds a special place in the hearts of coffee lovers.

The town has a rich coffee culture that dates back to the 18th century. In fact, Romsey's love for coffee is so deep-rooted that the town has often been referred to as the "Coffee Capital of Hampshire." This endearing coffee culture has led to the proliferation of several unique coffee shops, each offering a distinct blend of ambiance, charm, and of course, delicious coffee.

Romsey's Must-Visit Coffee Hangouts

Romsey has a number of popular areas where locals and visitors love to gather for a cup of coffee. The town center, for instance, is always buzzing with activity and is home to a number of cosy cafés. Then there's also The Hundred, a popular street filled with charming coffee shops. Other notable areas include Bell Street and Latimer Street.

These areas aren't just loved for their excellent coffee offerings, but also for the friendly community vibe they offer. They serve as social hubs, places where people come together to catch up, work, read, or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Wrapping Up Romsey's Invigorating Coffee Scene

All in all, Romsey's coffee scene is as rich and vibrant as its history. The town is filled with wonderful coffee shops, each boasting its own unique charm and flavour. Whether you're a serious coffee connoisseur, or simply someone who enjoys a casual cup, Romsey's coffee shops have something to offer everyone.

So why not plan a visit to one of these coffee shops? Explore, taste, and immerse yourself in Romsey's coffee culture. You might just find your new favourite spot!

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