Coffee Quest: Exploring The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Fe

Updated Nov 26, 2023 • Leigh McDonald

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Santa Fe's coffee scene is vibrant and diverse, offering something for every coffee lover. From specialty coffee shops to local roasters, the city has a rich coffee culture that reflects its unique blend of Native American, Spanish, and Anglo-American influences. Many of the coffee shops in Santa Fe pride themselves on sourcing high-quality, locally roasted beans, which are often used to create unique and flavorful blends. In addition to coffee, many cafes also offer light breakfast and lunch options, creating a welcoming atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. With its stunning views, rich history, and delicious coffee, Santa Fe's coffee culture is a must-see for any coffee enthusiast. Whether you want a quick caffeine fix in the morning or a place to relax with a cup of coffee, these Santa Fe coffee shops have a perfect mix of food, ambiance, and great coffee. Here is a detailed list of the best coffee shops Santa Fe offers.

Sunset over Santa Fe Mountains

Criteria For Choosing The Best Coffee Shops In Santa Fe

Our criteria for choosing the best coffee shops in Santa Fe focuses on three key factors: quality of coffee, atmosphere, and local charm. We prioritize coffee shops that source high-quality, locally roasted beans and offer a variety of blends and specialty drinks. The atmosphere of the cafe is also important, as we look for places that have a welcoming and inviting ambiance, with indoor and outdoor seating options. Finally, we seek out coffee shops that embody the unique culture and charm of Santa Fe, whether it be through local art displays, traditional architecture, or a deep commitment to sustainability and community involvement. By using these criteria, we strive to showcase the best coffee shops that Santa Fe has to offer.

Our Top 8 Picks for Best CoffeeShops in Santa Fe for 2023

35° North Coffee

35 North Coffee is a coffee shop located downtown near Santa Fe Plaza on the second floor. It is a great coffee shop where you can go to “find your latitude.” Its great location makes it a great stop when heading or returning from the marketplace. 

A cup of coffee with baked goods
35 North Coffee Picture

35 Degrees North Coffee shop in Santa Fe source, roast, and brew their coffee. This means that if you love your coffee brewed using dark roast instead of medium roast, their barista will switch the beans to make that special cup of coffee you deserve. The outdoor terrace seating is spacious enough to enjoy your cuppa while people-watching, reading a book, or having a great conversation with your friends. Don’t forget to order their freshly baked pastries with your favorite cup of coffee! 

Sky Coffee

Walking by the railyard and searching for “coffee near me in Santa Fe”? Sky Coffee will fix your caffeine craving. Located at 1609 Alcaldesa street in the railyard, this local coffee shop in Santa Fe serves specialty coffees from an extensive coffee menu, teas, and freshly baked local pastries. They source their beans from local roasters and offer a unique menu of specialty drinks, such as lavender lattes and chai tea lattes.

A cup of piccolo with a cinnamon bun
Sky Coffee Picture

The cafe has a cozy and intimate atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options. Sky Coffee is the perfect spot to grab a quick coffee or spend a leisurely morning or afternoon in Santa Fe. Although Sky Coffee is not a roaster, they make multi-roaster offerings with unique flavors that you will enjoy. Sky Coffee also has a clean, modern interior, with friendly service making it among one of the best coffee shops Santa Fe has. 

Google Map 1609a Alcaldesa St, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Business Hours Mon-Sun 8 AM–3 PM

Angels Coffee Shop

If you are looking for the best coffee shops near airport road Santa Fe NM, Angels Coffee Shop will pop up in your search. This coffee shop has earned its great reputation for making perfect burritos, chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls, pies, cooked chili, and chocolate cakes. The exceptional customer service at Angeles Coffee Shop in Santa Fe, and its talented baristas ensure you enjoy your cappuccino, iced latte, espresso, or your preferred coffee brew in this coffee shop.   

Google Map 4350 Airport Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507
Business Hours Tue-Sat. 7 am - 7 pm. Sun.8 - 5 pm
Facebook Page Angel's Coffee Shop

Opuntia Cafe

Opuntia Cafe is a cozy coffee shop in Santa Fe known for its organic coffee and plant-based menu. The cafe also hosts a rotating art exhibition featuring local artists. Don't miss the opportunity to sip on a latte and admire the beautiful artwork on display at Opuntia Cafe. The place has a large and modern space with many cacti, succulents, and large windows that bring natural light. This coffee shop is on the 2nd floor of Railyard plaza on Alcaldesa street.  The calm and comfortable ambiance here makes it a great spot to enjoy your cup of joe, tea, cocktail and an extensive food menu. If you brought your furry friend along, Opuntia Cafe is pet friendly!

Opuntia Cafe in Santa Fe
Opuntia Cafe Picture

Opuntia Cafe has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating spaces to enjoy your book and your cappuccino or latte as you people-watch or dine in on their delicious menu.

Google Map second floor, 1607 Alcaldesa St suite 201, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Business Hours Monday - Tuesday 10 am–3 pm. Wednesday - Friday 10 am–9 pm. Saturday - Sunday 9 am–9 pm
Website Opuntia Cafe

CrashMurderBusiness Coffee 

An eccentric and delightful coffee shop on the fringes of the Railyard District is called CrashMurderBusiness. Despite its complicated name, this coffee shop located in Guadalupe Center offers a selection of perfectly blended and flavorful beverages. The drink menu with animal names like Streak of Tigers, Parliament of Owls, Cabinet of Yaks, Loveliness of Ladybugs, and many more makes you want to taste all their in-house specialty! One of the best coffee shops in Santa Fe, with a mystery menu for you to uncover. 

The cafe's name, CrashMurderBusiness, often sparks questions from customers. The name was inspired by a conversation between two friends about the collective nouns of animals, specifically ferrets being called a "business". This led to jokes and the idea of opening a business with ferrets in suits. Eventually, one of the friends decided to make it a reality and the cafe was born. Although live ferrets are not allowed in the cafe, the name remains to confuse and delight customers. The name also has a deeper meaning, as adding "the" turns it into "Crash the Murder Business", which is a stand against violence and capitalism in America.

A large cup filled with coffee and whip cream
CrashMurderBusiness Picture
Google Map 312 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Business Hours Monday - Friday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm. SAT 9 am-2 pm
Website CrashMurderBusiness

Iconik Coffee Roasters

Iconik Coffee Roasters is a popular coffee shop in Santa Fe known for their delicious coffee blends and extensive menu. They roast their own beans in-house and offer a variety of drinks, including espresso, drip coffee, and cold brew. The shop has a cozy atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options, making it a great spot to relax or catch up on work. In addition to their coffee, they also serve pastries, sandwiches, and other snacks.

Cup of coffee latte with baklava cake
Iconik Coffee Roasters Picture

Iconik Coffee Roasters has multiple locations in Santa Fe, where they offer a variety of coffee drinks, teas, and pastries. True to their name, they roast their coffee and sell coffee beans online and in select retail locations. They are committed to the sustainability and ethical sourcing of their coffee beans.

Iconik Coffee Roasters’ interior is breathtaking, with assorted seating arrangements where you can peacefully enjoy an expertly prepared pour-over or what’s on their menu.  

Google Map 1366 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Business Hours Mon-Sun 7:30 am-5 pm
Website Iconik Coffee Roasters

Ohori’s Coffee Roasters

When visiting Santa Fe, you will likely pop into one of the popular coffee roasters, Ohori’s Coffee Roasters. They have three coffee shops in Santa Fe ( Luna, Pen road, and the warehouse location). They make great coffee and delicious pastries, and their friendly staff is a great addition. 

Whether you crave a delicious espresso, double latte, or double cappuccino, you will love coffee, tasty pastry and appreciate the great ambiance in this pet-friendly coffee shop in Santa Fe. 

Ohori’s Coffee Roasters in Santa Fe

Ohori's Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee shop in Santa Fe that prides itself on sourcing high-quality beans from around the world. They roast their beans in-house, ensuring a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee every time. The cafe has a relaxed atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options. In addition to their coffee, they also serve a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and other snacks. Ohori's is a great place to stop for a delicious cup of coffee and a bite to eat in Santa Fe.

Google Map 505 Cerrillos Rd Suite B103, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Business Hours Mon-Sat: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm • Sun: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Website Ohori’s Coffee Roasters

Java Joe's Cafe

You will encounter the smell of freshly roasted coffee when you walk into this coffee house in Santa Fe, nm. Java Joe’s Cafe is a locally owned coffee shop that has been providing residents here with freshly baked pastries, freshly roasted coffee, great company, and a great atmosphere.

Java Joe’s Cafe has ample seating spaces where you can stop by and have breakfast or rest with your favorite coffee after hiking at Hermit’s peak! The two Java Joe’s coffee locations are great for hanging out with your friends, reading a book, people-watching, or sending those professional emails. 

Java Joe's Cafe in Santa Fe
Java Joe’s Café Picture

Java Joe's Cafe is a cozy coffee shop located in the heart of Santa Fe. They offer a variety of coffee blends, espresso drinks, and teas, along with pastries and light breakfast and lunch options. The cafe has a welcoming atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options. They also have a drive-thru for those on the go. Java Joe's Cafe is a great spot to grab a quick bite or sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in Santa Fe.

Google Map 2801 Rodeo Rd a, Santa Fe, NM 87507,
Business Hours Monday - Sunday: 7 am-5 pm
Website Java Joe's Cafe

Final Thoughts

Many local coffee shops in Santa Fe will surprise you with how well they brew their coffee. As you visit this beautiful city, and search for” coffee shop near me in Santa Fe” to get a dose of your favorite caffeine fix, explore the different coffee shops around because you will not be disappointed as Santa Fe residents also appreciate a good Cuppa. We hope you will try one, if not all, coffee shops from our list and let us know!

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