Cocinare ESSENCE: Grind Your Coffee Beans With Ease! (New Coffee Gear)

Jul 05, 2023 • Godspower Ojeifo

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Cocinare ESSENCE is an all-purpose and exceptional electric grinder that helps you get a consistent blend for your beans and achieve a satisfying and precise quality from espresso to pour-over. Cocinare ESSENCE is currently buzzing on the Kickstarter community and has gathered huge support due to its unique features. In this article, we'll look at its features and benefits and examine how it's changing the way coffee lovers grind and make coffee.

Cocinare essence Grinder on a table with a pour over carafe

The Problem: Grinding Coffee Beans 

While most coffee lovers and enthusiasts have now opted for coffee grinders to grind their coffee, it does have several issues. From getting clogged up with grounds to electrical cords shutting down or the motor shaft failing to rotate and malfunctioning of the switch or a bent blade, it can be a challenging task sometimes. This is where Cocinare essence comes in.

The Solution: Cocinare ESSENCE Coffee Grinder 

It's simple, the Cocinare essence coffee grinder is a massive innovation in how we grind coffee. Designed to be a perfect companion for you at home and even when you’re on the go, the Cocinare Essence is a 2-in-one combination of a stationary countertop kit and a portable grinder. It can fit perfectly into small travel bags or purses and looks like some type of portable camera — it isn't, though, but the look is really attractive! With its 80-level grinding scale, making fresh coffee while traveling couldn’t be any easier.


How to Cocinare ESSENCE Grinder works 

Using the Cocinare essence grinder is quite simple. All you need to do is pour your beans into the grinder compartment and cover. If you're at home, you'd most likely attach it to the counter stand it comes with. The ground coffee goes to the base when done — it has magnetic properties that keep it fixed to the stand to prevent it from falling. Next, turn on the grinder and watch it do its magic. 

Cocinaré add for their electric cofffe grinder
Concinaré Picture

Main Benefits of Cocinare ESSENCE 

Cocinare 2-IN-1 Electric Coffee Grinder has several advantages over your regular coffee grinder. For starters, it has an 80-level grinding scale that allows you to fine-tune your grinding within 0-80 levels, giving you a more consistent grind size from 150-1400um. Also, it's equipped with a professional-grade grinding core and 38mm high-carbon steel with titanium coating conical burrs that can achieve more consistent grinding, reaching near-zero retention and producing fewer fines.

Despite its small size, which makes it portable for traveling and camping, it's very easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. Plus, unlike several other grinders available on the market, the Cocinare Essence grinder has a wireless design that allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee even in off-grid areas. It has a type-c charger that's common in many countries, and when fully charged, it can be used successively more than 30 times.

Noise level is another area where this grinder brings a great advantage. Most grinders on the market are often loud and can wake up your entire family in the morning. However, Cocinare ESSENCE has a low-noise grinding feature that ensures no one in the house would be disturbed when grinding. The best part is it has an aesthetically pleasing design that can double up as stylish decoration for your kitchen counter. 

Cocinaré Measurement for the size of the coffee grind

Kickstarter Success and Backer Rewards

Cocinare ESSENCE has garnered a lot of support on Kickstarter since its launch, particularly from coffee lovers. The campaign has seen it get backings from close to 500 people. All of whom are excited by the possibilities and advantages the product will bring to the coffee world. 

To reward those backing the product, Cocinare has created several exclusive rewards and discounts for early backers. By backing the campaign, supporters will secure their own Cocinare ESSENCE and also become part of the passionate community of coffee lovers.

Cocinare ESSENCE is an innovative product that is designed to eliminate the stress faced when grinding coffee beans. Designed to have lightweight, portable, and efficient, Cocinare ESSENCE allows coffee lovers to fulfill their unique grinding needs. It is user-friendly, has excellent aesthetics, and supports grinding all kinds of coffee like pour-over, espresso, French press, Turkish coffee, and cold brew. 

Future Production Timeline

Cocinare maintains that production for the awaited ESSENCE grinder is ongoing, and the date for the first batch of local delivery is expected to begin around August. The team is actively working closely with its manufacturers and designers to stick to the outlined schedule. The brand aims to give all backers total transparency regarding all issues to ensure they're happy and satisfied. 

How To Order Cocinare ESSENCE Online

Follow these general steps to order Cocinare ESSENCE:

  1. Visit the Kickstarter campaign page: Go to the Kickstarter page for the Cocinare ESSENCE grinder product.
  2. Spend time reading through the campaign details like the product description, features, pricing, and any other valuable information provided by the creator.
  3. Kickstarter campaigns often offer different reward tiers, each with its own benefits or perks. Select the reward level that suits your preferences and budget.
  4. Once you've chosen a reward tier, click the "Back this project" option or a similar option on the campaign page and pledge your support. Enter the amount you want to pledge for the selected reward tier.
  5. Next, provide relevant information. Kickstarter will guide you through the process. Submit info such as your shipping address and payment details. Follow the instructions and fill in the necessary fields correctly.
  6. Reconfirm your pledge by reviewing all details, like the selected reward level, pledge amount, and shipping information. Ensure all details are correct before proceeding.
  7. Complete your payment by following the instructions provided. Note that Kickstarter uses secure payment methods to process pledges. 
  8. All is set and done — wait for the project's completion. During this time, the product creator will work on manufacturing and delivering the product. You may want to watch out for any updates from the creator on the product's page. 

If you have further questions or encounter any issues, it's best to reach out to the project creator through the Kickstarter messaging system or any provided contact information on the campaign page.


Cocinare ESSENCE 2-IN-1 Electric Coffee Grinder is a step forward in the further innovation of coffee drink production. With its aesthetically pleasing design, portability, and efficient way of grinding, Cocinare ESSENCE is bringing a more effective way of grinding all kinds of coffee like pour-over, espresso, French press, Turkish coffee, and cold brew. The support it's receiving on Kickstarter shows how excited people are about its launch. By joining the community of backers, you're in for a reward and part of the product's development. 


Godspower is a graduate student of architecture. He's also a freelance content writer who loves coffee. His favorite method of brewing coffee is the French Press. When he's not writing, he's either working on a design, taking some time off or gaming.

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