Down to Business: Best Coffee Conventions In The U.S (2023)

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A coffee convention is where coffee lovers come together to share and experience everything related to coffee. Some coffee conventions happen twice a year to ensure those who missed out on the first one have a second chance to redeem themselves! From Coffee growers to baristas, kiosks, large coffee company owners and founders, coffee roasters to coffee enthusiasts - all these people attend coffee conventions and come together to discuss everything related.

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4 Reasons Why Coffee Conventions In The U.S Are Important


The best way to learn more about any topic is to study it and surround yourself with people who are invested and interested in the same topic. Regarding coffee conventions in the U.S, attending these various conventions and expos gives all attendees incredible exposure. At coffee conventions, one has the chance to interact with numerous people knowledgeable about the coffee world. Walking away from a coffee convention with increased and enriched knowledge is guaranteed! There is always something to learn; hence, gaining exposure is one reason coffee conventions in the U.S are so important. 


Another reason why Coffee conventions in the U.S are essential is because of the great connections that come with them. Meeting new people at coffee conventions can open up great business opportunities through a single conversation. Chatting with the various people present could create room for friendships and mentorships, all thanks to the love and association of coffee. Most coffee conventions in the U.S attract thousands of people, so there is no need to be concerned about feeling left out, you will undoubtedly find your tribe, or they will certainly find you! 


Coffee is not easy to grow; a massive amount of work is involved in the process, which can often be overwhelming and exhausting. In addition, the effects on natural resources are adding up as climate change progresses. So having coffee conventions allows the best to come together and discuss sustainable and profitable ways to grow coffee and run various coffee businesses. With pressure on water availability, it is vital for people within the coffee industry to learn how best they can preserve the environment and still grow their coffee. 


The third reason why coffee conventions are important owes a lot to the first two reasons. Gaining exposure and making connections resultantly leads to growth. Regardless of where you are in your coffee journey, coffee conventions in the U.S are the perfect platform to facilitate development. Growth in newfound methods of coffee making, preserving coffee, the latest technology for coffee, roasting techniques, barista techniques, you name it! The growth that one can experience at coffee conventions in the U.S is significant and this all works together to enhance the coffee industry in the U.S by bringing various people together. 

3 Coffee Conventions in the U.S that stirred the cup in 2022

Numerous coffee conventions took place in 2022, many of which were worth every second of attendance. However, five coffee conventions certainly made a stir out of all of these! 

National Coffee Association Virtual Convention

March 3 to 8, 2023 - Online

This virtual coffee convention (held from the 8th-10th of March 2022) shook the coffee world as it explored exciting topics, for example, logistics issues, the frost in Brazil, Digitalisation in the coffee industry, and Covid-19 impacts on the coffee industry. These topics were applicable on such a large scale as many could relate to the impacts and concerns. 

Apart from the topics, a group of renowned speakers was involved in the convention: Vern Long of the Coffee Quality Institute, Judith Ganes of J.Ganes consulting, Dr. Aaron Davis of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Sarada Krishmen of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. All these speakers had something unique to bring to the table, keeping the convention enticing and diverse. 

The National Coffee Association, established in 1911 has built an enormous reputation that sees the release of market research, health research, coffee reviews, and organizing and facilitating webinars. Unsurprisingly, the National coffee association virtual convention was such a success in 2022. 

Coffee Fest

June 2022 - Chicago, Illinois

This raving coffee convention was held in Navy Pier, Chicago from the 24th to the 25th of June 2022. With a massive turnout of twenty to fifty thousand visitors and over five hundred exhibitors, this Coffee Fest made a stir. 

The Coffee convention in Chicago was suitable for anyone interested in growing specialty coffee and operators, business owners and people within the coffee and tea business career. The major pull factors were the networking, services, education, and launching of new products at the Chicago Coffee Fest. 

Be sure to add the Chicago Coffee Fest to your list of coffee conventions to attend, and do not fret about suitable dates as this convention happens twice a year!

Specialty Coffee Expo

April 8 to 10, 2023 - Boston, Massachusetts

The 2022 Specialty Coffee Expo, the largest coffee event in North America, was held in Boston from the 8th to the 10th of April. With more than four hundred exhibitors present, and over nine thousand visitors attending, this coffee expo was buzzing. Insight and knowledge on coffee quality, sustainability, profitability, and equity were shared. What elevated this specific Boston expo to the next level was the national championships for all Roasters, Baristas, Latte Artists, Cup Tasters, and numerous professionals who participated in their field. 

Characterized by great connections, lectures, knowledge, and coffee, this coffee expo is to not to be missed. The 2023 Specialty Coffee Expo is happening in Portland, Oregon; once again, do not worry about dates, as this expo runs a year thrice!

SCA EXPO BOSTON 2022 (ft. Morgan Eckroth, Lance Hedrick, and more!)


5 U.S Coffee Conventions to catch in 2023

If you intend to attend a coffee convention but need help figuring out where to start, consider the following 7 coffee conventions happening in 2023. Each coffee convention offers something unique and will undoubtedly be worth every minute of your time. 

Specialty Coffee Expo

April 20 to 24, 2023 - Portland, Oregon

This is an exciting coffee expo to experience, as it has much to offer. You will discover the best new coffee product, a glance into the roaster village, a display of the certified home brewer, and World Barista Championships. The Coffee Expo in Portland would be the perfect platform for coffee industry professionals to showcase their talent and reach out to potential clients and customers. 

Coffee Fest

August 6 to 8, 2023 - Anaheim, California

The beauty of this Coffee Fest is that it happens simultaneously with the Western Foodservice and Restaurant Expo, which means you kill two birds with one stone and get to live the best of both worlds! With close to one hundred hours of various content, and the opportunity to meet professionals in the coffee industry and enjoy exciting competitions, this Coffee Fest in Anaheim is a must-see! If you are considering growing your business and interacting with the best of the best, Coffee Fest Anaheim is a step in the right direction. 

The New York Coffee Festival

October 6 to 8, 2023 - Metropolitan Pavilion, New York

From free coffee tastings to amazing street food, demonstrations from top baristas, live music, exciting workshops, and great coffee cocktails, the New York Coffee Festival is another fantastic convention to add to your list! What sets this specific festival apart is that the New York Coffee Festival explores the coffee industry while raising funds for sanitation and clean water projects in the coffee-producing communities. 

Cincinnati Coffee Festival

October 21 & 22, 2023 - Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati

With an expected turnout of 1000 to 5000 visitors and 100 to 500 exhibitors, this Cincinnati Coffee Festival awaits your presence. This coffee festival allows you to discuss everything about coffee, make connections and have much fun! 

Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest

April 1 & 2, 2023 - New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque

Chocolate and Coffee is such an incredible combination. What better way to experience these two beauties than attending the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Festival which is designed to explore the chocolate and coffee world simultaneously! With an expected 20 000 visitors and over 150 exhibitors, this Fest is the place to be on the first and second of April 2023!

These are just 5 of the top Coffee Conventions you will want to experience in 2023 that will thoroughly enrich your knowledge and exposure to the coffee industry. 

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