Coffee Tea Bags: Are They Better Than Instant Coffee?

Coffee Tea Bags: Are They Better Than Instant Coffee?Coffee Tea Bags: Are They Better Than Instant Coffee?Coffee Tea Bags: Are They Better Than Instant Coffee?
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You might have heard of tea bags, but do you know they also have coffee tea bags? If you’re a fan of coffee, this might be something you’re interested in trying. In this article, these are the main points that you are going to find out about coffee tea bags.

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What Are Coffee Tea Bags? 

Coffee tea bags are a natural progression from the loose tea leaf bags, where you substitute the tea leaves inside the bags with coffee instead. They are a great way to make high-quality coffee quickly. This incredible invention is easily set up because all you need is a mug and hot water, and you will get to brew your coffee. 

The tea bags filter the coffee perfectly, so there’s no build-up on the bottom of the mug, and you will enjoy smooth coffee. It also requires no cleanup since you only need to throw the tea bags.

Here are a few brands of Coffee Tea Bags that are ready for you to try out:

Quarter Horse Coffee

Located in two site across Birmingham, they opened their coffee shop on Bristol St in Februrary 2015. They have been roasting their own coffee since moving to Birmingham, allowing them to source high quality green beans from around the world, and freshly roast them for their customers.

Foreword Coffee

Coffee brew bags are back in stock with a brand new line up of flavours! Featuring award-winning Yunnan Ou Yang, Diversity Blend, Xamtai Natural and 2022 new varieties Mooleh Manay and Pangalengan Washed, it's truly a myriad range of flavours!

Extract Coffee Coffee

Voted Best All-Round Speciality Coffee Roaster UK Coffee Awards 2022.

Where Does The Coffee Inside The Coffee Bags Come From?

The coffee included in the coffee bags may already be prepared, indicating that it may arrive directly prefilled from the makers, or you may choose to add your own freshly ground coffee to the bags before you use them.

Coffee bags that have been premade and prefilled with coffee are widely available in supermarkets worldwide. However, you will need help to personalize the coffee bags in this manner, even though it is convenient to utilize them. You are free to use any variety of ground coffee and enjoy the beverage of your choice when you use empty coffee bags.

How Are They Different From Tea Bags?

The contents are the only real difference between a tea bag and a coffee bag. The contents of a coffee bag are often ground coffee, while the contents of a tea bag are typically dried tea leaves. The method by which we use them is also the same; we only need to soak the bags in hot water until we reach the desired concentration, which varies according to the potency of the coffee we want to make.

How Are They Different From Instant Coffee?


The first distinction between them is in how they are processed. Instant coffees are subjected to extensive processing and refining before being placed in their respective packaging. In contrast, coffee in coffee tea bags is merely ground-up coffee beans that are then placed directly inside the bags.

Brewing method

Another distinction is that instant coffee can be dissolved in water, whereas coffee bags can only be brewed. After steeping a coffee bag, the coffee grounds will still be damp, and you can use the bag again if that is what the user desires.

How Does the Coffee Taste in Coffee Tea Bags? 

The flavor is quite close to that of brewed coffee using immersion and has a robust and powerful scent. Additionally, it has a body that is comparable to that of coffees produced with a French press. 

Because these bags contain a filter, the coffee will have a cleaner flavor but will slightly water down the coffee. The taste will also be affected by the sort of coffee bags you use; prefilled bags will contain less aromatic coffee than coffee bags you create using freshly ground coffee.

Is Coffee Bag Good?

It tastes better than instant coffee.

If you are looking for something that is not only handier but also tastes better, a coffee bag is an excellent option. Compared to instant coffee, the coffee produced using this method will be of superior quality. It will have a more robust scent and an enhanced flavor comparable to the freshly brewed coffee typically sold in upscale retail establishments. 

Eco-friendly way to coffee

Many of them are manufactured from eco-friendly materials that allow you to recycle them into something useful, like a biodegradable bag for your garden.

How To Brew A Coffee Bag?

When preparing coffee using a coffee bag, there is a specific method to which you must pay attention and follow all of the steps. One of the things you need to ensure happens is that the coffee is given enough time to "bloom."

When coffee touches hot water, a phenomenon known as blooming occurs. Blooming is characterized by a foamy release of carbon dioxide that was previously held within the coffee. You want the CO2 to be released so that the water can better absorb the flavor of the coffee, resulting in a more tasty and cleaner cup of coffee.

If you pour hot water over the coffee bag for the first time, you will notice that it floats, and your first inclination may be to submerge it even lower in the mug. But before you compress and stir the bag, you must let it blossom for ten to fifteen seconds while it is floating in the water first.

After removing the bag from the water and allowing it to sit there for three to five minutes, your freshly brewed coffee will be ready to be enjoyed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is instant coffee real coffee?

Real coffee beans are used in the production of instant coffee. During the extraction process, the bean's soluble and volatile contents are extracted. Following the removal of the water, powder or concentrated soluble coffee powder is left behind.

How long does it take to brew coffee tea bags?

To get the coffee properly brewed, you must steep it for at least three to five minutes. The time you need to brew your coffee bags will vary depending on how potent you want your coffee to be, but in general, you will need to steep it for at least five minutes. The longer you let it steep, the more flavor will be extracted from the coffee. It is important to remember to assist the brewing process by moving the coffee bag around the mug by using either a thread or a spoon.

Can you put ground coffee in a tea bag?

Technically, you can use a tea bag to put in ground coffee and make your coffee tea bag. Although it’s worth mentioning that you might get a different result when you use a tea bag because it is not designed for coffee. Tea bags tend to allow too much contact between the hot water and coffee, and the resulting cup might taste too bitter compared to regular ones.

How to make coffee tea bags?

To begin making your tea bags, you will:

  1. Get a coffee filter or an empty tea bag. You can also make your own reusable bags out of cheesecloth.
  2. Cut the cheesecloth or coffee filter into rectangles using a sharp knife.
  3. Grind your favorite coffee beans and add only one tablespoon to the bags. 
  4. Secure using string or a stapler. Make sure there are no holes.
  5. Steep the bags in hot water. Enjoy!

Can I use a coffee filter as a tea bag?

Yes, you can use a coffee filter as a tea bag because they both work in similar ways. Even the tea bags can be fashioned out of coffee filters if you choose. You only need to cut the coffee filter into a rectangle, place some tea leaves in the middle, and then close the coffee filter using a stapler. That is all there is to it!