Iced Coffee Tastings: A Must-Try Date Night Idea

Updated Mar 12, 2024 • Tracy Few

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Date night is undoubtedly the one day of the week that most individuals look forward to. However, some find that their choices for date night activities can become relatively routine. Why not break up that routine with a date night iced coffee tasting? You, and your partner, do not have to be avid coffee lovers to enjoy the opportunity of experiencing a variety of flavorful iced coffees.

Ice cubes falling into a cup of coffee

It's almost date night, and you are looking for something new and exciting to do with your partner. Something trendy and different. Why not enjoy a date night iced coffee tasting? Coffee tastings are for avid coffee lovers and those who like to step out and try something new and flavorful while enjoying each other's company.

What Is a Date Night Iced Coffee Tasting?

Iced coffee tasting dates include the same principles as wine tasting, with the individual partaking in iced coffee instead. During the date night tasting, the couple, or couples, will visit one or multiple coffee shops and enjoy tasting samples of a variety of iced coffees.

Not only is this newest trend genius, but several different coffee shops across the US have begun to offer a sample platter featuring a variety of iced coffees for participants to sample at their leisure. The samples are typically presented on a board featuring the names and the flavors of each of the iced coffees offered.

What better way of spending a date night with the one you love than by enjoying a variety of iced coffees and each other's company? 

iced coffee glass

The Choices Are Endless

Remember, the sky is the limit when embarking on a date night iced coffee tasting. Although there are only so wide varieties of basic iced coffees, each coffee house will put its spin and signature on the iced coffee they offer – many with their signature creation. 

That is why it is essential to visit more than one coffee house, whether on the same date or over several date nights. What you find offered at one location could be completely different than what you see available at another. 

Be bold and choose those coffee houses located a little out of the way or off the typical beaten path. After all, part of the fun is discovering new places and new flavors. Imagine a night out with the one you love, taking in the sites and enjoying a variety of iced coffee flavors. Sounds great to me!

The Elements Involved

When doing a coffee tasting, whether it is for hot or iced coffee, there are five essential elements to keep in mind. Each of these elements plays its crucial role in differentiating one iced coffee from another. 

Sweetness – coffee has long been considered to be bitter no matter what. However, on the contrary, the better the quality of the coffee bean, the sweeter the taste.

Body – the dozing of a coffee, and its brewing method, will play a role in how the finished product feels on your tongue – whether it is light like skim milk or heavier, more like whipping cream.

Flavors – upon the first sip, most individuals will taste only coffee. However, when taking another and savoring it, they will find that they can taste the more subtle and minute flavor combinations as well.

Acidity – many are not aware that it is the presence of acidity that brings brightness and depth to any coffee.

Finish – coffee has that unique ability that, although your last sip may have been five minutes ago, you can still enjoy and experience the flavor. The texture and duration of that enjoyment are referred to as the finish.

By keeping these five essential elements in mind, you will soon be tasting coffee like a pro.

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Coffee Shop Tastings

With the trend of iced coffee tastings being relatively new, some coffee shops need to catch up to the bandwagon. However, you can find a coffee shop that offers tastings. Before your date night, you should call your local shops to find out which ones offer the service.

Once you have found one that offers tastings, make sure you know if they offer only specific days and times. Some coffee shops may offer the tastings nightly each day, while others may only offer them once a week, during a tasting happy hour.

Whichever it may be, the last thing you want to happen is to have planned a spectacular date night of iced coffee tasting only to find that the coffee shop of choice doesn't offer the service.

Coffee Shop with a lot of plants

At-home Tastings

No hard and fast rules say you must enjoy your date night iced coffee tasting in a crowded coffee shop. Why not design and plan an at-home date night tasting?

There are so many websites that offer a variety of delicious iced coffee recipes that you can whip up at home. You can start preparing by learning the basics of brewing an iced coffee and then take it a step further by creating a wide variety of samples for you and your date to enjoy.

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Virtual Tastings

Like everything else in today’s internet-driven world, you can find iced coffee-tasting events virtually online. Virtual, online based, tastings involve an expert who will guide you through the tasting, usually using a pre-purchased tasting kit. If you or your date prefer not to go out and remain home cozy and snug, you can still enjoy a date night iced coffee tasting.

What Is a Virtual Tasting Class?

Once seen as a great team-building exercise for companies and corporations, virtual tasting classes are quickly making their way over into the mainstream sector.

virtual date night iced coffee tasting class utilized the online platform Zoom to allow an expert to guide you through tasting various coffee choices. Not only will both you and your date be able to discover new flavors and blends of iced coffee, but you will also learn about standards within the coffee industry and new developments in brewing trends.

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How Is A Virtual Tasting Done?

The easiest way of arranging a virtual tasting is to contact a professional guide and book a date. In most cases, the expert guide will provide you with a kit based on your general preferences and set up the Zoom meeting on and at the desired time. The expert will also guide you and your date through the iced coffee-tasting process.

Dating in today's world is nothing like when our parents were young. As the world changes, we need to change how we view things. Although having a coffee during a date is still a great way to get to know each other, why not take it to the next level with a date night iced coffee tasting?

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