What Is Decaf Coffee Concentrate?

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Updated Feb 07, 2023
Petie Schill
Petie Schill
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What Is Decaf Coffee Concentrate?What Is Decaf Coffee Concentrate?

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Do you like to get creative with your decaf coffee drinks? Or do you like your iced decaf coffee stronger (or weaker) than others? Are you interested in making boozy coffee concoctions without the caffeine rush? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be intrigued by decaf coffee concentrate.

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What is coffee concentrate?

Decaf coffee concentrate poured into a glass

It’s exactly what the name suggests: coffee that’s extra concentrated! With such a strong flavor, it needs to be diluted before you can drink it. Coffee concentrates are usually prepared iced, and like other iced coffee, they can also come in decaffeinated form.

Is there decaf?

Absolutely! Regular coffee concentrate contains lots of caffeine (usually, even more than regular iced coffee), so if you want to avoid the consequences of caffeine, you can drink decaf. You can read more about the effects of caffeine on the body here, but in the meantime, let’s learn more about decaf concentrated coffee.

Perks of decaf coffee concentrate

As I just mentioned, decaf coffee may be better for your health compared to caffeinated coffee. Health advantages of decaffeinated coffee have been topics of studies, such as this one that dives into its benefits on systemic health disorders. 

But decaf coffee concentrate has a number of perks beyond its absence of caffeine. It takes up little space, and it can be stored more easily than regular iced coffee. Plus, if you buy it prepackaged, it can usually be stored in dry areas until it’s opened.

It’s also quite versatile. You can add your liquid of choice, meaning that you can create drinks like traditional iced coffee, iced lattes, and even coffee cocktails.

Glass of decaf coffee concentrate on a table

How is it prepared?

There are two steps on the path to a drink with decaf coffee concentrate: preparing the concentrate itself and using the concentrate to prepare a drink to your taste.

Exact brewing methods for decaf cold brew concentrate depend on who’s making it, but it’s generally made from ground decaf beans that go through a slow extraction process. This process uses cold water, just like the brewing method for traditional cold brew. You can either buy your concentrate or make it yourself.

Once you have your concentrate, you get to do the fun part and craft your drink. You can dilute it with a number of liquids, including water, your milk of choice, or even alcohol if you want a coffee cocktail. 

Finding the best decaf coffee concentrate

If you’re on the hunt for the best product, fear not! There are plenty of fantastic companies that produce delicious and high-quality products. Here are some of the top brands and types of cold brew decaf coffee concentrate:

Javy Coffee

Check out the Javy microdose artisan-roasted 100% Arabica bean 30x cold brew decaf concentrate

Javy decaf concentrated coffee

Christopher Bean Coffee

We recommend trying the decaf Colombian coffee concentrate

Christopher Bean concentrated decaf coffee

Folgers Special Reserve Decaf

Folgers decaf concentrated liquid coffee

Folgers decaf concentrated coffee

Cool Brew Decaf

Try the Cool Brew fresh cold brew liquid decaf concentrate

Cool Brew decaf concentrated coffee

Grady’s Cold Brew Decaf Coffee Concentrate (Bean Bags)

Check out Grady's Cold Brew New-Orleans Style Decaf Bean Bags, which allows you to make your own concentrate

Grady's Cold Brew

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy decaf coffee concentrate?

You can buy it at a number of grocery stores, directly online from coffee companies, or on Amazon.

Is decaf coffee concentrate sweetened?

It’s usually not sweetened, but make sure to check the label!

How many drinks does decaf coffee concentrate make?

There’s not one specific number of cups of coffee that decaf concentrate will make. It depends on each brand’s unique recipe, as well as how much you want to dilute it. Although, most brands give a range of roughly how many cups their concentrate can make.

What Is Decaf Coffee Concentrate?

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