Estate 98: The Next-Gen Coffee - A Revolution in Concentrates

Jun 17, 2023 • Wanjiku Kimari

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Move over instant coffee because Estate 98 Ultra-Concentrated coffee may be the new way of making coffee beverages in town. Estate 98 is a versatile premium coffee concentrate that allows users to create any coffee beverage, hot or cold, in seconds. 

Sounds interesting? Stick around as we analyze how Estate 98 is revolutionizing how we experience coffee and what advantages it has over traditional instant and brewed coffee. 

But first...

What Is Estate 98? 

Estate 98 Ultra-Concentrated Coffee is an ultra-concentrated, versatile, delicious premium coffee concentrate packed in glass bottles for sustainability. The product is the brainchild of Andres and Jose Larin, brothers and coffee entrepreneurs from El Salvador. 

Estate 98 draws inspiration from Esencia de Cafe, an old-world coffee essence used to flavor various culinary dishes and make instant coffee. 

As sixth-generation descendants of coffee farmers, Andres and Jose grew up learning the time-honored ways of processing coffee on their family farm in Juayua, El Salvador.

As entrepreneurs, they sought to create a unique product that pays homage to their rich coffee heritage and delivers an exceptional coffee experience to the customer. 

Thus, in October 2021, the idea of Estate 98 Ultra-Concentrated Coffee was born. The name reflects the family estate established in 1798, "El '98," from where the coffee beans for this product are derived. Estate 98 Ultra-Concentrated coffee comes in an eight-and-a-half-ounce bottle that packs 8-16 servings of coffee. It is a 10X coffee concentrate and medium roast variety made from 100% Arabica (Bourbon Varietal) beans with milk chocolate and mild tangerine acidity flavor notes.


Why Is Estate 98 So Special? 

Coffee concentrates is one of the many ways coffee companies have devised to enable coffee lovers to make a convenient cuppa without going through the whole brewing process. According to a report by Market Research Future, it is a competitive market with global sales expected to reach $2.37 billion by 2032. 

Unlike other coffee varieties, coffee concentrates are typically stronger than instant coffee, quicker to prepare than brewing coffee, cheaper than coffeehouse beverages, and versatile. 

You can use it to make hot or cold drinks, take it black or with milk, flavor culinary dishes, ice cream, and some alcoholic beverages.Thus, one can see why coffee concentrates are popular among coffee lovers. 

What sets Estate 98 apart is its use of premium coffee beans from El Salvador, combined with traditional harvesting that gives this medium roast concentrate extraordinary flavors not found in competing brands. 

El Salvador is one of the best coffee-growing regions worldwide due to its geological location. Estate 98 uses a single estate specialty Arabica coffee bean that is honey processed, adding to its unique taste and superior quality.  

Estate 98 concentrated coffee with an iced latte
Estate 98 Instagram Picture

Kickstarter Success and Backer Rewards

After months of research and testing prototypes, Andres and Jose launched a Kickstarter campaign in May 2023 to help them get this product to production. Estate 98 Ultra-Concentrated Coffee reached its target goal within 40 minutes of launching the fundraiser. 

With just several days to go until the end of the campaign, Estate 98 already has hundreds of backers supporting it, making it one of the most exciting coffee products on the platform. 

Andres and Jose plan to start producing the Estate 98 coffee concentrate in July 2023 and ship the product to their backers in September 2023. 

The campaign offers twelve reward tiers where backers pledge set amounts of money and will get rewarded with bottles of Estate 98 coffee, depending on the tier. Some pledges come with Kickstarter Edition coffee mugs, while the Lifetime Reward tier offers extra surprises. 

However, it is necessary to always review the campaign details and the creators before pledging your support. Remember that Kickstarter projects are not online stores and come with risks and challenges. Ideally, these products are not yet in production, so your pledge helps to support the product's development. Sometimes companies may have challenges in completing their projects despite their best efforts. Thus, we recommend that you consider this risk before committing your money.   

How to Support the Estate 98 Project

To get in on the Kickstarter campaign and back this project, you'll need to: 

  1. Visit the Kickstarter campaign page for Estate 98 Ultra-Concentrated Coffee. 
  2. The page offers detailed information on the project, including product conception, description features, the creator's background, and more. We recommend that you read through all the information provided. If you have questions, visit the FAQs and Comments sections to get more details and ask the creators questions. 
  3. Go through the reward tiers on the right-hand side panel of the page and select the one that suits your preferences and budget. This product offers a set number of rewards for each tier. Once backers claim all the rewards in one tier, it is removed from the list. Thus, the reward tiers available may be less than what the information page displays. 
  4. To pledge your support, click on the "Back this project" tab, which opens a new page highlighting available options for pledging. Select your pledge option, confirm your shipping destination, add optional bonus support, and click the pledge button. 
  5. Complete the payment process. Note that Kickstarter will only charge your card if the project attains its funding goal by the end of the campaign. Furthermore, one can change or cancel their pledge anytime before the campaign ends. 
  6. Wait for your reward on the date the creators have indicated, which is September 2023 for Estate 98. Meanwhile, look out for updates from Andres and Jose on progress or any changes to the project development. 


Estate 98 Ultra-Concentrated Coffee is an exciting and versatile coffee concentrate that allows users to make delicious coffee beverages. While most concentrates in the market are for cold brews, Estate 98 is also ideal for hot coffee drinks and flavoring desserts and alcoholic beverages.  

By backing this project, you'll be helping Andres and Jose get Estate 98 in the market and enable them to develop other new products that celebrate the rich coffee heritage of El Salvador. In return, the company pledges to donate 3% of every bottle purchased to support local farming communities in El Salvador.


Wanjiku is an experienced interior designer who loves creating beautiful spaces, one room at a time. When not designing, you can find her enjoying her favorite coffee drinks and planning her next road trip adventure!

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