Gromit Mug: A Collectable Turned Popular Meme

Nov 26, 2023 • Leigh McDonald

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Growing up in Bristol, UK (the birthplace of Wallace & Gromit) I was always a big fan of the series. I have fond memories of watching A Grand Day Out when I was a small kid. So naturally, any time I hear about the show, my inner child gets a little bit excited.

As I was browsing Reddit one morning, I came across a sub-reddit called /r/gromitmug. To my surprise, I realized that this was in fact a large community of fans dedicated to collecting the mug of Gromit. Not only that but the community is actively sharing pictures, videos, 3d renders, art and so much more. Who ever thought the intelligent dog who always watches over Wallace is now an online cultural meme with his own community following, amazing!

I mean there’s just about everything on there. From videos of his mug floating on a boat in a pond, to 3D renders in Minecraft. It’s truly a laugh when you come across this subreddit. This one also caused quite a laugh and many ensuing memes about Gromit’s mug, of a mug, on a mug, thus the mug, mug, mug.

Where did the Gromit mug come from?

In 2005 the movie Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit came out to the delight of many excited fans. As part of their film promotion, PG Tips had released a Gromit Thermo-Nose Mug as a promo with their 160 packs of tea bags.

These ceramic mugs became very desirable for fans. When Gromit's mug is filled with coffee or tea, his nose turns bright red. On October 12th, 2005, supermarkets in the UK released limited edition special packs. As a result, they were snapped up very quickly, and many of them ended up on eBay for collectors to scoop up.

PG Tips Gromit mug
Image from Reddit

Where you can buy your own Gromit mug

If you want to join in on the fun (and into the community), we suggest following the subreddit and  here’s a couple places where you can find your very own Gromit mug.

The (closest to original) Gromit mug

This is closest to the original one release back in 2005 and is officially licensed. However we don't think his nose becomes red unfortunately.

Gromit mug on amazon

The meme Gromit mug, on a mug...

This is the one that went viral on Reddit.

Gromit mug on a mug

The gold Gromit mug

A more flashy variation of the original mug, it looks pretty slick. We wish they also had a plain ceramic version to let customers paint their own. Fingers crossed.

Gold Gromit mug

Some fun facts about Gromit:

  • Gromit's performance on film is created by about 30 animators. Every aspect of his movements is painstakingly animated by these skilled animators. Animating Gromit's paws is the most challenging part.
  • Holland named a cheese brand after Gromit because he is so popular there. Only in the Netherlands can you purchase 'Gromit Gouda', which is usually served with special Dutch mustard.
  • A robot named Gromit (after him) has been launched into space. NASA sent it to Mars in 2005 to explore the planet.
  • Around 43 different Gromit models were used in the first Wallace & Gromit film, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

To learn more fun facts you can check out the official website here.

What kind of Gromit mugs are there?

It depends if you want to go full meme or closer to the original PG Tips version. If you want the PG Tips version, you can find something similar on Amazon and there’s 2 options to choose from: A gold one and a regular colored one both with Gromit’s head. You can also fine a version of Wallace:


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