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We’ve all got memories of the several iconic roles played by veteran actor Tom Hanks. For me, it’s definitely ‘Woody in Toy Story.’ For others, it might be his role in the oscar-winning 1994 movie, ‘Forrest Gump.’ His stellar acting career has made him a household name in the Hollywood industry.

Aside from being a classic example of an ‘American Dad’, he’s also known for his philanthropic gestures, with over 30 notable contributions to charities, including the Cancer Research Fund, UNICEF, and American Foundation for AIDS. 

Now, he’s using his love for coffee to support U.S. military veterans with his newly launched coffee brand, ‘HANX.’ In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Hanks’ new coffee brand.

The famous 66-year-old actor Tom Hanks announced on Instagram the launch of his new, environmentally sustainable, and ethically sourced coffee brand, Hanx for Our TroopsAs the name suggests, the brand’s mission is to provide as much support as possible for U.S. veterans and their families. 

Tom Hanks made it known that all profit from the business would go to organizations that support members of the U.S. military. Some of the company's first partners are Hire Heroes USA, Student Veteran of America, and The Bob Woodruff Foundation.

The Hanx website reads, “At Hanx, we’re on a mission to create goods that do good. We honor the patriotism and service of our veterans and their families by giving 100% of net profit to organizations who will provide them with critical support and resources.” 

It further states, "Our products support all those who have served America — past and present — on active duty, as Veterans, and their families. By choosing our coffee, you help support those who chose to commit their time and efforts to defend our liberties for the good cause that is the American Way.”

For now, only three distinctive coffee options are available to everyone for purchase on the Hanx website. The First Class Joe is a 100% Arabica ground coffee that sells at $16 per bag. It’s available in medium roast and dark roast. Next, three coffee pods style; Tom’s Morning Magic, First Class Joe, and Sgt. Peppermint. They’re available in boxes of 100 or 18 at $75 and $16, respectively. Lastly, the instant coffee sticks that can be made by adding water sell for $12. It’s available in the First Class Joe and Tom’s Magic Blend variety.

Asides from selling what Tom Hanks refers to as “good coffee,” the website also gives information about each organization it supports so people can learn more about them. The website also has a “Band of Brand” feature that showcases other veteran-founded, owned or veteran brands that do good and support the veteran community.

All products are now available for shipping. So if you’re thinking of gifting someone, especially a military veteran, coffee, you just might want to send them a box of Hanx First Class Joe. It will make them adore you, and it’s undoubtedly a support for the troops.

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