Large French Press: The Ultimate Sizing Guide

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Updated Dec 04, 2022
Donaldina Lugeumbiza
Donaldina Lugeumbiza
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Large French Press: The Ultimate Sizing GuideLarge French Press: The Ultimate Sizing Guide

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Planning on hosting several coffee-loving friends? Or do you simply reside in a household of more than one? A large and convenient coffee maker, such as a large French press can help with the coffee-making task. But, the big question is, how many ounces in a large French press? Our guide can help you figure out exactly how much your French press can brew at a time.

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How Many Ounces Are In A Large French Press?

The amount of ounces in a large French press depends on the actual size of the French press. Typically, French press machines come in four main sizes. Of the four, three sizes are considered large French press machines.

Here’s a summary of the large French press sizes;

  • 0.5L French press: 17 fl.oz.(approximately 4 cups)
  • 1L French press: 34 fl. oz.(approximately 8 cups)
  • 1.5L French press: 51 fl. oz. (approximately 12 cups)

What Does A Cup Really Mean In A French Press?

Pouring coffee from a french press

In a French press, each cup is equivalent to 4 ounces. The sizing for French press machines is usually represented in liters, fluid ounces, or cups. While the cup capacity is an excellent guiding tool for consumers, it isn’t as “black and white” as you may think. 

In many cases, a cup is usually equivalent to 8 ounces, like in a standard baking or cooking recipe. But, this is not the same for the French press. For French press manufacturers, a cup is typically equivalent to 4 ounces. 

Now, a standard coffee mug at home will generally measure 8 to 16 ounces. So, when you consider the sizing, for example, a 1L/33-ounce French press produces 2 to 4 cups in reality. So, if you plan on serving a small crowd, the 1.5L/51-ounce French press is a better option.

How Much Coffee To Put In A Large French Press?

The amount of coffee you put in a large French press depends on the size. But, you can refer to the standard water-to-coffee ratio. Generally, you should add 7-8 grams (a tablespoon) of coarsely ground coffee for every 200ml (6.7 fluid ounces) of water.

For example, you need about 2-2.5 tablespoons of ground coffee for brewing in a 17-ounce/4-cup French press. Moreover, about 4 to 5 tablespoons of ground coffee are enough for a 34-ounce/8-cup cafetiere while 6 to 8 tablespoons are enough for a 51-ounce/12-cup French press.

Why Is French Press Sizing Essential?

The top of a french press

The availability of a French press in different sizes isn’t just for the looks. The sizing impacts the volume you can produce per brew and the flavor the beans impart. A smaller French press means little water to coffee ratio. 

This makes it difficult to control the flavoring if you are not a seasoned user. This, in turn, means you can end up with bitter-tasting and more intense coffee. Going for a larger French press allows you more control over the water-to-coffee ratio. 

But, this also means that you may be making more than one cup. On the other hand, an even larger French press allows you to make several cups if you are with a crowd. 

What Is the Ideal Large French Press Size For Your Needs?

Ideal french press size

Disciplined and experienced single drinkers may benefit from a small 8-ounce French press. However, many people prefer larger sized French press machines for their versatility. Here’s how each size can benefit you the most;

French press for 4 cups French press for 8 cups French press for 12 cups
Example Bodum Chambord Bodum Brazil Belwares Coffee Press
Size 4 Cup 8 Cup 12 Cup
Volume 17 ounces 34 ounces 51 ounce
Realistic Amount 1-2 Cups 2-4 Cups 3-6 Cups

4-Cup French Press

A 17-fluid ounce French press is a popular option for single people and small families. This is the size you will also typically find in a home kitchen and small offices. The portable coffee maker is also ideal for traveling. Whether it is for daily use at home or as a traveling companion, we recommend the Bodum Chambord French Press as your personal cafetiere.

In reality, a 17-ounce French press will make a cup or two per brew. You can also opt for this size if you like to make iced coffee, thanks to its more controllable water-to-coffee ratio.

8-Cup French Press

A 34-fluid ounce French press offers you twice the capacity of a 17-ouncer. So, it’s great for when you want to serve more people at once. This size French press can make about 2 to 4 cups per brew.

The French press is also great for people who enjoy more than a cup of coffee and want to keep a generous serving with them. With a larger French press, you can also control the water-to-coffee ratio.

Further, you can control the overall taste and strength of the coffee much easier. But, you have to be alittle extra careful as it’s easy to make a mess with a larger cafetiere.

12-Cup French Press

Now, the 51-fluid ounce is the ultimate jumbo coffee maker for larger scale brewing. This large coffee maker can brew 3 to 6 cups. This type of cafetiere is ideal for a household with multiple coffee drinkers, an office, or cafes and restaurants. 

Alternatively, if you host people frequently, a large French press may also be ideal for you. But, investing in this large cafetiere, you have to think of the space it will use. Our personal favorite large french press for hosting family and friends is the Bodum Brazil 51-Ounce French Press.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size French Press To Get Two Large Coffee Cups?

You are guaranteed to get at least two cups of coffee from a 34-ounce/8-cup French press. This size French press produces enough coffee for two 8, 12, or 16-ounce mugs. If you use an 8-ounce coffee mug, you can get two cups from a 17-ounce/4-cup French press too.

How Do I Know What Size My Large French Press Is?

There are two easy ways to know the size of your large French press. The first option is to measure the pot using a ruler or measuring tape to get the length, width, and height. This allows you to determine its volume. 

The second option is to simply count the number of cups it makes. For example, if you can get six 8-ounce cups out of your French press, it’s certainly a 51-ounce/ 12-cup French press.

Which Size Is The Best French Press For Beginners?

For personal use, a 17-ounce/4-cup option is the best French press for beginners.  This size cafetiere can brew about a cup or two of coffee per brew. If you want to cater to a larger crowd, a 34-ounce/8-cup or 51-ounce/12-cup is an ideal option. A 34-ouncer makes 2 to 3 cups while a 51-ouncer makes 3 to 6 cups per brew.

Large French Press: The Ultimate Sizing Guide

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