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Updated May 07, 2024 • Donna Lu

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At Roast Love, we love coffee so much that we've decided to share this love and commitment to the crop with you this year. From 2024, if you are searching for a reliable monthly news source for coffee, look no further than Roast Love

We released our first issue in February 2024 and intend to continue. Our monthly newsletter wants to share everything there is to know about coffee every month - from monthly news updates to product launches, trending topics, and the most exciting coffee events worldwide.  You can also visit our blog for more detailed resources.

March ushers in more exciting news in the coffee world - including the final preparations for the upcoming SCA 2024 EXPO in early April. As we look forward to what’s in store for March, here’s a recap of February 2024;

The Coffee World in February 2024

Robusta coffee experiences record-high price hikes. For the first time in nearly three decades, Robusta coffee has experienced a record-high price increase attributed to increased global demand. Back in October 2021, robusta coffee prices hit their all-time high for the first time in 10 years - although this increase was associated with shipping container shortages due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, the market continued to face this exponential price increase, with prices recorded at an all-time high for the first time in 29 years in January 2024. It looks like prices will stay the same for a while. Several factors have been suggested to contribute to the increasing demand for robusta coffee beans.  These include the rise in popularity of specialty coffee blends.

On the other hand, the burdened Vietnamese robusta exports (the world's largest producer of robusta) and Brazil’s arid conditions due to climate change (Brazil is the world’s second-largest producer of robusta) have fueled a decline in supply.  The increased demand and supply shortages due to transportation difficulties linked to East Asia have contributed to the record-high price hikes. The ongoing Red Sea crisis has significantly impacted trade shipping routes and supply chains that connect the East Asian region to Europe and North America.

(Source: Perfect Daily Grind)

Just weeks after a triumphant lawsuit win filed by Hawaiian coffee farmers, lawmakers in Hawaii have introduced a bill to protect the prized coffee. Hawaiian lawmakers have launched a bill that enforces strict coffee labeling to deter retailers and other coffee sellers from mislabeling their coffee. This move comes just a few weeks after a lawsuit was filed by Hawaiian coffee farmers who alleged dishonest practices by coffee sellers that labeled blends as the prized “Kona” coffee. As a result, the farmers won the US$33 million lawsuit that penalized over 20 companies named in the suit. 

(Source: Hawaii State Legislature and MauiNow)

Fairtrade shared updates in Coffee Standards earlier in February to help curb further damage caused by deforestation. According to the organization, the updated standards are intended to foster more practices of preventing deforestation, monitoring, and mitigation by certified producers and traders. These updates are also in accordance with the European Union’s Deforestation Regulation, which was passed in June 2023.

(Source: Fair Trade)

Product Launches, Mergers and Acquisitions in February 2024

AeroPress, the revolutionary coffee brewer maker, announces the launch of the limited-edition Clear Pink Brewer. The Brewer joins the company’s list of several newly introduced limited-edition brewers. It is made from the brand’s signature clear, shatterproof Tritan™ material and comes with a unique 3-in-1 brewer technology, affording several brewing methods within minutes.

(Source: Aeropress)

Great news for coffee lovers who happen to be fans of Robert Downey Jr. Rober Downey Jr. has partnered with entrepreneur Craig Dubitsky to launch happy™ Products. According to the brand, it aims to “help consumers rediscover the magic in the every day” through its products. The products are made from 100% arabica coffee and come in light, medium, and dark roasts—in whole bean, ground, instant coffee, and coffee pods.

(Source: Sprudge and Happy Products)

If you were in the market for a coffee machine that’s a beast in performance and design, what you are looking for may have just hit the market. The ECM, in collaboration with Mercedes-AMG, has released a special edition of the Synchronika Espresso Machine and S-Automatik 64 Grinder. According to the makers, the espresso machine is built with “performance that meets design.” The impressive machines feature an elegant contrast brushed stainless steel housing, retro-style black and red pressure gauges, and superior professional brewing power.

(Source: Communicaffe and ECM)

Ally Coffee adds another coffee beverage offering to its product line up. The curated green coffee purchasing platform has added Colombian Galeras Decaf sourced from farms around the Galeras Volcano near Nariño. The coffee then undergoes ethyl acetate decaffeination and is sold in small green or roasted samples or 25 lb of green coffee.

(Source: Ally Coffee)

Black-owned coffee brand Win Win Coffee will launch CoffeePLUG, a B2B platform for farmers and buyers. CoffeePLUG is intended to cut out the middlemen in the coffee supply chain. The platform will make it easy for buyers to connect directly with farmers to get the best deal while farmers earn more.


Pilot Coffee Roasters has acquired Bridgehead Coffee from Aegis Brands for US$2.6 million (C$3.5 million). The Canadian brand now controls Bridgehead Coffee’s roasting facility, wholesale channel, and 22 retail stores.

(Source: Ottawa Citizen)

Unusually Interesting January Coffee News

Coffee lovers who closely follow climate change trends will love this news about Liberica coffee’s viability. In mid-February, the YouTube channel Context released a short documentary exploring Liberica coffee’s potential comeback due to its ability to survive climate change. The documentary further explores how climate change affects the growth and production of the world’s most prized coffee varietal, Arabica. 

(Source: Context)

Projected Coffee Trends in 2024

A study suggests that the ever-popular cold brew beverage may have potential issues. The study, reported by the Augusta Chronicle and conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia, found that bacteria, such as E. coli, salmonella, Bacillus cereus, and Listeria monocytogenes, can potentially grow in cold brew even when it has just been brewed. This is because the low acidity and temperature of the drink create the perfect environment for the microbes to thrive. This problem can be mitigated through proper food safety practices and measures. 

(Source: Augusta Chronicle)

Important Coffee Dates and Events for March 2024

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) 2024 Expo Registration is now open

The Specialty Coffee Expo is North America's most significant B2B specialty coffee event, taking place at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago this year from April 12-14. Prospective participants can register by March 1, 2024. Further, the SCA North American EXPO allows participants to sign up for various other activities, including the Best New Product Competition, on a rolling basis. You can find out more about the event on the SCA website.

Meet the Best Professionals in the Danish Coffee Market at the Danish Coffee Festival

Grab your chance to meet Denmark's best cafes, roasters, and equipment suppliers at the Danish Coffee Festival. The festival will occur from Friday, March 1st to Sunday, March 3rd, from 7 AM to 10 AM at the Marketenderiet in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sample the best coffee from exhibitors and the best participating baristas. During the festival, you will also get the chance to experience Denmark’s top baristas competing to be champions in Cup Tasters, Barista, and Brewers Cup Champions.

Coffee Value Assessment course for Dubai Cuppers

Take advantage of the upcoming Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) course for cuppers. The 2-day professional update course is intended to teach and help coffee professionals and cuppers familiarize themselves with SCA’s new quality evaluation tool. The course includes lectures, discussions, and several cupping sessions. It is intended to take place at the Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli Experience Lab in Dubai, UAE, from Tuesday, March 5th to Wednesday, March 6th, at a fee of 600 Euros. Learn more about the course through the SCA link above and how to get a special discounted rate.

Producer Roaster Forum to Host the Guatemala Coffee Forum and Championships

Producer Roaster Formu (PRF)  is set to host a two-day coffee forum in Guatemala from Thursday, 7th March to Friday, 8th March in the Central American country. PRF will host three unique coffee roasting contests during the two-day forum, including the first-ever Global Coffee Roasting Content, the 4th Cold Brew Coffee Championship, and the all-new French Press. The event's main objective is to promote and foster Latin American coffee professionals to participate in such competitions. International roasters can take part in the Global Coffee Roasting Content. Learn more about PRF’s work here.

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