NextLevel Pulsar: A New Era in Coffee Brewing Technology

Aug 13, 2023 • Amélie Bigras

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What's New with NextLevel Brewer Company?

NextLevel Brewer Company has consistently stood at the forefront of innovation in coffee brewing. Having carved a niche for its meticulously crafted products, the company is now set to transform the coffee game again. Enter the "Pulsar," the latest masterpiece from NextLevel. Billed as a "no-bypass brewer," this new offering promises to elevate the coffee experience to the ''NextLevel''. With Pulsar, the anticipation is not just about a new product but about pioneering a new dimension in coffee brewing.

NextLevel Pulsar Brewing into a carafe

How Does Pulsar Differ in Design & Features?

Remember the original product from NextLevel? While it set high standards, the Pulsar is in a league of its own. At the heart of its design is a flat circular paper filter strategically positioned at the base of an impermeable BPA-free copolyester cylinder. This design ensures that every drop passing through the filter is rich in flavor and aroma. But there's more. A newly introduced water-dispersing cap sits proudly above the cylinder, guaranteeing an even saturation of the coffee bed. Every design element, every feature

Is the Integrated Flow Control Valve a Game Changer?

Absolutely. The Pulsar is not just another coffee brewer; it's an innovation. Central to its groundbreaking design is the integrated flow control valve. But how does it elevate the brewing experience? Simple. The valve provides users the power to manipulate the brew's flow. As Darren Schmidt, Co-Founder and Co-Designer of NextLevel, says, "The valve allows for full variable flow."

Whether you're in the mood for a full immersion brew or prefer a complete percolation*, Pulsar has you covered. And if you're feeling experimental, why not mix both? Another feature that the valve facilitates is the 'steeped blooming'. It's a method where an initial amount of water is poured into a closed brew bed before fully opening the water flow. Techniques like steeped blooming, often linked with devices like the Clever Coffee Dripper, now find a new home in the Pulsar.

*Complete percolation is a coffee brewing method where water continuously flows through coffee grounds, extracting flavors as it passes. Unlike immersion brewing, where water and grounds steep together, percolation constantly introduces fresh water. Examples of percolation methods include drip coffee makers and pour-over techniques like Chemex and V60. This method contrasts with immersion techniques like the French press, where coffee is steeped in water.

NextLevel Pulsar Brewing into a cold brew carafe

What Happened at the SCA Expo in Portland?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Portland was abuzz with anticipation in April. It's not every day that industry giants make significant announcements, and the SCA Expo was the chosen stage for NextLevel. Amidst many stalls and passionate coffee enthusiasts, NextLevel revealed its secret weapon: the Pulsar. The revelation wasn’t just another product launch but a significant moment in coffee brewing evolution. Portland's SCA Expo is known to set industry trends, and with the Pulsar's unveiling, NextLevel once again affirmed its position as a trailblazer in coffee.

What Sets the Pulsar Design Apart?

In the world of coffee brewing, control is everything. And with the Pulsar, NextLevel offers just that. Its design empowers users to adjust the flow throughout the brew, enabling unique customization of flavors and aromas. But the advantages don't end there. Adventurous coffee lovers can even play around by reducing the flow using a coarser grind, adding another layer to their coffee experimentation. As Richard Unruh, the other half of the dynamic duo behind NextLevel, eloquently shares:

"We are very happy with the control this brewer gives us with manual brew filter coffee. We believe we have achieved the main points we wanted to control and more."

The Pulsar is not just a brewer; it's an ode to coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

YouTube video embed

What Are the Recommended Brewing Measurements for Pulsar?

When diving into the Pulsar experience, knowing your measurements is vital. Darren Schmidt recommends recipes ranging from a modest 15 grams of coffee to a more robust 40 grams. Of course, the quantity hinges on the grind level and the desired brew size. The brewer’s website offers insights for those seeking specifics, suggesting beverage sizes that oscillate between 306-500 grams (approximately 10.8-17.9 ounces). With such detailed guidelines, achieving the perfect cup with the Pulsar becomes less of an art and more of a precise science. The result? A coffee experience that's both consistent and compelling. With the Pulsar, it's not just about brewing; it's about celebrating coffee.

How Does Pulsar Compare with NexLevel's Original LVL-10?

Pulsar and NexLevel’s original LVL-10 share the same DNA but are distinctly unique in design. The Pulsar boasts an 80-millimeter base, a subtle reduction from the LVL-10’s 100-millimeter. This seemingly modest shift significantly impacts the brewing process. Additionally, the water-dispersing cap of the Pulsar is optimized explicitly for its narrower format. These deliberate changes underscore NextLevel's commitment to evolving its products, enhancing brewing precision, and ultimately delivering a richer coffee experience.

Where Does the Collaborative Design Inspiration Stem From?

The Pulsar's sophisticated design is a result of an intriguing collaboration. Astrophysicist and author Jonathan Gagné played an instrumental role in its conception. Beyond his contributions, Gagné’s ' Coffee Ad Astra blog was a beacon of inspiration for the original NextLevel brewer. This fusion of scientific understanding with artisanal coffee brewing has birthed a device that is as elegant as it is efficient.

What Are the Sales & Distribution Details for Pulsar?

The Pulsar device will come with a pack of 100 paper filters for $65, with additional 100-packs available at $9. Moreover, a reusable 316 stainless steel filter is under testing and may soon accompany the Pulsar. Richard Unruh of NextLevel shared optimistic updates about shipping Pulsar brewers to distribution partners by July's end. you can purchase one on their website NextLevel Brewer.

What's the Final Take on Pulsar?

With its innovative features and design improvements, the Pulsar signifies NextLevel's dedication to revolutionizing the coffee brewing experience. By melding science with artistry, they've crafted a device that promises precision, versatility, and unparalleled taste. Whether you're a coffee lover or a casual drinker, the Pulsar promises a journey where every sip feels like a celebration.


Amélie has a dual Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Literature. She wrote a Master's Thesis on the importance of blending scientific knowledge with the arts to create a healthier culture. She also has a Bachelor of Education and has been teaching Biology and Language Arts since 2016. She is happily addicted to coffee and constantly learning.

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