Probat's P05 Hydrogen-Powered Coffee Roaster: 2023's Innovation Winner

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Probat, the renowned German coffee roasting equipment giant, is revolutionizing the coffee roaster manufacturing industry with its latest innovation. The company has developed new burner technology for coffee roasters, utilizing hydrogen as a power source. This groundbreaking advancement represents the first broad-scale introduction of hydrogen power systems in the industry, aiming to address the higher greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional roasters that primarily rely on natural gas.

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Probat's Hydrogen-Powered Coffee Roasters: A Sustainable InnovationProbat Wins SCA Best New Product Award 2023 with P05 Hydrogen Roaster

Emmerich, Germany, June 26, 2023: PROBAT was awarded the SCA Best New Product Award 2023 for its P05 hydrogen roaster. The judges of the specialty coffee industry's most prestigious award for product innovation unanimously declared the world market and technology leader winner in the category Commercial Coffee Preparation and Serving Equipment. The award was presented to the PROBAT team at the company's booth at World of Coffee Athens, Europe's premier coffee event.

For PROBAT, the industry pioneer in coffee processing equipment, the goal from day one was to lead by example in future-proofing the sector. With the P05 hydrogen roaster, the German company has once again substantiated this claim: Sustainable by using hydrogen as the primary energy source without compromising on taste, that's probably the most apt way to characterize the P05 hydrogen, the winner of the Best New Product Award 2023.

PROBAT CTO Thomas Koziorowski, who accepted the trophy together with Product Manager Julian Pöpping and Head of Sales Specialty Roaster Jens Roelofs, was visibly relieved:

"I am really happy that the importance of our innovative hydrogen technology for the green transformation of the coffee industry has been underlined once again with this award. Whether it's a new acquisition or a retrofit for installed machines of any size, we support our customers in switching to hydrogen or electricity.”

The jury–members of the SCA Board and SCA staff–who presented the award to the team at the PROBAT booth in Athens, also expressed their congratulations on this great achievement and massive step towards a more sustainable coffee sector.

Probat team celebrating their award
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Advancing Sustainability with Hydrogen-Powered Roasters

Traditionally, coffee roasters have heavily relied on natural gas, resulting in significant greenhouse gas emissions. Probat's development of hydrogen-powered roasters offers a more sustainable alternative. By harnessing the power of hydrogen, Probat aims to reduce the environmental impact of coffee roasting, promoting a greener and more eco-friendly approach. This innovative step demonstrates Probat's commitment to advancing sustainability within the industry. By utilizing hydrogen as the primary energy source, PROBAT aims to reduce the carbon footprint of coffee roasting. This innovative step highlights PROBAT's commitment to advancing sustainability within the industry.

Probat Hydrogen Coffee Roasters on display in a large room
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Probat's Journey with Hydrogen-Powered Roasting

Probat's research and development journey into hydrogen-powered roasting began approximately two years ago. Over the past six months, significant advancements have propelled the hydrogen-powered Probat P05 shop roaster from concept to a production-ready reality. To showcase their accomplishment, Probat unveiled the inaugural hydrogen machine, the Probat P05, at their exclusive Connecting Markets symposium in September.

Probat's Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Koziorowski, shared that the Probat P05 is not merely a proof-of-concept experiment but is now available for quotations and delivery next year. Furthermore, Probat has plans to introduce hydrogen-powered shop roasters in other sizes to the market soon. The company is actively working on adapting the burner technology for implementation in industrial roasters.

Probat Hydrogen Coffee Roasters on display in a large room
Probat Picture

Retrofitting and Infrastructure

To support existing customers, Probat plans to make hydrogen burner retrofits available for their current P05-model roasters. This retrofitting option will enable coffee roasters to transition to hydrogen power without the need for a complete equipment replacement. Furthermore, Probat emphasizes the importance of utilizing existing infrastructures from other industries to acquire hydrogen safely. While not as convenient or environmentally friendly as electricity, hydrogen generated from low-carbon or renewable energy sources, known as "green hydrogen," offers a more sustainable alternative to natural gas or propane.

Probat's Production and Sustainability Goals

Probat's commitment to sustainability is not limited to their innovative product offerings. The recent expansion of their manufacturing plant at the Emmerich, Germany, headquarters demonstrates their dedication to increased roaster production. With approximately €40 million invested in the expansion, Probat now has the capacity to meet growing market demands. The new construction encompasses a vast space of 21,650 square meters (233,038 square feet).

Probat also focuses on extending its PILOT 2020 software platform to its entire product portfolio, enhancing user experience and efficiency. Additionally, the company has announced a "climate action plan" to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. This comprehensive approach signifies Probat's determination to reduce its environmental footprint and foster a more sustainable coffee industry.


Probat's introduction of hydrogen-powered coffee roasters represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the coffee roasting industry. Probat is leading the way in promoting greener practices by prioritizing environmental considerations and developing innovative technologies. With their commitment to hydrogen and electric roasters, Probat offers versatile solutions catering to diverse customer preferences and needs. As Probat continues to refine and expand their offerings, the coffee industry can look forward to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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