Synchronika Espresso Machine: Mercedes-AMG & ECM’s Unique Brewer Partnership

Updated Apr 24, 2024 • Donna Lu

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The Mercedes brand is synonymous with high-quality automobile craftsmanship and luxury, while ECM reflects the same prominence in espresso machines. Now, imagine the two companies banding together for an out-of-this-world partnership. This is precisely what the Synchronika Espresso Machine is. 

With over a century of combined industry excellence, the two brands combine their expertise and technology to create one of the best coffee machines on the market. This Synchronika espresso machine review will help you find out whether this impressive machine is worth the investment this year.

Overview of The ECM Mercedes AMG Synchronika Espresso Machine

According to the makers, the 1st Limited Special Edition Synchronika Espresso Machine is built with performance that meets design. The espresso machine’s high quality and modern aesthetics reflect its high performance and impressive technology - reflecting Germany's quality craftsmanship. For coffee lovers, the machine is purported to brew every cup just as you want. 

Essential Features

  • Corrosion-free stainless steel boilers
  • Straightforward boiler and pump pressure guide
  • Digital PID display control
  • Low-noise rotary pump technology
  • Ergonomic lever valve technology
  • Direct water connection or water tank switchover
  • Convenient two-angled ECM portafilters
  • Double boiler system with a rotary pump


  • Weight: 30kg/66 lbs
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 490mm/19.3 inchex335mm/13.2 inches x 410mm/16.2 inches
  • Housing material: Stainless steel
  • Boiler material: Stainless steel
  • Portafilter material: Stainless steel with carbon handles
  • Brewer tank: 2.8L/94.7 Fl.Oz.
  • Brewer boiler: 2L/67.6 Fl.Oz.
  • Steam boiler: 0.75L/25.4 Fl.Oz.
  • Brew boiler energy: 1.2KW
  • Steam boiler energy: 1.4KW

Taking a Look at The Design 

Beautiful design of the Synchronika Machine

The design of the Synchronika reflects ECM’s experience in building espresso machines while highlighting Mercedes AMG’s touch. You will notice details on the brewer that reflect the sporting heritage, style, and pure luxury typical of Mercedes AMG’s work. The modern metallic finish and sporting functional controls complement the brewer’s retro-style look. The coffee machine has an elegant brushed stainless steel housing, and its different controls give it a professional barista-style brewer look. 

AMG sports car inspired pressure gauges

The dual-sided eye-catching retro black pressure gauges with red accents give a sporty, luxurious look—reminiscent of speedometers on a sporty Mercedes AMG vehicle. Next to each pressure gauge are sleek brushed stainless steel frothers and steamers for your favorite specialty coffee cup.

Product photo of the Synchronika Espresso Machine

You will also notice sporty side panels on the machine and two ergonomically angled ECM portafilters with an intuitive weight-balanced shape. The portafilter angling ensures every last drop falls into your coffee cup, no matter the shape of the cup or mug. 

Carbon fiber portafilters on the Synchronika Espresso Machine

The high-quality portafilters come with high-quality carbon handles on the brew lever with a valve and tamper. In addition to their high-quality fabrication, the portafilter handles aren’t your regular handles. Their intuitive and ergonomic design allows for a high grip and comfortable handling. On the other hand, the drip tray has a perforated base for mess-free brewing, sucking in any extra fluids.

Fabricated hexigon drip tray on the Synchronika Espresso Machine

Additionally, you will notice a raised rectangular-shaped platform on the drip tray. This area serves as a platform for smaller cups and can be removed to accommodate larger cups. At the top area, the coffee maker offers ample space for cup warming. You will also find multiple ECM and AMG crests on the brewer to add to its classy look. 

The Performance

Sources: ECM Site

The Synchronika Espresso Machine exhibits equally impressive performance as its high-quality design. The espresso machine integrates a streamlined design that makes the entire coffee brewing experience so much more pleasant.

The brewer gets your coffee cup ready within minutes, thanks to its fast heat-up technology. On a quiet weekday morning, the machine remains discrete with the help of the low-noise rotary pump. The rotary pump design offers the best pressure regulation to help you produce the best-tasting espressos while keeping the entire process noise-free.

The Synchronika Espresso Machine features an on/off button, LED indicators, and a PID display at the bottom near the brew lever. The center on/off button has a flip mechanism that instantly switches the machine on and off. The PID display controls and LED indicators provide several functions. These include the steam boiler temperature, brew temperature, shot timer, and custom alerts to clean the machine.


You can also configure the coffee machine how you want by choosing a fixed water connection or relying on the built-in water tank. In fact, the espresso machine comes with two black switches at the back, letting you switch to your desired options with a single click. 

However, even relying on the water tank is sufficient for brewing multiple cups. The water tank offers a generous capacity of up to 2.8 liters/94.7 fluid ounces. This, in turn, allows you to sufficiently brew up to seven (7) 12-ounce black coffee cups. On the other hand, the professional quick-steam or frother and hot water-sprung levers add to the professional coffee brewing experience with their smooth ergonomic movements.  

You can choose to throttle or lock in the wands based on how you craft your brew. Their ergonomic movement comes in handy for safe angling and complements their internal insulation to reduce burning accidents. Even when making a piping hot cup of latte, the steam wand will still feel cool to the touch thanks to the reliable insulation. 

You also have a clear sight of the larger and more readable pressure gauges to help you craft the perfect coffee. You can also activate the 0.75L steam boiler separately from the espresso boiler to ensure a consistent steam performance so you can consistently craft the best specialty drinks. 

When it comes to the actual brewing process, the Synchronika functions like a classic espresso machine. The brewer doesn't come with modern volumetric controls. Instead, every brew produces a standard-sized single shot of espresso. 

You can then customize your shot to create an Americano or specialty drink if you want. The only downside to this design is that it may limit passionate coffee lovers. If you are prone to using different bean types or roasts, while less significant, the single-volume brewing functions may produce varying designs. 

For instance, a lighter bean roast has a higher density than a dark roast. In reality, brewing these beans may require varying espresso brewing volumes to fine-tune the flavors. Thankfully, you can work around this limitation by sticking to a recommended roast for espressos or the specialty drinks you wish to make. 


The ECM Mercedes-AGM Synchronika Espresso Machine has a pretty solid interior construction. The use of stainless in the construction alone gives the machine a long lasting corrosion-free finish. The coffee maker has a rigid interior frame that gives a more reinforced and longer lasting build - a reflection of the two brands’ commitment to innovative building. 

Further, the coffee maker features a simple and clean copper wire and braided stainless steel plumbing configuration to add to its interrupted functionality and longevity. The Synchronika also features a unique interior design with metal shield protection intended to extend its longevity. 

The metal shield protection prevents heat or moisture-related damage to the machine’s interior parts. Additionally, the machine is designed in a way that moisture and heat generated during the boiling and brewing process when the machine is in use are easily expelled. 

This further protects the machine’s interior from serious elements. Even the  “core” parts of the brewer feature an attention-to-detail design. The stainless steel brewer and steam boiled feature high-quality insulation jackets. This allows for significant protection against heat loss and better efficiency - explaining the brewer’s fast heat-up.

Moreover, the boilers’ mounting design to the frame of the brewer optimizes their stability while reducing vibration. As a result, you get a long lasting and ultra noiseless operating espresso machine. However, the makers of the brewer incorporated an intelligent design to keep the boilers independent of each other. 

When you use them together, the brew boiler functions first followed by the steam boiler. However, you have the option to operate either one independently. You can easily switch off the brewer boiler using the buttons behind the drip tray so you can operate the steam boiler alone. 

Synchronika Technology

The Synchronika Espresso Machine is designed for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a great cup of coffee every time they make one. The brewer’s precision design and technology help you maintain consistency in your brew, down to the temperature. 

This brewer is made for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the traditional brewing process. Imagine brewing coffee from scratch, the coffee grounds pulverization, the crema, and the fresh coffee aroma. This is what the Synchronika first edition is built to help you experience. 

Therefore, you will not find the technology you’d typically find in modern coffee makers that prioritize efficiency over the quality of the brew. The coffee doesn't have features like programmed dosing, auto-clean-up, or app technology. In fact, you have to occasionally clean the brewer to maintain the quality although its design makes the cleaning process smooth.


  • Beautiful exterior look
  • High-quality stainless steel housing and parts
  • High-capacity water tank
  • Two water access options: direct water connection or water tank
  • Fast heat-up technology


  • The cup warmer isn’t removable
  • High price tag

Where Can I Learn More?

You can visit their website here. Or check out this great breakdown video by Whole Latte Love:

When To Invest in the Synchronika Espresso Machine

The Synchronika Espresso Machine can brew up to 7 12-ounce cups of coffee on a single water tank filling or provide an endless supply on a direct water connection. The machine is also equipped to function as a full barista-style espresso machine. 

Yet, its compact build takes up minimal space compared to a cafe-style espresso brewer. This makes the coffee machine an excellent option for many settings. Whether in a small to medium-sized office setting or social public space, this machine works reliably. 

However, if you are a hardcore coffee lover, this espresso machine is a worthy investment and an excellent gift for your home kitchen. The espresso machine is perfect for people who want to enjoy more than just regular black coffee. As a complete espresso machine, the Synchronika allows you to whip up any coffee-based drink you want. 

In terms of user-friendliness, the espresso machine has a reasonable learning curve. Its simplistic design and minimal controls make it fairly easy for any user to navigate the machine. 

The makers of the machine incorporate simple designs that make it friendly to non-professional baristas and for home and office users. For instance, the ECM portafilters feature their signature ergonomic shape with the baskets laying flat on a surface. This makes it easier to fill them with coffee grounds and tamping before you proceed to brew the coffee.

For standard use, the machine is great for both beginners and experienced espresso machine users. However, it takes some getting used to to craft a perfect specialty drink. But, this is more so about your barista skills than the machine itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to heat up?

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes or less for the Synchronika Espresso Machine to effectively heat up. This is an efficient heating up period compared to standard espresso machines which take anywhere from 30 minutes or more.

What is the water pressure through the portafilter?

Synchronika Espresso Machine has a 9 bar pressure preset by the manufacturer. This preset pressure remains the same if you use the water tank as your water supply option. However, the pressure may change if you use a direct water connection. Be sure to recheck the pressure before you brew your next cup if you go for the latter. A high or lower pressure can affect the quality of your brew and the functioning of the machine.

Final Thoughts: Should You Invest in the Synchronika Espresso Machine?

If you want to enjoy more than just regular black coffee, the Synchronika Espresso Machine is great for home and office settings. The innovative machine comes with a cross-section of features to enhance your overall brewing experience. Whether it's the brewer’s consistent temperature precision, ergonomic user-friendly design, or its eye-catching finish, the Synchronika is a worthy addition to any coffee-making arsenal. 

Number 1 reason to get this coffee maker? The partnership has resulted in the production of only 999 pieces. So, grab your machine today before you miss out. 

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