10 Woven To Perfection Wicker Coffee Tables

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Updated Nov 24, 2022
Leigh McDonald
Leigh McDonald
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10 Woven To Perfection Wicker Coffee Tables10 Woven To Perfection Wicker Coffee Tables

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In addition to providing a cozy home feel, Wicker is made from organic and natural plant materials. As you relax at the end of the day, our trusted reviewers have come up with some incredible table options you'll love to help you put up your feet. These are some great options for both indoor and outdoor patio tables, whether you're looking for the boho look or just want a table that's water and sun-resistant for outside.

Wicker Coffee Table Ideas

What is wicker material?

Willow, reed, rattan, bamboo or other plant materials are commonly used to make wicker, a material commonly used for furniture and baskets. It is durable, yet flexible. With good care, wicker can last a lot of years and is resistant to sun and moisture. wicker can be woven into a variety of shapes and patterns.

How do I clean wicker furniture?

  • Cleaning and maintaining wicker is quite easy, most of the work can be done with a microfiber cloth and/or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe your table down with a microfiber cloth to remove all dust and debris. You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove dirt from those corners where the material overlaps.
  • Use your vacuum's brush attachment to suction away any loose debris or dust from the table surface.
  • For a simple cleaning solution, combine 75% water with 25% vinegar. Or try an outdoor furniture cleaner.
  • Wet your cloth/rinse it out after mixing the ingredients.
  • Any excess dirt and stains should be removed by wiping down the top surface of the wicker material.
  • Be sure to regularly clean the table and let it dry.

The following steps can help you clean up a mess on your wicker table:

  • Firstly, it's important to clean it up quickly before it gets too sticky or stained.
  • Be sure to remove all items from the top of the table, liquid can easily seep through wicker material, so act quickly! Additionally, remove any items from the storage compartment if it has a lid.
  • Spills should be wiped up immediately with a dry cloth or towel. Make sure you get into the corners where the wicker overlaps.
  • Repeat the steps above making a cleaning solution of 75% water and 25% vinegar.
  • Give it a good wipe-down and let it dry.

Consider a wicker tables size, shape & style

Considering these factors will help you choose a wicker coffee table that will enhance the look and feel of your living space: Size, shape, and style.

Choose a table with a compact design if you have a small living room. Alternatively, if your living room is large, you may want to choose a larger table or one with a dramatic silhouette.

Wicker coffee tables come in a variety of styles. Choosing a table with classic lines and simple details will give your home a more traditional look. Choose a table with clean lines and geometric shapes if you prefer a more modern aesthetic. Choose an intricately detailed handcrafted table for something truly special.

Wicker tables make a great choice for any home

Wicker tables are valued for their beautiful look, boho vibe, and lower prices than other coffee tables. The money you save can be used to decorate the rest of your living space.

Due to its natural materials, wicker is one of our favorite products. Your home will benefit from it for many years to come, as it is eco-friendly and practical.

The choices we've shown on this page are just a few of the options available. It doesn't matter what your style is or what your needs are, we are confident that there is a wicker coffee table to suit your taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is synthetic wicker?

Most outdoor patio furniture is made from synthetic wicker, also known as resin wicker. The furniture is made from polyethylene and is also called rattan furniture. Water and UV rays are especially resistant to polyethylene, which is generally quite durable.

What is wicker material made from?

Wicker is not a material but actually a method of weaving natural materials. The word is derived from Scandinavia, the word "vika” means “to bend” - fun fact! Rattan is also another word used to define wicker products. If you're interested in checking out more tables like these, take a look at our rattan coffee tables page.

10 Woven To Perfection Wicker Coffee Tables

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