Wild Coffee Plant: What Is It And How To Use It

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Ever come across a wild coffee plant with its illustrious berries and thought of whipping up a fresh cup to devour the rich crema? Well, don’t harvest the berries for drying and dust out your personal roaster just yet. Before you do anything with the wild coffee bean plant, you want to learn more about it. Here’s a brief read on everything there is to know about the evergreen shrub plant.

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What is a Wild Coffee Plant?

The wild coffee plant is an evergreen shrub that grows in most coastal areas, such as the Florida Peninsula. According to the Florida Wildflower Foundation, the wild coffee plant also grows in rock land, wet meadows, and wet, moist environments.

Somewhat similar to regular coffee plants, like Arabica or robusta, the wild coffee bean plant grows illustrious pleated dark green leaves and develops berries. Just like regular coffee plants, the berries turn bright red when ripe.

Part of the Rubiaceae family, wild coffee plants are a close cousin of the Arabica and robusta coffee family. Interestingly enough, the wild coffee plant is also a cousin to the African peach and African medlar fruit.

Wild coffee plant

3 Unique Uses of Wild Coffee Plants


The beautiful evergreen wild coffee plant shrubs make equally showy landscaping trees. Their profile makes them a popular shade hedge in many Florida homes. But, this is not all.  Wild coffee bean plants also grow beautiful white blooms during the spring and summer seasons.

The flowers attract a variety of pollinators, including butterflies, to add more appeal to your garden for the perfect accent plant. As a bonus, these plants are low maintenance and survive even in salty water conditions. But, you want to keep them away from intense weather conditions, including extended exposure to full sun.

Alternative to Regular Coffee

That inkling you had about being able to make a cup of wild coffee is true. But, unlike coffee beans, such as Arabica, robusta, or peaberry, wild coffee beans contain zero caffeine. So, you can always roast dried wild coffee beans to brew decaffeinated coffee. You want to be extra careful with a cup of wild coffee, however. This is because wild coffee may cause a headache in some people.

Boasts Medicinal Properties

Wild coffee bean plant also boasts numerous medicinal benefits, depending on the part of the plant. For example, the coffee plant roots prevent nausea and vomiting.

Lanoscape fo coffee plants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Eat Berries From Wild Coffee Plants?

You can certainly eat berries from wild coffee plants. However, these berries don't have the best flavors. In fact, many people report that wild coffee berries taste rather bland.

Are Wild Cherry Plants Related To Coffee?

Wild cherry plants are not related to coffee. The only similarity the two plants have is that they are both considered stone fruit. This means their cherries have seeds inside – that's the only similarity!

Are Wild Arabica Coffee Plants Normal In Florida?

Wild Arabica coffee plants are not normal in Florida. However, the cousin of the wild Arabica coffee, with the genus name Psychotria is normal in Florida. This wild coffee plant is specially adapted to survive in the Florida peninsula.


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