Roast Love Privacy Policy

About Roast Love.

Our mission is to celebrate the art of coffee roasting by showcasing talented roasters from across Canada and the United States. We believe in promoting local businesses and fostering a sense of community among coffee enthusiasts. Our weekly charts and detailed roaster pages are designed to provide you with valuable insights and coffee movement trends within each city.

How the coffee charts work?

We feature a weekly chart for each city throughout North America, including Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, and Denver (with more cities to come).

These charts highlight the top coffee roasters in each location, giving you an overview of the thriving coffee scene and guiding you towards extraordinary coffee experiences.

When are the coffee roaster charts updated?

We update our charts every Monday morning, ensuring that you have access to the latest rankings and information about the featured coffee roasters. Stay informed about the evolving coffee landscape and never miss an opportunity to discover new flavors and hidden gems.

Are you a coffee roaster? Here's how to update your page.

Each coffee roaster listed on our charts has a dedicated detail page. These pages provide in-depth information about your story, social links, coffee shop locations and eventually, the unique characteristics of each of your coffee beans.

We are working hard on a feature that will allow you to edit their your own pages through a user-friendly form. For now, please contact us and we will  get your information updated.

What does the future of Roast Love look like?

We will be introducing the ability for roasters to add their coffee beans to our platform. This exciting feature will provide roasters with a platform to showcase their offerings and expand their reach to a broader audience.

How are coffee roasters on the trending chart ranked?

Roasters each week are ranked based on a few factors. Right now our primary ranking factor is based on the amount traffic to your Roast Love page. The more visitors your receive, the higher your ranking will be. Over time we will incorporate other factors that determine trends.

What are some good ways to rise up the charts?

To rise up the charts, we encourage you to promote your dedicated page on our platform through various means. Some effective strategies include sharing your Roast Love page on social media, linking to us from your website, and engaging with your customers to encourage their support and interaction on our platform.