The man who inspired us to start Baba Seed Coffee was our grand dad. "Baba" as he liked to be called, had an interesting life story. From selling music records in Yemen during the civil war of 1962, to founding the first power generation company in Yemen. He was the host of one of the most influential gathering spots or majalis for politicians, writers and poets who gathered drank Coffee Husk or Qishr and exchanged ideas. A father of 11 children who still had the time to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life like a perfect cup of coffee. He inspired the idea of making the best out of our simple moments in life. To give back to the community and dream big. Here we are holding the legacy of Baba seed, wanting it to spread the greatness of our coffee around the world. With our recipes being passed down through many generations, we hold our legacy with pride, commitment and for the love of coffee.


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