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You'll find the Bean Cycle coffee house, a communal hub we share with Half Crown Creative Space and Makerfolk, at the intersection of artisan coffee, local craftsmanship, and creative innovation. Nestled in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, our café captivates the senses with the smell of freshly roasted beans, the warm touch of wooden floors, high ceilings, and a quirky array of comfy furnishings.

Bean Cycle Roasters was brought to life in 2004 by three siblings—Chas, Lesley, and Penelope—who decided to put down roots in their beloved Fort Collins after graduating from CSU. More than just a coffee shop, Bean Cycle is a conscientious enterprise committed to social, economic, and environmental responsibility. Our fascination with the intricate craft of coffee roasting informs every brew we serve, creating unique coffee experiences for our community.

Sharing our space is Makerfolk, a treasure trove of modern, locally handmade items. We host community events, encourage book exchanges, and foster a sense of connection and fun within the community we adore.

Rounding out our trio is Half Crown Creative, a space wholly committed to nurturing local creativity. It offers an artist residency program, exhibition area, and classrooms to catalyze learning, creativity, and community building for artists and thinkers alike. Follow Half Crown Creative on Instagram to keep up with our latest adventures in creativity.

We aim to create a vibrant ecosystem where coffee aficionados, local artisans, and creative minds can come together to sip, shop, and share.

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