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Pronounced: /ˈBi vo͞oˌak/

Definition: A temporary camp without tents or cover, typically used by soldiers or mountaineers.

Established in 2017 and nestled in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado, Bivouac Coffee Company is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of global coffee production. We specialize in artisanal natural coffee processing, regenerative organic farming methods, direct trade, and eco-friendly roasting practices.

Bivouac holds the distinction of being the first US-based coffee company to solely roast environmentally conscious, naturally processed coffees, sourced from adventurous locations worldwide. As a Public Benefit Cooperation, we're legally bound to uphold the highest possible environmental and social standards.

Moreover, as a 1% for the Planet Company, we donate 2% of our total revenue to our partners who are non-profit organizations active in outdoor recreation and environmental conservation.


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