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At the core of Café Richesse is a deep-rooted commitment to the land where our signature Conquista coffee comes to life—specifically, the southern highlands of Bahia, Brazil. To us, exquisite taste begins with responsible farming. We prioritize low-impact agricultural techniques, implementing state-of-the-art drip irrigation technology developed by Colorado State University. This technology is fueled by the natural waterways that meander through our farms.

Environmental stewardship is critical. Large tracts of timberland are consciously left untouched to shelter wildlife and maintain the region's unique microclimate. This area's high altitude and consistent rainfall create the ideal conditions for cultivating exceptional coffee.

Quality is never compromised; we handpick our crops to ensure the finest beans make their way to Café Richesse. The result is simple yet profound: coffee that's not just grown on our farms but nurtured every step of the way. It's our farms, our process, and our exceptional coffee.


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