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Dockside Coffee & Micro-Roastery is a local small batch coffee roastery proudly serving Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our AHS approved commercial roastery is located in the heart of Beaumont, Alberta. We are passionate about coffee and dedicated to bringing our customers high quality and fresh coffee from around the world.   We believe the perfect cup of coffee tastes a little different to everyone and changes based on your experiences and the unique things that make you, you!  As owners and roasters, we pride ourselves on building an inclusive coffee culture by offering coffees roasted to various levels with the goal of making fresh, high quality specialty coffee available and accessible to everyone! Please take a look at out offerings here, where you’ll find ethically sourced arabica coffees roasted with care to highlight the best the origin has to offer. Chantal & Heather Owners and Roasters of Dockside Coffee


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