In Canmore, Alberta, Eclipse Coffee Roasters was established in 2014 to provide premium coffee and unparalleled customer service. We place a premium on transparency. Recognizing the varied tastes of coffee enthusiasts, we curate a selection ranging from fruity African varieties to rich, chocolatey blends. Our dedication to quality hasn't gone unnoticed, earning us multiple awards. Quality is more than a buzzword for us. Each order at Eclipse is freshly roasted, ensuring peak freshness. For those seeking guidance, our website offers detailed brewing suggestions tailored to each coffee variant, aiding you on your specialty coffee journey.

On the sustainability front, we're deeply committed. Every coffee we source is evaluated for both environmental and social responsibility. This information is available on our site, emphasizing our dedication to ethically sourced coffee. We're proud to partner with the world's best, ethically-driven farms. Environmental consciousness extends to our packaging and service, too. We incentivize eco-friendly choices by offering discounts for beverages served in reusable cups or when customers bring their containers for bean purchases. Our mission is straightforward: to seamlessly meld all these commitments and serve you an unparalleled coffee experience.


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