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Established in 2014, we're a barista-owned local coffee roaster and shop dedicated to providing top-quality coffee while upholding sustainability and fair trade principles. We utilize a zero-emission roasting system and directly collaborate with the farms that cultivate our coffee beans. The excellence of our practices shines in each roasted bag and every served cup.

Our commitment extends to partnering with local businesses and promoting natural flavor in our products. We use Monin syrups, raw sugar, and locally sourced honey, collaborating with local artisans like Blue Sunflour for baked goods and Sasquatch Cookies for desserts. Colonel Mustard's Sandwich Emporium supplies our cafes with fresh lunch options, while our in-house commercial kitchen prepares breakfast items. Humble Coffee, co-owned by original barista "Juice" and his lifelong friend "Bunny", remains committed to its founding vision: serving with heart and delivering outstanding coffee.


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