Founded in 2004, Jackie's Java started in a garage as Jackie pursued her studies at Colorado State University. Fueled by her youthful passion for coffee and dream of owning a café, Jackie invested her savings into a commercial coffee roaster at just 20. The learning curve was steep, requiring a year to perfect her roasting skills to create palatable coffee.

Her hard work paid off at a local Fort Collins farmer's market, where she unknowingly sold her coffee to a local café owner. Impressed, the owner quickly made Jackie's Java the exclusive roaster for their establishment. Jackie built a thriving coffee roasting business without any formal advertising while finishing her degree.

Fast forward to September 2020, Jackie's Java transitioned ownership to Chris and Stefanie Mecklenburg, a local couple with a background in retail. Under their stewardship, the company remains committed to Jackie's original vision while leaning towards dark or medium-dark blends primarily from Central and South America.

Looking ahead, Chris and Stefanie aim to expand the range of directly traded and organic/Fair Trade coffee options. They plan on taking Origin Trips to connect directly with small, eco-friendly farmers, ensuring ethical consumption of their coffee. Stay tuned for updates on our blog and social media.

Outside of work, Chris and Stefanie cherish downtime in their century-old bungalow with their three rescue pets, who enjoy camping, traveling, and art collecting.


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