Our Story

Mark and Andrew shared a common desire: to revive the essence of the specialty coffee revolution. They noticed how this movement, initially focused on improving the quality of coffee offerings for American coffee drinkers, had veered off track, resulting in a chain mentality that served excessively sweetened beverages with questionable coffee content.

Inspired by this observation, Mark and Andrew imagined a coffee company that would:

Source the highest quality coffee beans directly from farmers practicing sustainable growing methods and upholding workers' rights.

Embrace the philosophy and techniques of Fluid-bed Air Roasting, as pioneered by Michael Sivetz, CE.
Skillfully produce delicious coffee using customized equipment.

Create an environment where coffee aficionados could engage with knowledgeable staff who could accurately convey the nuanced flavors of different coffee varieties.

Their vision was to establish a coffee haven, where customers could rediscover the true essence of specialty coffee.

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