One memorable day, Andre Janusz, co-founder of Logan House Coffee Company, made a detour to California. Two years later, he returned to Denver, Colorado, armed with a wealth of coffee roasting expertise. With co-founder Brooks Gagstetter, they launched a home-delivery coffee business that revolutionized the Denver coffee landscape with a simple idea: delivering freshly roasted coffee to your doorstep exactly when you want it.

Over time, we've honed our understanding of how to coax the best flavors from those little green coffee beans. While we no longer provide home delivery, we operate several fantastic shops across the Denver Metro area. Our flagship coffee shop is in the Stanley Marketplace; we have another outlet in RINO, a warehouse housing our beautiful roaster named "Freya," and more locations are in the pipeline.

We're genuinely excited about our journey and invite you to join us. Nothing brings us more joy than sharing our coffee with wonderful people.


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