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Coffee connoisseurs do not just reside in cities. We’ve known this since 1991 when Mountain Blends first opened. Back then Canmore was a very different place, but the desire for fresh roasted coffee in the Bow Valley remains as strong today as it did back then. Our roasterie quickly morphed into a community hub and so it remains today with dedicated customers of 29 years popping by to grab a much needed quality cup of java or bag of beans.   Here in Canmore we roast (small batch) an array of origin coffees and blends to allow our customers the full spectrum of the gourmet coffee experience. Over the years we’ve refined our vision and enhanced our commitment to the environment. All our coffees are Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Organic and Bird Friendly certified green beans. These certifications help ensure the farmers growing our coffees are compensated fairly, that profits from their harvests are reinvested in their own communities and the natural environment where the beans are grown is preserved. Community is our jam, whether it’s ours or our suppliers.   Continue Reading


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