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Est. 2002
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Coffee may seem ordinary, but a truly exceptional cup unveils a complex journey—from the farmers to you. For us, it's about nurturing relationships at every stage.

Novo Coffee, established in 2002 by Jake, Joe, and Herb Brodsky, was born out of a mission to bridge the gap between exceptional coffee producers and consumers. Two decades, three cafes, and numerous wholesale partners later, we're still dedicated to this mission. At Novo, we prioritize relationships, fostering enduring, significant partnerships with producers and farmers. This approach allows us to consistently purchase from the same farms, thereby improving farmers' pricing and elevating the quality of our coffee.

We at Novo are committed to quality and transparency in our quest to deliver coffee to the public. We're dedicated to sourcing the finest coffees from around the globe. We roast our coffees on a Loring air-roaster—one of the most eco-friendly roasters available today—and conduct weekly tastings, constantly adjusting and reassessing our roast recipes to ensure top-notch cup quality. We roast to order and buy our green coffee seasonally, guaranteeing the freshest possible roasted coffee. We see coffee as more than just a commodity. At Novo, we're driven by continuous improvement and growth as a company, while also fostering connections between producers and consumers. In essence, we're all about helping you to "Get Closer."

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