Jaromir Friedrich and Raymond Lemaire started to develop our roaster in the mid nineties. The first tests were done with modified Popcorn Pumpers which permitted shutting off the Heating Element to enter cooling mode. We then made a 250 gram roaster which was effectively a double Popcorn Pumper. The 1 kg roaster that followed explored the airflow, heat, bean mixing, and cooling parameters. It’s single pass air flow was ineficient and it lacked the pollution abatement feature. The 3 kg Gen I roaster significantly increased the roasting capacity and introduced the air recycling principle but not the pollution abatement capability which was introduced as an external unit in the Gen II. The 3 kg Generation III roaster introduced the built in Bean Loading Hopper, built in SmokEater pollution abatement system, the pneumatically fed Packaging Hopper, and an improved Roast Monitor. The NXT Roaster is built and serviced in Edmonton.  We continue to fine tune and improve various aspects of this low pollution and efficient electric coffee roaster.


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