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In 1932, Anthony Polcari fulfilled his long-held dream by establishing Polcari's Coffee. His passion for this venture began when he immigrated from Italy at the age of twenty. While working as a pocket-maker at a local tailor's shop, Mr. Polcari diligently saved money to realize his vision of owning a coffee store. Finally, in 1932, he opened the doors of Polcari's Coffee on Salem St. Polcari's Coffee quickly became a cherished family business. Mr. Polcari's wife, Rose, and their children—Ralph, Anthony, and Marie—wholeheartedly contributed to the store's success, working alongside their father to bring his dream to fruition. When the time came, Ralph, being without a biological heir to carry on the business, took on the responsibility of managing the store. Despite not having his own children to involve in the enterprise, Ralph cultivated a sense of kinship within Polcari's Coffee. The shop became his extended family and the means of his livelihood.


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