I am Don Morgan; Owner & Roaster. LinkedIn claims that I'm CPA (Charter Professional Accountant) with almost 25 years developing some of the finest power plants (hydro, wind & gas) ever built in western Canada. I'm pretty proud of those achievements. My interest and expertise in coffee has been growing ever since university. First a customer, then a home barista and now a micro-roaster. This roasting adventure began in the Fall of 2019 with a 5,000 km tour meeting with roasters and roasting manufacturers. From Sandpoint to San Francisco to Seattle with stops in cool coffee hot spots along the way. Visiting manufacturers, taking roasting classes, attending trade shows, cupping coffees (thoughtfully/critically tasting coffees) and lingering in some of the best coffee shops in the USA (perhaps the world) filled the days. Upon returning, research complete and a solid base of understanding built, a coffee roaster was bought and roasts began in the home micro-roastery. Continue Reading


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