Synonymous with tradition, Fazenda Samambaia represents a secular heritage in the Cambraia family. For many years, coffee grower and doctor José Nominato Cambraia balanced his life between his three passions: family, coffee and medicine. Always present on the farm, José Nominato dedicated himself to coffee with the support of his team, doing a good management of the property, providing better life opportunities for his co-workers. In 1993, the unexpected happened. José Nominato passed away, completely changing the course of Fazenda Samambaia. At the age of 20, chosen by the brothers Rodrigo and Silva, Henrique Dias Cambraia found himself facing a new challenge in his life, living with the loss of his father and reconciling his newly started auditor career with the administration and management of the farm. Inspired by his father's footsteps, Henrique dedicated to the farm learning from his team how to produce coffee. Observant, he realized in one of his trips that Brazilian coffees were not on the shelves of international cafes. This fact motivated him in 1997 to reinvent himself, putting all his energy and passion for coffee in a new era of Fazenda Samambaia, the “production of specialty coffees”. In search of the appreciation and recognition of the special coffees produced, Henrique joined forces with other producers in Campo das Vertentes and together they started a new dream, SanCoffee. He put his backpack on his back and went around the world taking the history, work and coffees from Fazenda Samambaia and each of SanCoffee's producers. The challenges experienced during his journey in coffee production allowed Henrique to be recognized for the beautiful and inspiring work developed in the world of specialty coffees, especially in the Campo das Vertentes region. Thus, sharing all the knowledge learned and the good opportunities provided by coffee.


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