Are you worried about being overwhelmed with terms like "specialty craft," "artisanal passion," and "mustache wax"?

Rest easy! There's no need for a fedora here.

While our coffee might be top-notch in the neighborhood, it's designed to be welcoming and enjoyable for coffee lovers of all experience levels.

Our roasting philosophy is simple: [never bitter, never burned].

To give you a glimpse into our process, we're recognized for caramelizing the natural sugars within the coffee bean. We aim to accentuate the compounds that deliver rich subtleties while reducing those that cause bitter and burned flavors often found elsewhere.

You'll understand our approach if you've ever caramelized sugar on a stovetop.

Overdo it, and you're left with nothing but bitter char and an aroma that might make you contemplate selling your house and starting anew.

The same principle applies to coffee. Achieving the perfect balance is an art form.

We believe we've crafted a few masterpieces – we hope you enjoy them!


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