Rosso Coffee Roaster’s priority is to deliver a world-class journey through specialty coffee. Founded in 2007 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we have grown from a single cafe into a world-recognized coffee roaster.  We maintain a constant focus on improving our coffees, our people, the communities we work with, and our effects on the environment. We’ve instilled best practices that go against the traditional norms of the coffee industry, to ensure we leave things better than we found them. We also recently (summer of 2022) received B-Corp certification! This was a huge accomplishment, validating all of the efforts that our team puts forth every day. One of our practices is purchasing via Direct Trade, meaning we purchase our beans directly from the coffee farmers. Direct Trade is like adding a gold star to Fair Trade practices! We have built strong relationships with our farming partners, and seek out farmers globally who share the same passion for coffee that we do. We purchase directly from them at a premium, as opposed to the low-commodity pricing structure that has become the global standard. In doing so, we have developed strong long-term relationships, resulting in a more sustainable supply chain for higher quality coffees. We invite you to start your coffee journey with us at


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