Our Story

Pure. Fine. Ethical. ​ This is the coffee we serve. ​ We are a local coffee shop and roaster in Calgary, which started out of a passion for coffee, a very small dream, and just a tiny bit of courage. We spent a few years getting ourselves professionally trained in tasting, roasting, and brewing, but more than anything, it humbles us with the realization of how vast the world of specialty coffee is. We can only strive to serve our best, and keep learning how to make better coffee, and be a better ambassador for what we believe in. ​ We choose to present our coffees in a way that is representative of their true quality and character, and of the hard work by everyone who poured and risked so much into growing and finding them. We hope that by purchasing and showcasing good quality specialty coffee, we are supporting a truly sustainable trading practice for farmers at origins. ​ Visit us for a curated coffee and tea experience. ‍

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