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Andy Sprenger and his wife, Laurel, embarked on a journey in wetland conservation, studying bird populations in Lebanon, before venturing into the world of coffee. This previous endeavor cultivated their keen observation skills, utilizing sight and sound, which later proved invaluable as Andy transitioned into the realm of coffee, relying on his acute sense of smell and taste. In 2003, upon returning to the United States, Andy joined the team at Ceremony Coffee in Maryland, starting as a barista but eventually becoming an esteemed roaster. His dedication and talent were recognized with two U.S. Brewers Cups, a commendation as the World Brewers Cup runner-up, and an impressive Aeropress championship. A decade later, Andy's relocation to Colorado held a special significance as he had spent his formative years in the Lakewood suburb of Denver. In December 2013, Sweet Bloom, the flagship location, emerged as a testament to his passion. The design of the establishment revolved around roasting and sourcing, giving utmost importance to the narrative behind each coffee and emphasizing education as an integral part of the customer experience. Sweet Bloom was a cherished family enterprise, with Laurel's botanical illustrations adorning every coffee bag, and the support of Andy's nephew, Caleb, who played a vital role in running the cafe and roastery.

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