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Have you ever found yourself feeling trapped in the daily grind? Tara Duncan did. But at the end of 2022 she made the life-changing decision to start her own business - Urban Calm Coffee. Her love for coffee runs deep, but she was tired of the bitter, harsh taste that required lots of sugar and creamer to mask. She wanted to create a coffee that had all natural tasting notes of caramel and chocolate where she could enjoy a cup with just a splash of milk. Thus, Urban Calm Coffee was born. Their mission is to inspire women to seize their moment through delicious coffee and tea. Urban Calm Coffee is the first female focused coffee company in Canada, and the only Canadian company that sells specialty coffee exclusively from women-led farms and premium teas. The coffee has been expertly roasted to elevate the natural sweet chocolate and caramel tasting notes of the beans to provide a smooth drinking experience with no bitter undertones so you can enjoy a cup with less calorie-laced sweeteners. The coffee is designed for women and sourced from women. Urban Calm is proud to source their beans exclusively from women-led farms. By sourcing their beans from women-led farms, they are helping women in developing nations to earn an income to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty. They are empowering women one bean at a time. They are an e-commerce business and their products are available exclusively online at [www.urbancalmcoffee.ca](http://www.urbancalmcoffee.ca).

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