Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder: Precision & Customization Excellence

Aug 08, 2023 • Amélie Bigras

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Acaia is excited to introduce the highly anticipated Orbit Coffee Grinder, a unique blend of innovative features and high-quality construction tailored to meet your coffee brewing needs. Boasting single-dosing capabilities, a grind-by-weight functionality with the Acaia Lunar Scale, and an adjustable RPM profile, the Orbit is set to revolutionize your coffee grinding experience. This blog post delves into the various aspects of the Orbit, from its design specifications to key features, and provides a sneak peek into the special Eclipse Edition for early adopters.

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Single-Dose Grinding Capabilities

In a realm where precision and efficiency are paramount, the Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder shines with its optimized design for single-dose grinding. Its construction, balancing an ideal weight of 5600g ± 10g, and measured dimensions of 108 mm in width, 266 mm in length, and 394 mm in height, present an intuitive and compact design that not only complements your kitchen space but also maximizes the coffee brewing process.

The grinder embraces single-dosing, a method favored by coffee aficionados that involves grinding the amount required for each brew. This approach enhances the freshness of each cup while minimizing waste. Its design efficiently accommodates this method, making it the perfect companion for those aiming for the freshest brew possible. The robust structure of the grinder ensures stability during operation, mitigating any unnecessary movements that could compromise the grinding process. Every element of its design, from its substantial weight to its thoughtful dimensions, underscores Acaia's commitment to delivering an unparalleled grinding experience.

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder
Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder

Grind by Weight Functionality with Acaia Lunar Scale

Enhancing its advanced features, the Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder works with the Acaia Lunar scale to provide an unmatched grind-by-weight functionality. By integrating the grinder with the precision of Acaia's Lunar scale, users can enjoy an effortless dosing experience. This combination ensures that the amount of coffee used is precisely weighed before grinding, ensuring that the perfect ratio of coffee to water is achieved in every brew. The Orbit uses a powerful 200W Brushless DC Motor, a piece of engineering brilliance that offers many advantages. It is quieter and more efficient than standard motors and provides more torque per weight, meaning it can grind coffee beans quickly and evenly, even at slower speeds. This feature, coupled with the Acaia Lunar scale's precision, takes the guesswork out of grinding and dosing, allowing you to achieve consistently excellent coffee quickly and precisely.

3 Acaia Lunar Scales
Acaia Lunar Scale

Special Eclipse Edition for Early Adopters

For the explorers and early adopters in the coffee world, Acaia presents a unique offer with the special Eclipse Edition of the Orbit grinder. This edition is a token of appreciation for those willing to tread new ground in their quest for coffee perfection. The Eclipse Edition extends beyond the revolutionary grinder, bundling gifts at no extra cost. These include a custom Orbit Eclipse Edition hat and enamel pin, a 53 mm Acaia dosing cup, an antistatic brush, a 'Weigh to Brew' notebook, and a serialized number plate, enhancing the coffee brewing experience. Additionally, the Eclipse Edition comes with extended product support for 18 months, ensuring that you have the backing you need to explore new territories in your coffee journey. With this limited edition offer, Acaia aims to create a community of early adopters who are just as passionate about coffee as they are, fostering a culture of innovation and continual improvement in the world of coffee brewing.

Special Eclipse Edition Acaia Orbit Grinder
Special Eclipse Edition

Availability and Restrictions of the Eclipse Edition

The Eclipse Edition of the Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder is an exclusive release targeting the US market. As an exclusive limited run, the Eclipse Edition is only available for purchase by US residents, a strategy that aims to ensure a smoother and more direct customer experience. This restriction also allows Acaia to provide the exceptional customer support they are known for without being hampered by international shipping delays or legal restrictions. Although this does limit the availability of the Eclipse Edition to a specific market, it also exemplifies Acaia's commitment to ensuring a seamless customer experience. It underlines the company's efforts to provide the best possible support to its customers, especially during the launch of this highly anticipated product.

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder - Eclipse Edition
Special Offer Details
Offered for Explorers and early adopters in the coffee world
Included Gifts Custom hat, enamel pin, 53 mm dosing cup, antistatic brush, 'Weigh to Brew' notebook, serialized number plate
Product Support Extended to 18 months
Availability and Restrictions
Market Exclusive to the US
Availability Limited run, only for purchase by US residents
Reason for Restriction Ensures smoother customer experience, avoids international shipping delays, maintains exceptional support

Working in Tandem with Acaia Lunar Scale

One of the standout features of the Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder is its ability to work in synergy with the Acaia Lunar scale. Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the grinder and the scale communicate, creating a seamless coffee grinding and brewing experience. This integration facilitates the grinder's grind-by-weight mode, an innovative feature that allows you to weigh coffee beans directly on the Lunar scale before grinding. This connectivity ensures a precise and consistent dose for every brew, enhancing the quality and taste of your coffee. The innovative use of Bluetooth 5.0 bridges the gap between grinding and weighing, bringing a new level of precision to the coffee brewing process.

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder with acaia scale
Acaia Grinder & Scale

Accommodating Different Weighing Preferences

Understanding that each coffee enthusiast has their unique brewing ritual, the Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder is designed to accommodate different weighing preferences. It caters to those who prefer to weigh their coffee before or after grinding. This flexibility is facilitated by the grinder's adjustable RPM profile, which ranges from 600-1500 RPM. This broad range allows for precise customization according to the user's preference, enhancing the brewing experience. Additionally, the grinder is built to accommodate various coffee bean quantities with an optional 250-gram-capacity hopper available. This option allows users to grind more significant quantities of coffee without compromising the grinder's performance or the quality of the grind.

In-depth Look at Key Features

The Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder boasts impressive features to enhance the coffee grinding process. Its straight-through grind path, burr reversal feature, and innovative RPM adjustability set it apart from conventional grinders. The straight-through grind path allows for a smoother, more efficient flow of coffee grounds, reducing retention and enhancing consistency. The burr reversal feature helps minimize coffee bean retention in the grinder, ensuring you get the most out of your beans. The RPM adjustability ranges from 600 to 1500 RPM, allowing users to program different burr speeds within a single grind cycle. This unique feature provides the flexibility to change the grinding speed partway through grinding a dose, allowing for a tailored grinding experience. These key features testify to Acaia's commitment to innovation and its goal of enhancing the coffee brewing experience.

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder Features
Accommodating Different Weighing Preferences
Adjustable RPM Profile 600-1500 RPM, allows for precise customization
Optional Hopper Capacity 250-gram, enables grinding larger quantities without compromising quality
In-depth Look at Key Features
Straight-through Grind Path Ensures smoother flow and reduced retention
Burr Reversal Feature Minimizes coffee bean retention
RPM Adjustability 600 to 1500 RPM, offers tailored grinding experience

Adjustable RPM for Customized Grinding

The Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder's RPM adjustability sets it apart in the market, allowing users to customize their grinding experience. This unique feature enables users to program varying burr speeds within a single grind cycle. The control is in your hands whether you want to start slow and ramp up or maintain a steady speed throughout. The result is a distinct brewing experience that tailors the grind to your preferences, offering the flexibility to explore and discover the impact of different speeds on your coffee’s flavor.

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder Features
Enhancements to Coffee Grinding Process
Straight-through grind path Allows for a smoother flow, reducing retention and enhancing consistency
Burr reversal feature Minimizes coffee bean retention
RPM adjustability 600 to 1500 RPM, allows programming different burr speeds within a single grind cycle
Adjustable RPM for Customized Grinding
Unique RPM feature Enables varying burr speeds in one cycle for tailored grinding, flexibility in exploring different speeds' impact on flavor
Phone showing the Acaia Grinder App

Construction and Collaborative Design Efforts

The Orbit Coffee Grinder embodies Acaia's commitment to durability and aesthetics through its robust construction. Made from Aluminum, PC, and Stainless Steel, it's designed to stand the test of time while maintaining a sleek, modern look. Acaia collaborated with Douglas Weber of Weber Workshops in the design process, incorporating his expertise and influence into the grinder's innovative features and geometric design. The result is a perfect blend of functionality and style, creating a grinder that is as pleasing to the eye as effective in performance.

Acaia’s Quality Assurance

Acaia's commitment to quality assurance is demonstrated in manufacturing the Orbit Coffee Grinder. Produced in-house in Acacia's facilities, the grinder is subject to stringent quality controls to ensure it meets the highest performance and durability standards. This attention to detail extends to their dedicated customer service and support. With a one-year warranty included, customers can have peace of mind knowing that Acaia stands behind the quality and reliability of their product, assisting when needed.

Initial Rollout: The Eclipse Edition

The launch of the Orbit Coffee Grinder will see an initial series release aptly named the "Eclipse Edition". This first-run release is designed to gather user feedback, allowing Acaia to refine and enhance future editions based on actual user experiences. It underscores Acaia's commitment to continuous improvement and the delivery of products that meet the evolving needs of coffee enthusiasts.

Pricing and Future Availability

The Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder is priced at $1,350, reflecting its high-end features and quality construction. Initially, it will be available exclusively through Acaia’s United States-based website throughout 2022, ensuring close customer support and smooth product delivery. Looking ahead, Acaia plans for wider availability of the Orbit in 2023. This expanded distribution will include their EU and Japan web stores, as well as authorized dealers, making this innovative grinder more accessible to coffee enthusiasts around the world.

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Inside the Package

The Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder - Eclipse Edition is a comprehensive package offering everything you need to enhance your coffee brewing journey. Each package includes the main attraction - the Orbit Coffee Grinder - Eclipse, essential components like the power cable, and spout extender. The package also contains a 58 mm Portafilter Dosing Cup equipped with a Magnetic Pad for seamless grind-by-weight functionality. A pair of Lunar Magnetic Strips and a handy application tool are also included, ensuring a hassle-free grinding experience right from the unboxing.


The Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder - Eclipse Edition is a game-changer, offering many features designed to elevate your coffee grinding process. Whether it's the grind-by-weight functionality, the adjustable RPM, or the robust construction, every aspect of the Orbit is meticulously designed with the user in mind. The special Eclipse Edition further showcases Acaia's commitment to its early adopters, providing an array of bonus gifts and extended product support. As Acaia forges a new path in the coffee-grinding industry, the Orbit is a testament to its innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to quality.


Amélie has a dual Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Literature. She wrote a Master's Thesis on the importance of blending scientific knowledge with the arts to create a healthier culture. She also has a Bachelor of Education and has been teaching Biology and Language Arts since 2016. She is happily addicted to coffee and constantly learning.

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