Rancilio Bond: A Revolutionary Self-Adjusting GBW Grinder

Jul 11, 2023 • Amélie Bigras

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Rancilio, an Italian espresso equipment company with a heritage dating back to 1927, is renowned for its high-quality espresso machines and coffee grinders. Now, they have taken another groundbreaking step with the unveiling of the Bond. Rancilio Bond, the company's first GBW grinder, is revolutionizing the coffee grinding. Users can designate the desired weight in grams through a touchscreen interface, and the Bond's built-in load cell weighs grounds as they accumulate in the portafilter. This offers a new level of precision, ensuring each brew starts with the perfect amount of coffee.

The Concept of GBW Grinders

Before exploring the Bond's features, let's first understand what a GBW grinder is. A GBW or Grind-by-Weight grinder measures the output of coffee grounds by weight rather than time, providing a precise amount of coffee each time. This method is superior to traditional heroes as it offers a more controlled and consistent grinding process, leading to a better-quality brew.

Key Features of Rancilio Bond

Self-Adjusting Mechanism

The self-adjusting mechanism is undeniably one of the most fascinating features of the Rancilio Bond grinder. This technology is engineered to consistently deliver your preferred brew, eliminating any inconsistencies and guesswork from the process. It is controlled by an algorithm that uses real-time information from the flow meters of compatible Rancilio espresso machines.

This ingenious mechanism works by continuously monitoring and adjusting the grind size to maintain the desired brewing time, making it truly personalized to each user. This self-adjustment capability ensures that changes in factors such as bean density, humidity, or temperature do not affect the consistency of the grind. As explained by Maciej Ostrowski, the Bond's algorithm adjusts the grind settings based on user-set parameters and the two crucial factors - grind-by-weight dosing and flow rate monitoring.

This feature is handy for commercial establishments where consistency is key to customer satisfaction. It allows baristas to achieve a perfect grind every time regardless of skill level.

Self adjusting mechanism on the Rancilio Bond

Compatible Machines and Rancilio Connect Integration

Rancilio Bond's compatibility extends to several high-end Rancilio espresso machines, namely, the Specialty RS1, the Invicta, and four machines in the company’s renowned Classe line. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures that establishments using these machines can seamlessly integrate the Bond into their existing set-up.

Moreover, the Bond also integrates with Rancilio Connect, the company's IoT platform launched in 2021. This platform is commonly used as a maintenance and sales monitoring system, enabling establishments to monitor their machines' status and performance, manage routine maintenance, and track sales data.

However, the Rancilio Connect integration with Bond adds another layer of convenience. Users can now view and modify the Bond’s settings remotely via the Rancilio Connect platform. This capability is beneficial for large establishments or chains where central control over multiple machines is necessary. It also allows advanced users to fine-tune their grinders with incredible precision and consistency, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee each time.

Proven Technology and High-Quality Hardware

While the Bond is a new grinder, its technology is tested and proven, having been used successfully in Rancilio's super-automatic brand equipment, Egro, for several years. The Bond features 83-millimeter flat steel burrs – the largest in Rancilio’s grinder line – and a 650-watt motor spinning at 1,550 RPM within an all-metal case. An optional dynamometric tamper can be mounted on the grinder's side, guaranteeing uniformity and consistency, which are essential for successful extraction.

Specifications and Launch Details

The Bond is a sizable grinder, with dimensions of 12.2 x 14.8 x 28.6 inches, fitting well within commercial kitchen spaces or home setups. Weighing in at 53 pounds, the grinder’s all-metal case adds to its durability and robustness.

Inside the Bond, you'll find 83-millimeter flat steel burrs, the largest in Rancilio’s grinder line. These are driven by a 650-watt motor that spins them at 1,550 RPM. This combination of power and speed ensures that the Bond delivers an efficient and consistent grind every time.

The Bond also comes with an optional dynamometric tamper. This mechanical tamper can be mounted on the grinder's side, guaranteeing uniform tamping. Uniform tamping is a vital aspect of getting consistent extraction, emphasizing the thoughtfulness behind the Bond's design.

As for its availability, the retail pricing for North America has yet to be disclosed. However, coffee enthusiasts and commercial establishments can anticipate the Bond's launch in U.S. markets later this year. This launch marks a significant moment in the coffee industry, with the Bond set to redefine standards of precision, consistency, and control in coffee grinding.

The Rancilio Bond Self-Adjusting GBW Grinder offers coffee lovers a unique blend of advanced technology, ease of use, and exceptional coffee brewing control. So, stay tuned for its launch, and prepare to elevate your coffee experience to a new level of excellence.

Big handle on the Rancilio Bond


In conclusion, the Rancilio Bond Self-Adjusting GBW Grinder embodies the future of coffee grinding, combining technology, innovation, and proven reliability. The Bond is set to elevate the coffee experience, whether for home brewers or professionals.

Are you interested in learning more about the Rancilio Bond? Stay tuned for its U.S. launch later this year and prepare to enhance your coffee brewing journey. Share this post with your fellow coffee lovers and stay up-to-date with the latest in coffee innovations.


Amélie has a dual Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Literature. She wrote a Master's Thesis on the importance of blending scientific knowledge with the arts to create a healthier culture. She also has a Bachelor of Education and has been teaching Biology and Language Arts since 2016. She is happily addicted to coffee and constantly learning.

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