How To: James Hoffmann Aeropress Recipe (Step by Step)

Oct 04, 2022 • Leigh McDonald

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Simple is always best when it comes to our daily coffee routine. Since I have been using my Aeropress every day for the last three years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the coffee it makes. So, it's always a pleasure to see creative ways of brewing coffee.

Today I tried this recipe I found on YouTube to my pleasant surprise. I actually found the process to be a bit easier by letting the press sit on the cup and pouring in the hot water. This delicious brew can be made in the steps below and the brew time only takes 3 minutes from start to finish, great if you’re in a rush.

The James Hoffman Aeropress Recipe Video


Top tips from the video

  • For lighter roasts, get the water nice and boiling hot
  • For darker roasts, drop the temperature down to between 85°C (185°F) and 90°C (195°F)
  • No matter what type of kettle you use, make sure you fill it with hot water and soak the grind for a couple minutes.
  • It's best to press gently, and evenly, without pressing too hard.
  • It should take about 30 seconds to press, totaling about 3 minutes from start to finish.

Flavor not quite right? Try these tips to experiment with in order to get the right flavor. It can either be the size of your grinds or the temperature of your coffee. Here are a couple tips you can play around with:

  • If the coffee flavor is bitter: Your grind might be too fine, try a more coarse setting. The water could also be too hot for the type of beans that you’re using.
  • If the coffee flavor is sour: Get your water boiling hot and try grinding your beans a bit finer.

James Hoffman method vs regular Aeropress

This is a very clean-tasting, fantastic cup of coffee without being too strong. The preparation feels easier than re-pouring hot water in and then flipping the Aeropress onto the cup (not to mention the risk if the plunger/piston comes off - trust us, we know!).

One word of advice I found with this method was after pouring in the hot water, the steam pressure would cause the plunger have more resistance. You'll have to apply a bit of pressure to get it down to the 1cm mark as mentioned in the steps above.

As soon as the timer is ready (after your 2 minutes and then another 30s), you can quickly press the coffee through the grind to ensure it doesn't get too bitter or sour. I feel it's safe to say we'll be trying this method for a while and hope you enjoy it too.

How To: Brew Your Aeropress (James Hoffman Method)

Total Time: 4 Minutes

Step 1. Grind 11g of your coffee

Ground coffee in a bowl

Grind 11g of coffee a little finer than medium (if light roast), go a bit more course for dark grind.

Step 2. Add a filter and attach the cap

Attaching a cap with a filter to an Aeropress

Put a filter into the cap and attach the cap to the body of the Aeropress.

If you're using a paper filter: We suggest place the paper filter into the cap and add a couple drops of water so that the filter is seated properly in the cap with no creases. If the paper is creased in the middle, stretch it out with your fingers.

Step 3. Place Aeropress on your mug and add your coffee

Pouring grind into an Aeropress

Set the Aeropress on top of your mug and pour in your fresh coffee grind (without the plunger).

Step 4. Pour in boiling water

Pouring hot water into an Aeropress

Place on the scale (optional), bring water to a boil and pour in 200g, covering the grind evenly.

Step 5. Add plunger and wait 2 minutes

Adding plunger onto an Aeropress

Duration: 2 Minutes

Put the plunger into the Aeropress (about 1cm) and start a timer for 2 minutes.

Step 6. Swirl the brewer and wait 30 more seconds

Aeropress after swirling on top of a coffee cup

Duration: 30 Seconds

Gently hold the plunger with the cup then swirl the brewer for a few seconds to loosen any stuck grinds and wait for 30 more seconds.

Step 7. Press and enjoy

Freshly made Aeropress coffee

Press your coffee gently and slowly! Be careful, it'll be hot (both water and the plastic).


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