10 Best Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs: Coffee Bliss

Nov 26, 2023 • Leigh McDonald

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Colorado Springs, CO is more than just a scenic spot that boasts of natural beauty, it is a city that takes its coffee very seriously. From the impressive variety of locally-owned, artisan coffee shops to the coffee-loving community, this town truly appreciates a great cup of joe. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast hunting for your next brew, a digital nomad seeking a new workspace, or a tourist looking for a local gem, you've come to the right place.

In this post, we'll explore the 10 best coffee shops in Colorado Springs, including places like Loyal Coffee, known for their precision-roasted beans and alluring sensory experience, Jives Coffee Lounge, where coffee and music meld beautifully, or Humble Coffee, renowned for their sustainable practices and delicious, locally-sourced food. Sit back, sip on your favorite brew, and let's discover Colorado Springs one coffee shop at a time.

A Deeper Look at Our Picks

Loyal Coffee

Loyal CoffeeLoyal Coffee

Loyal Coffee is a barista-owned and operated specialty coffee company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their love for the city is intermingled with their passion for brewing coffee. With cafes situated in Colorado Springs, they offer a complete sensory experience—a perfect space for work, relaxation, and social connections. The coffee is roasted with creativity and precision at The Clubhouse, a roasting location downtown. Focusing on quality, Loyal Coffee fosters economically beneficial relationships with coffee producers. They offer a wide variety of coffees, each assigned a unique number for easy referencing, ranging from blends with hints of strawberry and nectarine to notes of chocolate, stone fruit, and citrus. They even have a decaf option that promises flavors of chocolate, raspberry, and almond. Apart from coffee, their cafes provide a food menu that includes toast with various spreads and toppings, bowls with ingredients like quinoa, heritage greens, and blackberries, and even sides of fresh fruits. For coffee lovers at home, Loyal Coffee also makes merchandise available, including a traditional coffee mug, travel tumbler, hoodies, and t-shirts. The entire operation, from roasting to brewing and serving, is done out of love for the community, hoping to positively impact every community they interact with through the medium of coffee.

Jives Coffee Lounge

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4.7 out of 1532 Reviews • 16 Colbrunn Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Jives Coffee LoungeJives Coffee Lounge

Jives Coffee Lounge is the blend of three beautiful elements: coffee, music, and life. Nestled in Old Colorado City neighborhood of Colorado Springs, Jives offers more than just your typical cafe experience. Coming here is like coming home - you're not another customer, but a part of the 'family'. And their coffee? It's something they're especially proud of, and they believe their espresso is so good, you won't want to get your caffeine fix anywhere else.

But Jives isn't just about the coffee. They also have a unique musical edge. Their space is designed around their music stage, and they have several musicians working as baristas. They are committed to showcasing original live music frequently - a testament to their motto: 'coffee music life'. Plus, the Jives team is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and community-driven vibe. If you visit more than three times, you're not just a customer, but considered part of the family, even perhaps getting an invite to their homey Sunday Family Supper.

It isn't merely about serving great coffee or playing good music, but it's about doing life together, as a community, in the heart of Colorado Springs.

Humble Coffee

Humble CoffeeHumble Coffee

Humble Coffee, a locally cherished coffee roastery and shop, prides itself on its commitment to sustainable practices, fair trade goods, and premium roasted coffee since its establishment in 2014. Ensuring a zero-emission roasting system and strong farm links, Humble Coffee engages intricate methods to bring out the absolute flavors and aromas of their craft. The roastery's heartfelt narrative goes back to its initial barista, Josh, and his later recruit, Juanita, fondly known as Juice and Bunny, respectively, who eventually bought the thriving business and preserved its philosophy of excellent coffee and devoted service.

Humble Coffee is not just about the perfect brew. Their business ethos extends to forging ties with local small businesses, like the Blue Sunflour bakery, and the production of cookies by Sasquatch Cookies. They admire their local partners for their discerning quality, part of their commitment to offering a variety of locally sourced and delicious foods, from breakfast burritos to bagel sandwiches.

The coffee culture at Humble Coffee is set to spread further with exciting plans of opening a new branch at the Barnes and Oro Blanco Intersection in Colorado Springs soon. As well as this, they have broadened their drink offerings with the introduction of Italian Cream Sodas and breakfast foods at their drive-thru locations. Amidst all their success, Humble Coffee maintains gratitude for their dedicated baristas and roasters, while embracing a continuous journey of growth and innovation.

Dynamo Coffee Roasting and Community

Dynamo Coffee Roasting and CommunityDynamo Coffee Roasting and Community

Dynamo Coffee Roasting is a locally owned and operated coffee shop nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs, established by Will and Leah, two Colorado Springs natives with a history in coffee and a dream to serve their beloved community. The joint offers more than just coffee; they house make their pastries, breakfast, and lunch alongside fresh snacks for those on-the-go. You'll also find products made from scratch such as their much-loved almond milk, house-made syrups, and of course, their fresh in-house roasted coffee beans. The shop is also home to dedicated gluten-free pastries for those with dietary restrictions. Operating hours are primarily between 7 AM and 4 PM with closures every Tuesday. Their goal, besides serving top-notch coffee, is to foster a space that encourages friendship, community, and creativity. So, whether you are dreaming up a novel or catching up with a friend, Dynamo Coffee Roasting is the spot to be. Alongside their coffee endeavours, they also pride themselves on collaborating with other local businesses. Find them at 4029 Tutt Blvd in Colorado Springs.

Caffeinated Cow

Caffeinated CowCaffeinated Cow

Caffeinated Cow is a charming, family and veteran-owned café nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs. Much more than just a coffee and ice cream spot, this homey place is fueled by local love: from the ingredients in its dishes to its commitment to community events. They source their coffee locally, roast it on-site in Colorado Springs, and deliver their specialty ice cream fresh from a Denver creamery every day. For food, the menu is a delight, with breakfast burritos hailed as the best in Colorado Springs and delicious sandwiches made from top-tier Boars Head meats and cheeses. Reviews on both Google and Facebook are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising everything from their unique drink selections, tasty espresso, and the welcoming atmosphere of the café. Visitors seem to enjoy the flexibility of creating their own drinks with a vast selection of options. Located at 1791 S. 8th St, the café is open seven days a week and also offers take out and catering services. So, if you're around the corner or across the town, make sure to drop by. Caffeinated Cow is ready to perk-up your day.

Frankly Coffee

Frankly CoffeeFrankly Coffee

Frankly Coffee Co has a Facebook page that you can access to get more information about their offerings. However, to view the content, you'll need to be logged into your Facebook account. The page likely houses all kinds of content, from the shop's hours of operation and location to any upcoming events or special deals that may be happening. Whether you want to stay updated on what's new or simply want to explore their coffee offerings, Frankly Coffee's Facebook page is a handy resource to have at your fingertips—it's all about connecting and sharing with others who love coffee as much as you do.

Story Coffee Company

Story Coffee CompanyStory Coffee Company

Story Coffee Company is a popular coffee shop with an accessible website where you can explore their offerings. It's worth noting that any specific company, product, or services mentioned on their site aren't controlled by GoDaddy.com LLC, and don't imply an association or endorsement with third-party advertisers. This suggests that the coffee shop operates independently and offers authentic experiences for each visitor. It's recommended that interested individuals visit the Story Coffee Company's website directly to learn more about what they offer.

The Exchange On Tejon

The Exchange On TejonThe Exchange On Tejon

A popular spot in Colorado Springs, The Exchange offers an array of amazing breakfast and lunch options that can be enjoyed cozying up on-site or through their convenient online ordering for quick takeout. They pride themselves on their mouth-watering food, making them a community favorite. Their menu ranges from traditional classics to unique creations, which are all homemade. They also offer over-the-top housemade baked goods, prepared fresh daily. While having a more casual and friendly atmosphere, they also offer specialty catering for events, assuring an unforgettable experience. Many of their loyal customers speak highly of their food, atmosphere, and friendly staff. As a locally owned and operated eatery, they emphasize that their coffee is a cut above the rest and they take pride in using only the freshest ingredients, which results to great tasting food. For those looking for some entertainment, The Exchange is also open to having your band play or showcasing your art. With their diverse menu and commitment to quality, The Exchange is a hit among Colorado Springs locals and is worth checking out.

Kairos Coffee House

Kairos Coffee HouseKairos Coffee House

Kairos Coffee House is a unique café located in the heart of Colorado Springs. Named after the Ancient Greek term for a unique, radiant moment of deep connection, Kairos is a place where time stops and magic happens. More than just a café, Kairos is a welcoming space where you can reconnect, recharge, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and share deeply meaningful meals with friends. It’s a destination that values the individual, striving to be a friendly second home you'll always want to return to. Kairos isn’t just about excellent coffee, it's about creating positive change as well. Their honorable business approach aims to make a positive impact on the local community and beyond, with a mission of connecting like-minded people and offering educational and training opportunities. So come down to Kairos, leave your worries behind and experience a kairos moment for yourself.

Corter Coffee Roasters

Corter Coffee RoastersCorter Coffee Roasters

Corter Coffee Roasters is a Colorado Springs-based coffee roastery and café, owned and run by veterans and taking great pride in its roots in the local region. With meticulous care and attention to detail, they source the highest quality green coffee beans from around the globe and invest hours into perfecting their roasting and blending process. The end result? Exquisite coffee with unique and complex flavor profiles.

Their coffee offerings change frequently based on availability and season, but one of their standout products is the Mexican roast from Chiapas, which promises a clean, smooth, and wonderfully nutty taste. You might want to try their Monsooned Malabar beans as well, which are dark-roasted to emit earthy wood notes, making it perfect for pour over, drip, and espresso drinkers.

Apart from being a hub for coffee aficionados, they also cater to wholesale clients across the USA. If you want to experience their freshly roasted coffee first-hand, drop by their café and roastery located at 406 S. 8th Street, Suite B, Colorado Springs. It's open from 6 am-6pm, Monday to Friday, and 8 am-6 pm over the weekend. Also, hop onto their website to check for any new offerings or even custom orders.

Best Coffee Spots in Colorado Springs

While all the neighborhoods in Colorado Springs have their own charm and appeal, when it comes to the best coffee spots, some stand out more than others. Old Colorado City, Downtown, and East Colorado Springs are home to several of our top picks.

Historic Charm and Cultural Scene

Known for their historic architecture and vibrant cultural scene, these areas offer the perfect backdrop to enjoy a cup of coffee while exploring local art galleries, boutique shops, and parks. Downtown Colorado Springs, for example, houses an impressive array of coffee shops such as Loyal Coffee and Humble Coffee, in close proximity to its many downtown businesses, and East Colorado Springs is home to Switchback Coffee Roasters, a community staple renowned for its perfectly balanced brews.

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Coffee Culture and Community

The history of Colorado Springs itself is rich and varied, with its foundation as a health resort in the late 19th century. However, the city's love affair with coffee took root later, with the arrival of a wave of new residents in the 1960s and 70s. As the city grew, so did its taste for high-quality, locally sourced food and drink – and coffee was no exception. Over the decades, coffee shops have become an integral part of Colorado Springs' vibrant cultural scene, offering a place for community gatherings, art exhibitions, music events, and more.

Top view of Pike's Peak
Pike's Peak

Must-See Attractions and More

A visit to Colorado Springs isn’t just about coffee, however. This city offers a plethora of must-see attractions. Of course, there’s the iconic Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, but you can also explore the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, or the Broadmoor Seven Falls for a taste of the local natural beauty. For the history buffs, the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum offers insights into the city’s past. And for those looking for a bit of culture, the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College is a must-visit.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings
Manitou Cliff Dwellings

Interestingly, Colorado Springs also has a burgeoning craft beer scene, another testament to the city's love for high-quality, locally produced beverages. As a coffee lover, you might enjoy comparing the artisanal processes of coffee roasting and beer brewing, or even exploring coffee-infused beers available at some local breweries.

Moreover, Colorado Springs' coffee shops are not just places to enjoy a good brew; they're social hubs that play a crucial role in fostering the city's sense of community. Many coffee shops host events like poetry readings, music performances, and art exhibitions, turning these spaces into a breeding ground for local culture and creativity.

In conclusion, Colorado Springs offers a multitude of experiences for coffee lovers. The city's rich history, breathtaking natural beauty, and vibrant cultural scene are all the more enjoyable when explored through its fantastic array of coffee shops. So the next time you're in Colorado Springs, remember to take a moment to sit down, relax, and enjoy a locally roasted cup of coffee - you won't be disappointed!

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