5 Best Coffee Shops in Pheonix: Hot Coffee, Cool Oasis

Jun 11, 2023 • Scott Buffon

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The best coffee shops in Phoenix not only serve incredible coffee and coffee drinks, but ice coffee takes on a whole meaning in the dry, 100 degree desert.

As an Arizonan who has spent his fair share of time in Phoenix, I can tell you how critical coffee is to the city’s daily grind. But it’s almost obvious, isn’t it? It would be weird if the country’s fourth largest metropolitan area and second fastest developing cities in the country didn’t need a morning jolt of energy. 

But when backyard pools get too hot to swim and sidewalks literally fry eggs, iced coffee reaches a new level of tasty. So keep reading and we’ll share with you all the best coffee shops in Phoenix that will meet your needs. 

Phoenix drawing made with coffee

A Deeper Look at Our Picks

Press Coffee

Press CoffeePress Coffee

When talking about Arizona Coffee, [Press](https://presscoffee.com/) had to be high on our list. With 12 locations across the valley, this roastery has won over the hearts of many coffee lovers because of their beans roasted in-house that have won Golden Bean competition.

If you’re looking for a medium-dark roast, we recommend the Sumatra Aech Gayo coffee (if it’s not sold out.) And they serve roasting and tasting tours at the roastery Press coffee shop.

Lux Central

Lux CentralLux Central

Between the great bakery options and tasty iced lattes, you’ll be glad you found Lux Central. With its hip coffee aesthetic, you can find classic coffee, seating, and free Wi-Fi. If you have an opportunity, check out their Red Velvet Latte with one of your favorite pastries.

While some people have complained about the service, others find the baristas charming and attentive.

Cartel Roasting Co.

Stars rating filled inStars rating background
out of Reviews • 1 North 1st Street, Phoenix
Cartel Roasting Co.Cartel Roasting Co.

Cartel Roasting Company is widely beloved around its many Phoenix locations. Cartel serves an unforgettable cup of locally roasted coffee. That being said, the coffee can be a bit pricey compared to other shops in town. 

Lola Coffee

Lola CoffeeLola Coffee

Lola Coffee is a well-known and popular coffee shop located in Phoenix, Arizona. Please note that my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, and there may have been changes since then. However, I'll provide a general description based on the information available up to that point.

Lola Coffee is often described as a neighborhood gem, attracting locals and visitors alike. It is known for its inviting atmosphere, quality coffee, and friendly service. The coffee shop has developed a loyal following and has become a go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts in Phoenix.

Upon entering Lola Coffee, you can expect to find a warm and welcoming environment. The interior is typically cozy and comfortable, featuring a mix of rustic and contemporary elements. You might encounter a combination of wooden furnishings, exposed brick walls, and soft lighting, creating a relaxed and inviting ambiance.

Tres Leches Café

Tres Leches CaféTres Leches Café

Tres Leches Café is a delightful and unique coffee shop nestled in the heart of Phoenix. Stepping into Tres Leches Café is like entering a vibrant and cozy oasis that celebrates the fusion of coffee culture and Latin American flavors. The café takes its name from the famous Latin American dessert, "tres leches," and infuses that sweet, creamy essence into its coffee creations.

The moment you walk through the doors, you'll be greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, mixed with hints of cinnamon and chocolate. The interior of Tres Leches Café is thoughtfully designed, with warm and inviting colors, comfortable seating areas, and Latin American-inspired artwork adorning the walls. The space strikes the perfect balance between modern chic and cultural charm.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Coffee Shop in Phoenix

Like any metropolis, it’s not enough to find a great place to eat on the internet. You need to look for food near you. 

Luckily for you, Phoenix is a mecca for indoor entertainment and services like coffee shops. So whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon, workspace, or grab-and-go coffee shop, you can find it. 
Just to be clear, for the best coffee shops in Phoenix, we’ll be considering iced coffee a must. 

Location and accessibility — Like many major cities, Phoenix is not without its inner-cities. From Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and Chandler, make sure you’re picking a coffee shop that’s nearby. 

Aesthetic — Phoenix is a city unlike many others in the U.S. With its high temperatures and high population, it’s a city that loves to go out but stay inside. So as you travel around the city, you’ll realize very quickly that aesthetics are king.

Drive-thru — If you’re picking up a coffee on your way to a Top Golf or a museum, we’ll make sure you know if this coffee shop is along the way to your destination. 

Hours and operation — Many chain restaurants, or Arizona favorites like Dutch Bros, are open 24/7. But the local, specialty coffee shops have a better work-life balance, so we’ll let you know when to drop by.

Food and drinks — Sometimes you’re looking for the incredible food and coffee combo, so we’ll let you know if there’s bakeries, bagels, in-house roasters, or some great homemade eats. 

Workspace — Some coffee shops are loud with grab-and-go traffic and uncomfortable metal chairs, yet others have comfortable seating with free Wi-Fi and tons of comfortable seating. We’ll let you know whether you should get in and out or stay for a few hours. 


As a metropolitan area, you can expect Phoenix to have some incredible coffee shops.

The city’s roasteries have created some bold flavors, meanwhile the pure coffee shops have created exciting new coffee flavored drinks. Be certain to check the location before you depart for one of our coffee shops. Armed with an iced latte or cold brew, you can take on whatever your day demands. 

Save our recommendations on your Google Map or go out now and try them!


Scott's tasted his first cup of coffee in college. The sludgy cup came from the gas station closest to his apartment when he needed to stay awake during an all-night study session. Thankfully, this cup was not his last. He and his wife now enjoy a cup or two of home-brewed coffee with breakfast every morning and enjoy exploring new coffee shops and eateries. As a former journalist, he works as a communication manager for a local, art-focused nonprofit in Arizona most days and freelances the rest. As a writer at heart, Scott appreciates the union of his craft and love of coffee at Roast Love.

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