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What better way to awaken your inner self than the best cup of coffee from the best coffee shops in Sedona?

As a local to northern Arizona whose wife went to high school in Sedona, I’m going to dish out some local knowledge about Sedona’s best coffee shops. I know how important some caffeine can be to getting out and seeing the most of Sedona. From the iconic red rock mountains and vistas, the robust wellness community, and vortex healing everywhere, you’d be sad if you slept through it. 

Because there’s so much to see in the area! For example, did you know two Sedona hikes — Devil’s Bridge and Cathedral Rock — were in the top ten hiking trails in 2023, according to the AllTrails hiking app. For a small town that’s not a national park, it’s incredible! So keep reading, and I’ll tell you how to find the best coffee shops in Sedona.

Red clouds over Sedona

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sedona Coffee Shop

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a Sedona coffee shop, but there’s one factor that impacts tourists and locals alike.

The small town lacks big city infrastructure, meaning traffic gets out of hand during busy hours. Like any city built around mountains, lakes, and other natural geography, the town doesn’t have a lot of room to expand. So it’s best to pick a coffee shop that’s near where you’re staying or on the way to your destination.

But let’s dive into the things you need to consider when picking the best coffee shop in Sedona.

Food and drink options — In a small town like Sedona, there aren’t many chain companies. So many of the spots we feature will be home-town businesses that cater to multiple tastes. Expect many coffee shops to have breakfast and lunch options to pair with their coffee drinks.

Drive-thru — The drive-thru coffee shop has become an expectation in big cities, but Sedona is light in this category. The small town caters to a restrictive building code that sometimes requires companies to bend to aesthetic over convenience — like McDonald’s only turquoise-colored “golden arch” in the world.

The Sedona vortex factor — Sedona is an incredibly unique place, especially with its love of crystals, healing, and vortexes. But some businesses incorporate more crystal healing than others. So if you want a miraculous view of red rocks or palm reading with your coffee, Sedona’s got it.

Location and accessibility — Locals will tell you that Sedona is bisected into three sections — West Sedona, South Sedona, and the Village of Oak Creek. And because of traffic, it can take an hour to travel three miles, one way. So picking the best coffee shop along the way to where you’re staying or going is critical.

Hours of operation — Similar to the small-town aesthetic, Sedona’s businesses close early. So don’t forget to check out the opening and closing times!

Cup of coffee with a tarot card

A Deeper Look at Our Picks

Black Potion Sedona

out of Reviews • 841 Arizona 179, Sedona
Black Potion SedonaBlack Potion Sedona

This well-priced coffee shop in South Sedona features everything you would expect — coffee, psychic readings, and crystals. Black Potion’s flavorful coffee is grown by Peixoto Farms in Brazil, roasted in Phoenix, and pulled into your cup right in Sedona.

Indian Gardens Cafe & Market

Indian Gardens Cafe & MarketIndian Gardens Cafe & Market

This one is north of Sedona, but every tourist I’ve ever taken through this area never forgets the drive and experience. With Oak Creek Canyon’s one-of-a-kind scenery, Indian Garden’s fresh food, and outdoor historic cafe, you need to check it out if you're in the area.

Drop by for breakfast with a morning americano or latte in their outdoor eating space.

The Rose Vortex

The Rose Vortex The Rose Vortex

A stellar location with a dedicated “tribe” following, The Rose Vortex features coffee, smoothies, and lattes. They brew their coffee and drinks with adaptogenic herbs using ancient traditions to activate some of their ingredients. 

With their patented, yet very secretive Rose Vibes mix in some of their drinks, you’ll be lost in the vortex well after you’ve finished your coffee. 

Sedona Wellness Cafe

out of Reviews • 340 Jordan Road, Sedona
Sedona Wellness CafeSedona Wellness Cafe

Sedona Wellness Cafe features aura readings, meditative moments, kombucha, and incredible coffee drinks. Their lavender latte is a big hit with customers.

If you’re unfamiliar with the new-age wellness perspective, you may not know what to expect when you walk in. But we can promise you’ll walk out the door with a wonderful coffee drink and a new perspective on wellness.

Firecreek Coffee - Village of Oak Creek

out of Reviews • 6586 Arizona 179 #2, Sedona
Firecreek Coffee - Village of Oak CreekFirecreek Coffee - Village of Oak Creek

A local favorite, Firecreek is probably the most well-known micro-roastery that exclusively serves northern Arizona. Their classic Big Breakfast blend features Central American and Indonesian beans at a reasonable price. 

If you find yourself needing a coffee shop to work in the Village of Oak Creek, the hospitable staff, rotating local wall art, and free Wi-Fi will serve your needs perfectly. And if you feel the need to sit outside, the surrounding red rocks will keep you company. 



Normally, we like to feature non-chains on our best coffee shop lists, because you know what to expect with Starbucks flavors. But the West Sedona Starbucks is one of the few — if not the only — Sedona coffee shop with a drive-thru. So for that reason alone, we felt it warranted a spot on the list.


Most tourists traveling to Sedona want to get lost in a vortex, but nobody wants to get lost trying to find the best coffee shop. 

So to make sure you find exactly what you need, we did our best curating a wide variety of shops to ensure you can find what you need. In our mind, that included places with great views, crystal offerings, or just offered great coffee. And if you’re looking for something new, our list has that too. 

The small town of Sedona is light on options, but with a little help, we know you can find the best coffee shop in Sedona. 

Sedona's canyon in the sunset

Meet the expert

Scott's tasted his first cup of coffee in college. The sludgy cup came from the gas station closest to his apartment when he needed to stay awake during an all-night study session. Thankfully, this cup was not his last. He and his wife now enjoy a cup or two of home-brewed coffee with breakfast every morning and enjoy exploring new coffee shops and eateries. As a former journalist, he works as a communication manager for a local, art-focused nonprofit in Arizona most days and freelances the rest. As a writer at heart, Scott appreciates the union of his craft and love of coffee at Roast Love.

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