Top 30 Cafés in Seoul: Discover Seoul's Coffee Revolution

Aug 16, 2023 • Leigh McDonald

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South Korea's vibrant capital, Seoul, has embraced the worldwide café culture with a fervor that is truly remarkable. The coffee industry's growth in Seoul, which began in the late 19th century during the Korean Empire, has seen a staggering explosion in the number of coffee shops. Nowadays, the coffee culture in Seoul is more than just about drinking coffee; it's a lifestyle where coffee shops have become spaces for socializing, working, and even art exhibitions. Among these numerous cafes, some truly stand out for their unique atmosphere, exceptional coffee, and customer service. A couple of those that have made it to our top 30 list include HIT COFFEE ROASTERS, renowned for its consistently delicious coffee and standout cold glacier and flat white options, and Quench Coffee, with its vintage atmosphere and delectable medium roast coffee.

How We Selected These Coffee Shops

The following criteria guided our selection of the top 30 coffee shops in Seoul:

  • The quality of their coffee
  • Positive online customer reviews
  • High online customer ratings
  • The environment of the space, whether it's suitable for work or socializing

A Deeper Look at Our Picks

Quench Coffee

Quench CoffeeQuench Coffee

Quench Coffee truly takes its coffee creation seriously. Their medium roast coffee has a delectable freshness that meets various tastes; even those who prefer less acidity will find a cup to satisfy their palate. Not forgetting the picturesque latte, described by some as the best in South Korea.

However, one must not overlook the atmosphere this place delivers. Along with your coffee, enjoy the touch of vintage wooden furniture that contributes to a sense of nostalgia, complimented by the soft classical music that fills the room. It's not every day that one can enjoy a quiet and peaceful afternoon in such a casual, yet thoughtful setting.

히트커피 로스터스 서교

히트커피 로스터스 서교히트커피 로스터스 서교

HIT COFFEE ROASTERS in Seoul is a coffee roaster that prides itself on communication and interaction with customers through their brews. Established in a tranquil neighborhood in Cheonan during the winter of 2016, they’ve grown to serve a diverse clientele, which testifies their appealing local popularity. Known for their confidence in coffee, patrons often express satisfaction for the impactful coffee flavors they offer. Keeping a steadfast focus on quality, they meticulously record the origin of the beans and the roasting profile, promising a uniformly high standard. Through years of honing their roasting skills, HIT COFFEE ROASTERS has managed to create coffee that maintains a consistent taste, leaving an aroma that lingers on, making them popular among coffee lovers across the demographic spectrum. A standout on the menu is their cold glacier, which some claim to be among the best. Their flat white is also tremendously enjoyed by the customers. The staff's proficiency and the trendy ambiance add to the overall charm of the place, making a visit to HIT COFFEE ROASTERS a delightful experience.

클렌치 커피 (Clench Coffee)

클렌치 커피 (Clench Coffee)클렌치 커피 (Clench Coffee)

Clench Coffee has a reputation for top-notch bean roasting, which allows for a smooth, rich, and fulfilling coffee experience. The taste is distinct, yet inviting, offering a pleasing sensation to both seasoned coffee drinkers and newcomers alike. Its service and food have also been highly regarded, adding to the overall satisfactory visit. However, some have found the atmosphere to be a bit lacking, pointing towards room for improvement in creating a more cozy and comfort-inviting ambiance. All in all, Clench Coffee stands out specifically for its excellent coffee crafting process.

Lull CoffeeLull Coffee

LULL Coffee brings a unique coffee experience to the table, combining quality with diversity. Their enigmatic blend, the LULL Decaffein, originates from Peru, specifically the regions of Chachapoyas and Amazonas. This blend is intriguingly processed via the washed, water-process decaffeinated method and showcases a medium-dark roast. A sip of LULL Decaffein takes you on a

Brilliant Coffee Roasters

Brilliant Coffee RoastersBrilliant Coffee Roasters

Brilliant Coffee is known for its highly skilled baristas who demonstrate particular strength in producing hand drip coffee. Not renowned as a simple cafe, the establishment positions itself as a specialty store with a range of premium quality coffees. Their offering includes a number of blends such as the Modern Blend and Casual Blend, which are available for purchase in various sizes. Beyond just their coffee, Brilliant Coffee also offers a well-curated menu, featuring items like cheesecake that pairs excellently with their beverages. Delivering a great coffee experience, it's fair to say Brilliant Coffee stands out as a popular go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts.



Blot Coffee, situated near the Trickeye Museum, takes the coffee experience to a whole new level by roasting its own beans, creating seriously good brews for all coffee lovers out there. The iced latte is worth a special mention, a testament to their excellence in quality and taste. They also delight coffee enthusiasts with their top-notch third-wave coffee, intricately prepared espresso, pour over, and cold brew. Known for its pleasant staff and cool service, this coffee joint indeed enhances its customers' coffee experience. Also, a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere adds to the overall appeal of Blot Coffee.

Cafe Honor

Cafe HonorCafe Honor

Honors Cafe Dining Facility, located in the picturesque Gongneung-dong Railway Park, is an oasis of calm and flavor. The establishment's charm is evident in its architecture, with its unique “red-brick exterior with the charm of an old fashioned two-storied house. The establishment's interior design enhances its persona, filled with adorable décor that synchronously merges with the charming sofas and chairs placed throughout the café. The creation of an ambiance that is spacious, yet cozy, perfectly mirrors the Café’s dedication to providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for coffee enthusiasts. But it's the coffee that truly sets Honors Cafe apart. With a variety of signature coffees and teas on the menu, this cafe caters to diverse palates. Whether you're a die-hard coffee devotee or passionate about tea, rest assured this place has a brew just for you. Also noteworthy is their carefully curated dessert menu, undoubtedly a cherry on top of the rich Coffee experience at the Honors Café. Make sure to check out the second floor for an unexpected delight, a space dedicated to hosting concerts. If you find yourself in Gongneung-dong, make sure to stop by Honors Cafe Dining Facility - a haven for coffee lovers. If not only for the fantastic coffee, definitely for the atmosphere that comfortably stands out amidst other cafes in the vicinity.

Thanks Nature Cafe

Thanks Nature CafeThanks Nature Cafe

Thanks Nature Cafe resides at the bottom of a shopping mall, providing an escape within the city's hustle and bustle. The staff here are quite pleasant, contributing warmth and friendliness to the place's overall inviting atmosphere. What sets Thanks Nature Cafe apart, however, is their coffee. Many customers rave about the coffee's intense and creamy quality, with crowd favorites including the mint chocolate chip frappuccino and the warm cup of vanilla latte. The cafe also offers a selection of appetizing food including honey toast and waffles. Quite a unique highlight is their pair of resident sheep, which adds a whimsical touch to this urban sanctuary. Despite its somewhat hidden location, Thanks Nature Cafe is worth the exploration and has much to offer in the way of quality coffee and an overall unique cafe experience.

Baram Coffee

Baram CoffeeBaram Coffee

Baram Coffee displays an impressive coffee selection. The coffee, with a notable floral aroma, appears to be blended based on Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a choice that adds to the coffee's unique taste, characterized by its pleasantly moderate acidity. The key feature of this coffee shop is their top-quality roasted coffee beans, which aren't readily attainable elsewhere. They offer an array of exclusive beans, including Mocha Matari and Hawaiian Kona, that are usually scarce even in dedicated coffee roasteries.

Beyond the coffee, Baram Coffee is also recognized for having thoughtful and well-trained staff which contributes to the overall pleasant atmosphere. More so, the interior is stylish and, at times, serves as a space for arts exhibition. Overall, Baram coffee blends great coffee, cordial staff, and a charming environment which offers more than just your usual coffee shop experience.



Conveniently located on the first floor of Konnect Entertainment in Seoul, Cafe De Konnect is a soothing gem ideal for savoring a comforting cup of coffee in a pleasing atmosphere. Alongside its modern and peaceful environment, the cafe maintains a high standard for its drinks, offering undeniably delightful coffee that embodies an enjoyable aroma and taste. The quality of service complemented by the serene setting creates a conducive environment for visitors to relax and enjoy their brew. Additionally, guests have the opportunity to purchase themed merchandise, enhancing the cafe's unique charm. Basking in an enjoyable atmosphere, relishing a warm cup of coffee, and indulging in charming merchandise, Cafe De Konnect certainly offers a distinct and delightful experience.

CozyVilla Coffee Roasters

CozyVilla Coffee RoastersCozyVilla Coffee Roasters

CozyVilla Coffee Roasters is a sweet spot to relieve yourself from a long working week by indulging in their delectable coffee. The cafe, nestled in Itaewon, offers a soothing ambiance that accentuates your coffee drinking experience. What makes CozyVilla tick, however, is the praise it often receives for its competent staff and fine service. As for the main showcase, their coffee, it has been noted to be truly enjoyable, implying an evident dedication to quality and taste. Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a casual sipper, CozyVilla Coffee Roasters should be your next coffee haunt in Itaewon.

Ediya Coffee Lab.

Ediya Coffee Lab.Ediya Coffee Lab.

For those in Seoul looking for a varied selection of flavorful brews, Ediya Coffee is a notable hotspot. Known for its quality coffee, Ediya serves a range of choices from traditional pour-over to siphon coffee. The coffee beans used here seem to make a significant difference in the taste - enhancing the overall experience. While their classic brews garner much appreciation, the brown sugar cold brew happens to be a bit on the sweeter side. Inside, the ambiance is akin to a chic warehouse, with aspects of coffee roasting and pastry baking integrated within the layout. Spanning across two levels, the shop offers a variety of tables and a desirable amount of privacy, with an added convenience of USB ports available near the second level staircase. Whether you're a fan of their coffee or their cozy vibe, Ediya Coffee provides a unique and enjoyable experience.

Board Game Cafe Red Button Gangnam

Board Game Cafe Red Button GangnamBoard Game Cafe Red Button Gangnam

Red Button, located in the Next Eye Building, An Yang, South Korea, draws in visitors not only with its fascinating board games but also with its intriguing latte and coffee offerings. The menu lists a diverse range of beverages from basic coffee options like Americano and Cafe Latte to more unique concoctions like the Dabang Coffee and Cold Brew Dolce Latte, which also comes in a decaf version.

In addition to the coffee, customers can further enrich their experience with offerings like Vanilla Latte and Double Chocolate Latte or choose from a range of other beverages such as teas, shakes, smoothies, sodas, and ades. To optimize your game experience, they have innovatively developed a board game cafe-specific app, making it easier for you to learn and enjoy new games.

Another commendable factor is their commitment to offering an optimal space for engaging in board games. They have designed their areas to accommodate diverse groups and preferences, complete with cup holders, cabinets, coat hangers, and even heating facilities. So, whether you're meeting with friends, family, or a club, you can count on Red Button to make your board game experience enjoyable and comfortable.

Coffee House MaishaCoffee House Maisha

Coffee House Maisha is a remarkable space nestled in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The minute you step through the doors, you're welcomed by an enticing blend of antique ambiance and a pronounced aroma of roasted beans. A visit to Maisha isn't simply a quest for caffeine; it's an immersive introduction to coffee artistry. The owner of this cosy place slowly drips his hand-crafted Goji, Ethiopia blend into your cup and the concentration is palpable - not just on their faces, but also in the full-bodied flavor of their coffee.

Maisha's unique offerings also extend to specialized choices like the Suhwajeon Roasting or the Carbonized Roasting, providing a wide flavor landscape for every coffee lover. Their diligent attention to brewing every cup perfectly points to a level of dedication and knowledge beyond the average coffee shop. A proud standout is their charcoal-roasted coffee, uniquely brewed from beans roasted with apple trees - the taste of this dark, intense brew envelops your palate, comparable to savoring a smooth whiskey, so rich yet strikingly delicate.

With the range and quality of coffee served at Maisha, it's a place that you wouldn't just visit once. It leaves a lasting taste and aroma that would make you yearn for another cup, another visit. And once you've experienced the coffee and atmosphere at Maisha, each successive sip elsewhere will always be an unconscious comparison to this humble yet remarkable spot.

Cafe Gaeppul

Cafe GaeppulCafe Gaeppul

Visiting Café Gaeppul is like stepping into your favorite Korean drama. Nestled in the quirky Ihwa Mural Village, it has served as a backdrop for series like "Undercover", "Encounter", and "Cinderella and Four Knights". But beyond its cinematic notoriety, the casual coffee enthusiast will be delighted to learn that the café's coffee stands tall in its own right. Each cup is attentively prepared, offering a taste that is hearty and authentic.

Aside from its notable brews, Café Gaeppul doubles as a pocket-sized museum, showcasing the history and architecture of the Naksan Castle and other structures within Ihwa-dong through captivating photographs and drawings. This unique feature lends a sense of depth and local connection to the café, presenting their patrons not just a cup of coffee, but a taste of Seoul’s rich cultural history too.

Maju Story (Organic vegan cafe)

Maju Story (Organic vegan cafe)Maju Story (Organic vegan cafe)

Tucked away in the foothills of Bukhansan in Seoul, South Korea, lies the cozy café known as 마을찻집 마주이야기. With a vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu, this spot subtly brings a unique spin to your traditional café. But the real grandeur of 마을찻집 마주이야기 resides in their coffee. Intricate grains pour together to form a refreshing, yet robust, cup of joy that is perfect for both locals and tourists searching for a different kind of coffee experience. This establishment also offers a variety of vegan meals, one being their robust 마주 Burger paired with their delightfully rejuvenating grain coffee, a combo that needs to be delighted in.


Café Gil is renowned for its special coffee that undergoes a meticulous process. The beans are carefully selected and roasted to ensure only the highest quality makes it to the cup. Each morning, a professional barista conducts a thorough tasting to ensure the coffee offers an optimum flavor profile. Their special coffee undoubtedly makes way for a morning worth savoring. Apart from their standout coffee, Café Gil also sets itself apart with the size of its café. It's a spacious, neat, and pleasant space, making it the perfect spot to leisurely enjoy a cup of Joe. Interestingly, fans of the KBS2 TV weekend drama "Three Siblings Are Brave" might recognize the café as a filming location. All in all, the Café Gil experience is as much about the atmosphere and the coffee itself. It's a place that coffee connoisseurs, drama enthusiasts, and anyone in between can truly appreciate.

Coffee Montage

Coffee MontageCoffee Montage

Coffee Montage leaves an indelible impression with its superior quality and fantastic coffee offerings. As a roasting company, they've truly revolutionized the coffee experience, providing an enriched connection between the consumer and the brew. Their coffee, often mentioned in high regard, not only boasts great quality but also has a wow factor that patrons can't seem to get enough of. Despite being highly recommended and praised for their coffee, it's apparent that they haven't left out attention to service and atmosphere, setting the scene for a pleasant coffee-drinking experience. Coffee Montage, through their dedication to high-quality roasting, certainly provides a whole new dimension to the typical coffee encounter.

Yongsan Coffee & Cafe Ayheya Seoul

Yongsan Coffee & Cafe Ayheya SeoulYongsan Coffee & Cafe Ayheya Seoul

Ayheya Seoul is a unique coffee shop that seamlessly blends the traditional Korean culture with modern coffee culture. The moment you step inside, you can't help but feel the cultural essence it exudes. Moreover, the place offers a strong-tasting coffee that is sure to impress coffee enthusiasts.

With every sip, you can feel the rich and robust flavors streaming down, which is quite an experience in itself. The coffee is well balanced and makes for an exceptional companion for a chill or productive day. Besides coffee, they also serve Hotteok, a traditional Korean pancake, which is a culinary delight. The ambiance is pleasant, accentuated with just the right lighting – making the place more enticing. Ayheya Seoul is a harmonically cultural and coffee-loving spot, ideal for a flavorsome coffee experience.

Cafe the Blues

Cafe the BluesCafe the Blues

Roasting Factory CAFE the Blues is a coffee shop that's well-regarded for its delicious lattes so much so that the interior design becomes secondary. The quality of their coffee is high, leading some patrons to savor each sip rather than finishing their beverage in one go. This aromatic latte experience suggests an impressive depth of knowledge and technique in coffee preparation. At Roasting Factory CAFE the Blues, an excellent cup of coffee is assured, making it an essential visit for coffee enthusiasts.

Hoi Polloi Coffee Roasters (fka. Groove Coffee)

Hoi Polloi Coffee Roasters (fka. Groove Coffee)Hoi Polloi Coffee Roasters (fka. Groove Coffee)

Hoi Polloi Coffee Roasters, located in Seoul, provides a delectable variety of coffee to its patrons. Their café lattes are expertly made, providing a smooth and balanced caffeine hit for any discerning coffee aficionado. A highlight on their menu is the affogato which has been praised for its deliciousness, offering a delightful blend of richness and sweetness. Their coffee boasts another unique feature - freshly roasted coffee beans that deliver robust flavor profiles, adding substance to their variety of brews. For those sensitive to caffeine, they also offer decaffeinated options, allowing everyone to find a suitable pick for their palette.

Alongside the coffee, they extend a humble range of tasty treats to complement your drink. They delectably master the art of balancing the robust flavors of the coffee with a touch of sweetness from their bakery items. The salt bread has been particularly noted for its unique taste that leaves you wanting more.

All of these elements come together in the cozy atmosphere of Hoi Polloi Coffee Roasters, creating a perfect ambiance for coffee indulgence. The shop packs a punch with its offerings despite the small size, ensuring a memorable coffee experience.

Cafe Bridge

Cafe BridgeCafe Bridge

The Bridge Café, nestled in the lively city of Seoul, marks its individuality with its quirky decor, intriguing ornaments, and creatively presented food. Beyond its aesthetics, The Bridge Café proves to be a rare gem in the city, pouring delight with its offerings of wine. However, its main attraction - the coffee, is where the café truly shines. Exceptionally balanced, each cup is a testament to their dedication to coffee beans selection and masterful brewing techniques. More than just a caffeine kick, their coffee offers a palate-pleasing experience. Adding due credit, their food presentation is not mere spectacle but a harmonious balance between appearance and taste, adding to the overall café experience. The Bridge Café is not just another café in Seoul, it's an experience worth savoring.


Herz Coffee impresses with more than just its caffeinated beverages. Here, a focus on the finer details goes beyond their in-house coffee blend. With a selection that ranges from the classic Americano to their speciality, the Vienna Cocoa, they leave little to be desired in their coffee offerings. Their Americano, while absent of bitter taste, provides a slightly dark sensation to the palate and an acidity that isn't overly overpowering. Furthermore, they also offer the signature Einstephener that has been recommended by many.

However, what stands out about Herz Coffee is their commitment to create an ambiance that is more than just pleasant. The scent of roasting coffee beans fills the air, mingling seamlessly with the strains of jazz music, providing a multisensory experience to anyone that enters. Their commitment to quality can also be seen in their roasting process, in which they roast their beans themselves and sell a few varieties of these roasted beans in-store. With a setting that is both intimate and inviting, Herz Coffee is the place to be if you seek good coffee in a thoughtfully curated environment.

Cafe Vivant

Cafe VivantCafe Vivant

CAFE VIVANT strikes a remarkable balance between aesthetics and flavor, boasting an eye-catching interior design complemented by its flavorful brews. With two types of Americano to choose from, patrons can enjoy a personalized coffee experience that suits their unique taste preferences. The Flat White is particularly notable, its complex and satisfying flavor profile in line with the café's refined style. Equally significant is the European-style preparation of coffee that enhances its quality and gives it a distinctive edge. However, it's not just the coffee that impresses at CAFE VIVANT, its comfortable seating, complete with cushions and sofas, offers the ideal place to unwind. While its unique setting coupled with a diverse array of teas might be tempting, the highlight of CAFE VIVANT remains their specialty coffee, providing a gratifying culmination to a leisurely visit.

Mouse Rabbit Coffee

Mouse Rabbit CoffeeMouse Rabbit Coffee

Mouse+Rabbit is a coffee shop that embraces the hip cool vibe popular in Seoul's coffee scene. The shop not only serves coffee, but also offers cakes and bakes, making it an excellent hangout spot whether it's for your caffeine fix or for a sweet treat. What sets Mouse+Rabbit apart is the caliber of their coffee. They take their brew seriously, assuring a quality cup every time. The atmosphere might appeal to different audiences, with a laid-back and underwhelming ambiance that might not be everyone's cup of tea. Moreover, it appears the shop holds a certain level of celebrity status, potentially drawing patrons for reasons beyond just the coffee. Overall, Mouse+Rabbit offers an interesting blend of high-quality coffee and distinctive character, and is sure to stand out on your coffee shop list but the atmosphere may not be to everyone's liking.

cafe Manderley

cafe Manderleycafe Manderley

Cafe Manderley is a quaint, independently-run coffee spot that is perfect for a low-key catch-up session or for spending some alone time immersed in a book. This café boasts a unique vintage ambiance with a subtle British "Victorian" touch that creates an unparalleled cozy atmosphere. However, it is the coffee that truly elevates the Café Manderley experience. From the intricate brewing process to the distinctive bean selection, the café ensures top-tier quality in every cup served. Some customers have been noted to particularly recommend their steamed coffee, underscoring just how proficient Cafe Manderley is in the art of coffee-making. Alongside their thrilling coffee offerings, Cafe Manderley also appeals to those with dietary preferences by offering a vegan-friendly sandwich option and soymilk for some of their beverages. The Vegan ciabatta sandwich, loaded with avocado, mushroom, onion, and tomato, harmonizes perfectly with their enticing coffee selections, making for the perfect light, yet satisfying meal. Whether it's the scent of brewing coffee, the taste of your first sip, or the welcoming atmosphere, Cafe Manderley has set a standard for coffee shops everywhere.

cafe armoirecafe armoire

Armoire, a charming cafe located in Hwayang-dong, has become popular among coffee lovers due to its impressive selection of drinks. One of their standout beverages is the 24 Milk Tea, a unique concoction that successfully blends traditional tea flavors with a creamy twist. Another crowd favorite is their latte, which earned praise for its robust and smooth characteristics meant for discerning palates. Not only does Armoire excel in the beverages they serve, but they also offer a range of delectable desserts, with the little bear chocolate cake being an absolute treat. Furthermore, the charming vintage style and stylish atmosphere make you feel like you're stepping into an old-worldly setting while sipping on your coffee.

Beyond coffee and desserts, what sets Armoire apart is their aesthetically pleasing mugs that are worth collecting. They transform the simple act of drinking coffee into an experience. Overall, Armoire's combination of quality coffee, delicious desserts, and exemplary atmosphere creates a unique cafe experience worth visiting.

Cafe OnCafe On

Immerse yourself in a unique cafe culture at Boulanger Maison Bukak, nestled in the heart of Seoul's Seongbuk-dong district. This charming spot is tucked away from the bustling city and is admired for its rustic bread decor, making it a cozy haven for coffee enthusiasts. Boulanger Maison Bukak takes their coffee very seriously, striving to serve an expertly crafted cup every time. The cafe offers a twist on traditional service by using adorable baskets to serve their array of desserts. As a standout feature, it isn't just a place for coffee and sweets; they also provide a selection of regular food.

The Yeonnam-dong district houses another trendy spot, Cafe Layered. Housed in a pretty brick building, Cafe Layered is a delight for those with a sweet tooth. It's not just the coffee that is artfully prepared here; their fancy desserts, like the salted caramel scone, are equally impressive. Whether it's Boulanger Maison Bukak's homey vibe or Cafe Layered's dessert variety, these coffee shops in Seoul take their commitment to coffee culture to heart.

ONON CoffeeONON Coffee

Cafe Onion, a well-known name among coffee enthusiasts in Korea, takes great pride in its own coffee bean roasting process. Housing multiple outlets in Seoul, the cafe carries its rustic, industrial-themed aesthetics consistently. Here, the charm lies in its simplicity - slightly worn out walls and carefully designed spaces that remind you of an abandoned factory. Navigating through Cafe Onion's myriad of outlets, you'll note that each has a unique charm, yet they all find common ground with a similar menu. Undeniably, the highlight for any coffee aficionado visiting Cafe Onion lies in the quality of the brew. Each cup promises a robust flavor profile, a testament to their meticulous bean sourcing, roasting, and brewing process. The contemporary vibe of this spot consistently bridges the old with the new, establishing it as a must-visit location for anyone seeking an authentic Korean cafe experience.

Café Swith SOL

Café Swith SOLCafé Swith SOL

Tucked in the hustle and bustle of Jung-gu, Seoul, Cafe Swith Sol offers its visitors a futuristic and adorable atmosphere, highlighted by their charming mascots. But the real standout is their beverages. Notably, their Vanilla Bean and Almond Latte are delightfully tasty, as per customer reviews. It's notable that even those who prefer unsweetened black coffee have found their drinks highly enjoyable. Whether it’s their distinct theming or their palate-pleasing fare, Cafe Swith Sol successfully positions itself as a worthwhile pit stop in your South Korean journey.

An Excursion into Seoul's Fascinating Past

Seoul is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Shrine. This bustling city is situated in the northwest corner of South Korea, with a population of over 9.7 million people. Interestingly, Seoul's love affair with coffee is relatively recent. It was in the late 19th century when King Gojong first tasted coffee, which led to the rapid spread of coffee culture throughout the country.

Seoul's Beautiful Ancient Architecture

Most Frequented Coffee Corners in Seoul

  • Hongdae - An area known for its youthful and artistic atmosphere, popular for its numerous specialty coffee shops.
  • Gangnam - This upscale neighborhood is not only famous for its stylish vibe but also for its high-end coffee places.
  • Itaewon - An international district with a diverse range of coffee shops, perfect for those seeking globally influenced coffee experiences.
Seoul's tower with cherry trees

Wrapping Up Seoul's Coffee Landscape

Seoul's vibrant coffee scene is a testament to the city's dynamic culture and tradition. With a myriad of options to choose from, each coffee shop tells its own unique story. Whether you prefer the bohemian ambiance of Hongdae, the glitz of Gangnam, or the international flair of Itaewon, there is a coffee shop waiting to be discovered. As you navigate the lively streets of Seoul, let these coffee shops provide a moment of calm in the midst of the city's hustle and bustle. Discover your favorite and immerse yourself in the city's rich coffee culture.


My coffee journey spans 15 years of diverse experiences. Starting from those first sips, my passion for the industry has grown steadily. I've enjoyed working at a local coffee shop, exploring cultures worldwide, meeting incredible farmers on plantation tours, and helping launch a family member's coffee roasting venture. Throughout this journey, discovering and buying coffee from local roasters to support community businesses has been a pleasure. Through Roast Love, I aim to create content that informs, raises awareness, and helps you, the reader, buy and brew that perfect cup of coffee.

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